Uncontrollably, Controllably, Controlled:

Few things registered in the alicorns mind when the voice of a shy sweet Pegasus was heard behind her, along with the clicking of a hoof against a metal bar.






For what seemed like an endless minute, Twilight froze, her blood running cold. Then, in a burst of magic, kicking hoofs, and flailing appendages, she practically flew from the bed.



"Mhm, Yes, Fluttershy...what are you doing here?"

-"Well,I'm not exactly sure either Twilight, but I'd like to use the bathroom please. "

That had been Twilights guess, another odd side-effect of Discord's magic.

"Oh! Err, right, I'm sorry."

Twilight fumbled with getting the lock open using her hoofs, before remembering she could just use her horn.

-"Oh no Twilight, it's me who should be sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you're slumber.."

Twilight paused and looked down, with a familiar burning feeling over her muzzle. "Um..Fluttershy...WHAT exactly was I doing, in you're opinion? "

-"Well, you were cuddling with Discord, weren't you?"

She groaned in unison with somepony behind her, surprised he had said nothing this whole time.

"No Fluttershy, just like you, I have no idea why I'm here, you are to tell nopony about this, Ok?"

-"Oh, alright then Twilight, even Discord? "

"...Ummm, Fluttershy, I'm sure he already knows."

-"Oh, right.." Fluttershy had a light blush from embarrassment when Discord finally decided to join the conversation.

-"You know princess, I'm getting pretty tired of these absolutely horrendous awakenings, I might just have to tell Celestia myself..."

Fluttershy looked confused, and Twilight just turned to glare at him.

-"Wait, tired...? does that mean it's happened before?... Twilight, are you and Discord-"

"NO! "

Twilght looked horrified.

"No no no no no, you see Fluttershy-"

-"I, am having trouble with my magic my dear friend, and Twilight is being summoned by it"

He glided over to her, curling his long body around her, blocking escape.

"Riiiiiight! but now it seems YOU'RE somehow involved to Flutters, I'm sorry"

Twilght strained to get out of her bonds.

-"No, It's quite alright Twilight... but I really have to use the potty"

-"Not a problem my dear Fluttershy! "

With a click of his fingers, Fluttershy vanished in a burst of bright magic.

"You sent her back?" -"But of course!, she had to pee, but now... we can be alone..."

Twilight grimaced and magiced herself out of Discord's hold.

"Don't even go THERE Discord"

She shivered with feigned disgust and watched with an unentertained face as he rolled on the floor laughing at her discomfort.

"Whats wrong Twilight, don't like the decor? I can change that you know"

He smirked at her and wiggled his eyebrows, then clicked the fur on his tail, changing the bedroom scenery into shades of red velvet and satin, complete with rose petals, candles, and suggestive music. He layed down on the bed smirking. Her face matched the bedsheets.

"DISCORD! That is NOT funny! "

-"I'm sorry to say princess, but I find your face absolutely hilarious!"

Discord looked like he was about to burst, and he did, rolling on the floor and howling with laughter as Twilight grinded her teeth together in frustration, the room changed back to normal, and the music faded into the background.

"DISCORD!, What is going on here?"

-"hmmm? "

she sighed, placing a hoof against her forehead.

"WHY, Is you're magic doing this, and WHY am I involved? "

-"Oh, that? I figured that out yesterday"

Her eye twitched.


-"Well, it appears, that being held in stone for thousands of years did nothing to stop my magic from accumulating"

"So... it's just pent up and needs to be let loose?"

-"Twilight, if I were to just 'Let my magic loose' we'd all die"



"Well, what are you supposed to do? can't you just go to a different dimension and let it loose there? Y-you can't just let this keep happening..."

she didn't know why, but the thought of not waking up next to him in the morning, left her feeling...cold.

"It's not that simple my dear, my magic is meant to cause chaos in THIS world, and beacuse of the time I spent in stone, that balance was I upset...so unless something really chaotic were to happen, this IS going to keep happening"

"B-but...I...Wait, what about everything that HAS, like sombra, and queen c-"

-"No, they didn't do anything chaotic, just plain evil.

"But isn't that...?"

-"There was no fun involved in doing it, all planned, no chaos"

"Hmm, well...I guess, but what would be a big chaotic event?"

-"Everything Celestia doesn't let me do I suppose"

Twilight tilted her head.

"If it's to save equestria I'm sure she'll let you Discord"

-"She wouldn't believe me, and I'd probably just end up back in stone, which would cause something MUCH worse"

"Well what will happen if this continues? "

-"Hmmmm, I'm not entirely sure... but my best bet is one of two things, A, random things will keep happening, progressing at a slow rate until everything is evened out,in a harmless way, or B, random places all over Equestria will be sent into an apocalyptic type state for hundreds of years, along with the death of thousands of ponys, and The Elements becoming useless while the balance is evened out.

"WHAT!? well which is it?"

-"Depends on how much chaos ponys caused while I was gone..it was chaos by fillies who freed me the first time"

"So... option A?"

-"hopefully, I'm not entirely sure"

Twilight gulped.

"So if the enough chaos from ponys were to be created, this could possibly be stopped? "

-"No, regular ponys won't have enough influence, it'd have to be an important figure, or a strong magical being, to cause a big enough impact"

She gave him a strange look.

"Discord, if this is some type of-of game!, I swear, I'll have you back in stone before you can snap your claws, I SWEAR BY CELESTIA!"

-"Honestly Twilight, do you really believe I'd risk losing my only friend and putting her in danger for power? "


-"Twilight Sparkle! I'm hurt, do you have no trust in me? "

"You know I don't trust you Discord, you've given me no reason to."

-"That's quite rude princess... even from you, I'd expect that from somepony like Rainbow Dash, but you... I'd thought you might be more willing to trust me. "

Twilight felt hurt

"Discord, I-I'm sorry...If Fluttershy was willing to, and you proved you're loyalty to her, then I guess I'm willing to try."

-"Oh Twilight, I'm sooooo touched!"

"Discord, no,no hugs! hey! Oof!"

Twilight strained, struck underneath Discord, who was practically strangling her with his 'hugs'


-"I'm sorry princess, I didn't quite catch that?"

She sucked in the biggest breath she could muster-

"PRINCESS CE-mmmpht!"

Her eyes bulged when a large paw was pressed to her face to keep her quite.

"Fine Twilight, just keep that violet muzzle shut, geesh..."

"Discord! "

-"I believe that is what they call me. Or is it more of a lavender?...by the way princess, why did you think I was playing a game with you? "

She somehow managed a very Rainbow-Dashish eye roll.

"Because, you said you needed somepony who was an important figure or strong magical being, and I'm not going to be turned into a puppet"

-"I can't believe you'd think I'd do that Twilight, how rude!"

"Oh, so... that wasn't what you ment?"

-"No, I meant me of course!"

"Erg...what an ego, and I didn't just mean me. I meant the other princesses to...

-"Yeah, Cause I'M the one with the big ego, isn't that right, 'Oh strong magical being of magic Princess Twilight ?"

"Shut-up Discord..it's to early for this"

-"Then let's go back to bed!"

"I didn't mean that Discord, Hey! Wait! no, no, no..! EEP!...If you ever tell anypony about this, I'll murder you"

-"Fine by me Twilight, just stop squirming"

Twilight settled into a more comfortable position. Well, as comfortable as she could get in her situation. She was blushing, and she felt hot underneath her coat. Discord had no shame, but she could just imagine the way the media would take this...

"I wasn't squirming..."

She got nothing in reply but a tight squeeze and a nuzzle to the ear.

"Almost unstoppable magic, and that's what he uses it for, making himself fall asleep!"

She shook her head, but her own eyelids began to feel droopy. A yawn began to rise in her chest. Twilight couldn't stay angry tho, she was far to cozy.

Authors Note:

- Uhhh...I couldn't update because...I saved this and forgot the password? Yeah, that's a good excuse. I have no intentions of getting an editor, to much work. Bad grammar is gonna stay. FOREVER! AHAHAHAH! Although...if you wanna give me a revised version of any chapter, feel free to do so. I'll credit you, and use it!

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