Mozzie, whose trust was hard to come by felt betrayed. Not so much on his part by more so on behalf of Neal. Neal his best friend for many years
was hurting. Mozz having known Neal for many years and been involved in many successful capers felt Neal to be his only Family. His Partner in crime, the Brother he wished he had was hurting and Mozzie couldn't believe the hurt he saw in his Blue eyed friend.

Neal thought that his easy smile camouflaged his hurt and devastation but the be-speckled Con knew him all too well. Mozzie if honest with himself was
more than a little proud that Neal was trying to change his ways, from the profession that came so naturally to him. Though he would never admit it out
loud. The eccentric bald con, wouldn't doubt that if he said anything of the sort it would immediately be heard by the Fed's. They hear everything he was positive they had that ability to when they were so inclined despite the fact Neal dismissed that theory as Mozz's paranoia.

He had helped his friend more times than he would admit, even if it was helping the Suit. His own like for Elizabeth was well know and he considered her a friend worthy of him in taste and her food was always something he looked forward to when the Suit wasn't around.

His grudging respect for the Suit, as Neal's second best friend, for of course Mozzie held the coveted spot as the first best-friend, while not spoken it was there. The Suit, he had began to trust as much as a person like him could trust a Fed, had blown it all. Neal had went above and beyond to get the Suit out of that murder rap, he had even put his own self on the line to help out with that himself. He, Mozzie who would never do a job if there wasn't some sort of incentive one of monetary gain, did it for Neal and The Suit.

Of course he should have known that "by the book Burke" would not be sending out thank you notes for a job well done. Instead he climbed up on his righteous high horse and blamed Neal for helping him out of a most sticky situation. The Irony was enough to make him want to tell the ungrateful Suit, that if he was so incensed that he was out of jail, perhaps he should go back and let the Law he so covets take it's course. His friend would do anything for the man he held in such in such high regard. The suit however clearly felt differently.

The earwig still in his ear after Neal left it with him to race off to find Rebecca was still in working order. If his Blue eyed friend could hear what was
being said it would crush his young friend. The Suits were ready to throw Neal aside after all he did for them, to condemn him just on the word of Curtis
Hagen. Those suits who Neal had helped make their White Collar division one with the highest closure rates, were ready to throw him to the wolves on
the word of a ruthless criminal like Curtis Hagen. It was time for a change he would help his Best Friend leave the Feds and become the man he used to be.

Mozzies walked aimlessly a plan forming, even as his own heart felt the sting of betrayal, he had trusted the suit himself..