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The Sun Queen Mira laughed gaily as she sat on a bench in her private park, as her 8 year old adopted daughter Arabella animatedly rambled on about her favorite cartoon. Her biological 10 year old daughter Cherry, sat pouting on the other side of her with a scowl on her face. Ever since Mira had adopted the lost girl 4 years ago, Cherry had become insanely jealous and tried to do all she could to make Arabella's life difficult. It was no secret that the girls didn't get along. King Brimble did not approve of having a commoner girl adopted but set his opinions aside for the happiness of his beloved. The Queen announced it was time to go back home as she had a meeting to attend to. Not wanting the fun to end, Arabella ran to the other side of the park, calling for her mum to give chase. With a shake of her head Mira called her younger daughter back. Arabella however, ran under a canopy of trees and sat down, a big smile on her face as her mother made her way towards the young girl, with Cherry trailing behind. As the Queen held out her hand to Arabella , there was a cackling sound as the Queen was struck my lightning. Her whole body shook as a scream tore through the silence. Guards raced towards the sound of the scream and arrived just as the Queen fell to the ground dead.

Ten years later:

After the Queens death, King Brimble denounced Arabella as a daughter of the Goldleaf Noble family. She was promptly stripped of her title and was blamed for aiding the assassination of her royal highness, Queen Mira. Cherrys jealousness turned to complete hatred towards the girl who she blamed for her mothers death. Wanting to make the girl suffer, the once princess was made into a slave girl, waiting hand and foot on Cherry, enduring the slaps and burns dealt to her when she did not perform as well as the Princess demanded. As if that was still insufficient,Princess Cherry stripped the now slave girl of her identity. She was no longer Arbella. Instead,she would be called by a new name. Sera. And it was Sera the Sun Court loathed. Even the servants themselves shied away from her. The King stripped her of her powers so that upon her 10th birthday, when all young fairies came into power, she did not. She slept not in the servants quarters, nor in the stables, as those were too good for her, as Princess Cherry had announced. Instead she was thrown into the dungeon each night, after 18 hours of labour, fed only twice a day and scorned every single day.

Characters and Court:

the kingdom of Akira is divided into 5 courts: the Sun Court ruled by King Brimble and Queen Mira. Cherry is the heir to the throne while Arabella is a servant. The court are made up of fairies who can control fire and light.

The Air Court is ruled by Duke Windemere, fairies controllin wind and air belong to this court as well as winged beasts.

The Earth Court is ruled by Lady Ivy who controls the wolf pack as well as earth fairies.

The Water Court is ruled by the Ice Queen Alanna who governs the mer folk, sea creatures and mages of water and ice.

The Dark Court is ruled by King Niall. he controls the harpies, the werelions and the tessa(ladies of seduction)