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Chapter 1

It was quite odd that day, because not a single spider was seen roaming the path. Usually, those impulsive creatures were just hiding in the shadows waiting for their next meal. But today? It had been three hours now and yet not a single Wood-Elf had spotted a spider. It was unlike of those creatures to ignore a group of Wood-Elves traveling, probably since they were consider food for them. So, why did they suddenly decided to avoid the group?

Normally, Mirkwood's Wood-Elves would have been pleased with the day having no sight of those creatures, but to what had happened to Middle-Earth, each Elf was feeling a bit uneasy.

Was it possible for the Spiders to leave Mirkwood in just a night? Or what if those spiders finally joined Sauron and his Second-in-command? Surely, that cannot happen, right?

And as if on cue, a hiss of a hungry spider was heard not far from them. The Wood-Elves were pleased to know they still had the spiders around, but no matter how pleased they were those spiders still wouldn't hesitate on eating them. So the Wood-Elves moved faster and soon they were away from the source of the hungry hiss.

Indeed the Wood-Elves felt a deep hatred with those impulsive creatures, but losing those creatures would mean losing protection. The only reason Mirkwood is still standing was because of those creatures. The Spiders helped preventing any Orc to enter the realm, even if they are not an ally of Mirkwood Elves. Mirkwood is still their home, and letting an Orc enter their realm would mean destruction.

So the Elves for the first time were thankful for those Spiders, even if they are indeed neutral; neither helping the Elves or Sauron, but even in this state, the Spiders were still evil.

It was already passed midday, which means it would only take them at least three more hours to get to edge of Mirkwood. The group of Wood-Elves were a minimum of 7. Two Elves were riding a horse and using the path, while the rest were leaping from branch to branch following the two riders.

The two Elven rider looked similar in appearance. For both of them had blond hair, fair faced, and is a male. No matter how much they look alike, they are still completely different from each other. For one is a pure Lorien Elf and the other is a pure Mirkwood Elf, one has emerald eyes the other has sapphire eyes, and lastly, one is the Marchwarden of Lothlorien while the other is the Prince of Mirkwood.

The Prince of Mirkwood, Legolas Greenleaf, gently lashed the reins of his horse, urging it to fasten its walk. The reason they were traveling was because a hawk was seen in the palace baring a letter from the Old Wizard, Gandalf. The Wizard had said he wanted the presence of the Mirkwood Prince there in Rivendell.

Everyone was shock for they did not want to endanger their Prince, and surely even Mithrandir wouldn't want to endanger the Prince himself either. King Thranduil was skeptical about the letter, believing it must have been some kind of a mistake, or worst; it might have been a fake letter from Saruman. But all doubts were lost when by the next day, Haldir came to Mirkwood saying he is there to escort Prince Legolas to Rivendell. King Thranduil didn't want to surrender his son at first, fearing the life of the Prince, but the King knew better than to disobey Mithrandir's ways.

So here the Prince was, finally going to be able to leave Mirkwood once again after seeing nothing but twisted trees and gloom. When was the last time he left the Woodland Realm? A hundred years from now? And let us not forget the place Prince Legolas was yet to see was the wonderful Imladris, which he has not seen for over 200 years now.

But, even no matter how excited the Prince was, the Prince was also fearful to what he will see of Middle-Earth. Because Middle-Earth had lost its former glory and beauty, and now it had turned into a dark and gloomy world. Not much difference from Mirkwood itself.

After three hours of riding, they finally made it to the edge. Haldir raised a hand and halted his horse, Prince Legolas did the same and stopped beside the Marchwarden. The five Mirkwood guard including their She-Elf Chieftain, Tauriel, had already descended the trees and formed a circle around the two riders.

"I thank you, Tauriel and your Elves for escorting us through Mirkwood," Haldir said, "for me and the Prince will go now and journey to Rivendell. I will protect your beloved Prince through the travel, and that I swear."

Tauriel nodded and turned her head to the Prince, expecting him to say something. But the only thing that Prince Legolas did was stared back with his icy eyes.

"May the Valar be in your favor, My Prince."

The Chieftain and her Elves bowed and leaped to the branches, vanishing into the shadows.

The Prince kicked his stallion's flank; the horse then walked closer outside of Mirkwood, but before it made it to the end; Haldir had grabbed the reins and stopped the horse. Before the Prince could react, the Marchwarden had place a figure on his lips, gesturing for the Prince to be silent.

Something wasn't right.

The field had grown quiet, too quiet that it made them suspicious. Suddenly, the wind became visible all of a sudden. Strong wind like a hurricane was breezing them making their mane fly everywhere. Then a murder of crows had filled the sky and passed them by, the pace of its flight was fast like it was flying away from something. Something frighting.

Something was definitely not right.

The sudden weather change. The sudden quietness. The sudden odd behavior of the crows. It felt like a huge disaster was about to show.

Their horses then stiff and tensed, so Prince Legolas needed to reassure his stallion by caressing its mane and whispering soft words. But the stallion ignored him, for its eyes were glued to the East sky. A frown was casted on the Prince lips, for his stallion usually would have trusted him with his reassure, but now; he was ignored. The Prince then looked at the same direction his stallion and Haldir was looking at. And there, he saw it. A figure of red was flying in the sky, getting closer and closer, and the closer it got; the bigger it got. Prince Legolas' heart dropped when he finally figure it out. This was no mere creature; this was the...

King's pet.

Both Haldir and Prince Legolas jumped off their horses and quickly hid inside the trees. The King's pet! Of all the things they could have encountered, why the King's pet?

Sauron's second-in-command, The King, was feared not only for he was the one that gave the ring to the Dark Lord or that he is as good as an Elf, but was also feared because of his pet.

The King's pet was the only thing the Elves prayed to never encounter. For the King's pet was faster than The Eagles or The Witch-King's mount. The King's pet is also larger, twice or maybe thrice the size of a Balrog. The King's pet also had keen sharp senses, which can easily detect an Elf. And lastly, the King's pet can breath fire. It was quite shocking to know The King had earned a Dragon for a pet.

The Dragon got closer and closer that the wind his wings was producing was strong enough to shook the forest. This was the first time Prince Legolas had seen the dragon, for normally they could only feel the dragon passed Mirkwood by the dancing of the trees. But to see it from a distance was truly terrifying. For the dragon had an armor like tenfold shield, his teeth were swords, his claws spears, the shook of his tail a thunderbolt, his wings a hurricane, and his breath... Death.

Smaug the Magnificent and Golden, could kill anything he wants, for his master had allowed him. And no Elf can ever kill this dragon, not even the Lord Glorfindel.

As the Dragon neared the Woodland Realm, he flew lower and its pace was slower. Its flaming golden eye widen to look around scanning the fields hoping to find an Elf and use it as a captive or servant for his master.

Just thinking of being captured and turned into a servant of Sauron was enough to make Prince Legolas shudder.

Thankfully, Haldir and Prince Legolas had hidden perfectly, that the Dragon Smaug had not sensed them. The Dragon continued to fly slow that the sound of his wing's flapping was strong enough to be heard. The petrifying sound of strong wings fluttering.






A growl was heard then from the dragon, that sounded disappointed when he did not find an Elf to present for his master. With a single strong flap of its wings, a swoosh sound had formed and soon Smaug was up high in the sky again and is now miles away.

The time the wind disappeared which Smaug's wings had caused, that was the time both Elf had left their hiding spot. Haldir had remounted his horse and looked at the Prince.

"We need to get to Rivendel. Now." Haldir said as he kicked the flanks of his horse and rode into the endless field.

To be continue...