Hi everyone, I'm happy to say that I am still alive, in fact, and still continuing to work on my stories. I'm really sorry for the long wait for a new chapter, but unfortunately I've been insanely busy these past few weeks. This isn't really a "chapter" but more of a foreshadowing and filler for what is about to unfold. Also, as of now, I'm going to stop requesting new characters as I've already gotten plenty that will be added into the story. IF you've suggested a character prior to me posting this, then it will still be added, don't worry. This filler will be centered around Shiroi, and the next chapter will be centered around Kurai since I feel that I'm not giving him enough love.

This filler is filled with gore, so if you're feeling a bit queasy about reading this, then I suggest you skip reading the filler. Thank you all for writing such nice reviews for me, and I hope you enjoy this short excerpt.

A quiet whisper woke Shiroi up from his slumber. Everything was surrounded in darkness, save for the moon. Slowly opening his eyes at first, all he saw at first was a blur. His eyes suddenly shot open and in a wide gaze, he took in what happened around him. Countless bodies, both humans and wolves, laid around him. The floor beneath him was catered in encompassed in blood, some of it flowed onto his white fur. Jumping onto his paws, his breathing quickened.

What's going on? he thought to himself. The sight and stench of blood overwhelmed him. All of the bodies on the floor around him had their throats ripped out, and Shiroi's gaze froze as he made eye contact with one of the fallen wolves on the ground. Blue eyes wide open, staring blankly ahead with blood splattered against his black chest...

Shiroi toppled over and vomited.

Picking himself off the floor, he staggered over to the body. Each step came a heavy breath, and when he finally reached Aatu's body, he felt like he was about to collapse.

"Aatu..." he whispered half to himself, half to the corpse.

"Why... How ...?" he asked in shock. As he scanned the area around him, he noticed other wolves... some of them were unfamiliar to him, but his eyes locked on the body of a reddish wolf and a black wolf. A black wolf with white markings on his body, and the red wolf with silver bangles on his leg.

"Toboe... Kurai!" he screamed as he raced to their bodies. Toboe's body was covered in bite marks, and his throat was torn out as well. Kurai's legs were all broken and he had blood flecking his muzzle. He had a sad expression on his face.

"Kurai, open your eyes" Shiroi whispered at first. When no response came, his body began shaking.

"Open your eyes damn it!" he shouted. He didn't dare look at the other fallen bodies, in fear that some of it would be the people he cherished and loved. He didn't know what was going on, yet he could feel the warm blood that surrounded his pads. He heard a form of movement behind him, and as he shifted slowly to see what it was, he noticed a figure moving with its back turned towards him, away from the dead bodies. Almost as if it was paying no heed to the massacre that just happened.

"Wait!" Shiroi shouted at the retreating figure. But the figure kept moving.

"I said wait, damn it!" Shiroi shouted as he began to sprint towards the mysterious figure. When he got within a few feet of the figure, he noticed that it was a wolf as well.

Then it clicked in.

The bite marks on the body and as well as having their throats being ripped out. This wolf was the cause of it. However, before he could even get within five feet of the wolf, he suddenly lost all his strength and fell to the ground. He growled as he attempted to stand up, but it felt like he was being pierced by a million moonstones, sapping his energy completely.

"W-why...did you do...this...?" Shiroi winced as he stuttered the words out. "Who...are you..."

Suddenly, as if on cue, a ray of moonlight projected itself onto the figure, and Shiroi's eyes widened as the figure in front of him revealed itself to be someone that is quite well known to him. Someone that he has known for centuries. Someone that when he looks into a pond, he sees.

The wolf standing in front of him was himself.

As the wolf turned around with its eyes closed, Shiroi noticed the markings on its body. Instead of the traditional light blue markings on Shiroi's body, this wolf had black markings that seemed to emit black smoke out. The wolf walked slowly towards Shiroi, and for the first time in a long time, Shiroi's body began to shake, not with the effort to stand up, but with fear. Opening its blood shot eyes, Shiroi stared in horror as the wolf who resembled him leaned in and whispered in a low and menacing tone. Its voice sent shivers up Shiroi's spine.

"The light has its shadows" he snarled in his face before stepping back. The wolf's eyes began to glow red, and its black marking began to pulsate. Shiroi suddenly felt like his body was fire and he howled in pain. Searing pain caused blobs of black spots to cover his eyes, and his body began twitching. Convulsing, Shiroi's eyes flickered around only to catch a glimpse of the wolf before he disappeared.

The last thing he saw were the red eyes of the wolf staring at his pitiful figure as the darkness enveloped the wolf's body, and Shiroi's head dropped onto the floor.