I literally just got an idea for a Percy Jackson and Little Mermaid crossover. It's an "Excerpt" because I'm not sure if I'll actually write it. If I do, it will be after I finish my other story, "Lela".
It's 1AM, so it might just be a crazy middle-of-the-night-idea-that-will-never-work-in-real-life kind of thing. Not even sure how it would work out. Also, it took me five minutes to write this, so it's not the best. Heh, long AN, whoops.
Soooooo, Rate and Review?

(Update) So I've decided to write this after "Lela" is finished, but it will be different. Instead of having the story set in modern times, I'll go more along the storyline of the Little Mermaid, with the whole medevil situation. I'll keep this excerpt so there aren't any spoilers. I'm not sure when I'll start writing, it just all depends how fast I finish my other story...


…The moon chose that time to show itself through the clouds, so I could clearly see the red object bobbing in and out of the waves. I quietly waded into the water to get a better look. Being the son of the sea god and all, I didn't worry about being pulled under by riptides – no pun intended – and drowning.

When the water was up to my chest, I could barely make out what the red thing was. It looked vaguely like a head, but I thought that was crazy.

Who would be swimming in the middle of the night?

I waded deep enough to have to swim, so I swam closer as quietly as I could. As I got within twenty feet of them, whoever it was stopped. They whirled around.

It was a girl.

Her red hair was long enough to disappear beneath the waves, but I couldn't see her eyes because she had long bangs that covered them. At the sight of me, she freaked out and started to swim away.

"Wait!" I called. I willed the water to push me faster than I could swim to catch up with her. But one minute she was swimming, the next she dove under water. What I saw during that moment broke my concentration. What I saw shocked me despite everything I had seen the past several years. What I saw was a glimpse of her bright green tail flashing in the moonlight…