I'm just starting the second part of the series, so don't expect daily updates ^^. This is a continuation of Wolf's Rain: Markings, if you haven't read the first one yet, you should go read it now! Well, here's the prologue, hope you enjoy.

A breeze drifted across the land. The sun was shining, although clouds formed a mocking smile around it, an ominous message. A figure stirred, waking up and raising its snowy white head. There were trees surrounding him, though he could not remember where or why he was even here. He looked around, flicking his eyes around in desperation.

"Kurai?" he whispered slowly at first. His voice rose to a shout. "Kurai?!"

No response. The only thing that responded was an eagle screeching in the air.

The figure stood up on all fours, shaking his head, trying to remember. The last thing he remembers was his brother lying beside him. Where could he have gone? Did he desert him?

Suddenly his ears perked up. Strange scents began filling his nose, as he heard the sound of footsteps. He smelled the air, and his whole body froze. There were a lot of humans...and they were approaching him. He stood on wobbly feet, not used to moving after such a long time of sleep. He began padding away from the scents, but a human spotted him.

"Wolf!" the human cried. Immediately, the human was surrounded by other humans and the white figure could see that they were armed. They aimed at him as he tried to run away. The markings on his body gleamed as the sun made contact with his body. He heard the sound of gunshots behind him as he fled from the scene.

Why are humans here? he thought. Why are they still hunting us?

His thoughts were interrupted by a searing pain in his hind leg, he looked around and noticed a bullet embedded in his leg. He lifted his hind leg off the ground, trying not to put pressure on it as he continued running. He ran, and ran for hours on end. He ran until there were no more sounds of gunshots, and the last scent of the humans was hidden by the rain that poured down from the skies. He collapsed onto the ground in exhaustion, his crystalline blue eyes filled with confusion and despair. A trail of blood from where he was shot was behind him, but the rain would wash that away. He crawled into a nearby cave and curled into a ball. He bit into where bullet was in his leg, popping it out He growled as he spat it out. His eyes flashed for a moment as the markings on his body glowed and the wound sewed itself close. His fur was matted with dirt,mud and sweat, his powers were diminished. Never had he felt so far from the moon, almost as if the moon did not even exist. Before he drifted off into unconsciousness, he howled one question into the sky.

"Brother, where are you?"

A/N: Okay for this story, I'll be adding my own characters in, as well as characters that the readers come up with. You can leave a review/pm me with the characters that you have created with the physical description,name,gender as well as what pack you would like to join (You'll be able to join Shiroi's pack or Kurai's pack).