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"You know Alistair will be back for your decision, right?" Edward asked me as we appeared within my bedroom. I looked around in amazement to find the lights on and nothing changed. It was as if Dad was waiting for me to return.

"I've made my decision, Edward," I reminded him as I sat down on my bed only to have him follow suit.

"Yes, but he'll try to…" he began slowly as he lay back next to me.

"I've made my decision," I replied in a curt tone that caused him to hold his hands up in defeat just as the door swung open. We both watched as my dad walked in. His eyes were dark from lack of sleep and rimmed red as if he had been crying.

"Shit," I could hear Edward mumble as he moved, so that he was sitting beside me once more.

I knew Dad was taking my death hard, but seeing it was so different. I wanted him to know that I was fine. I was happy and more than that, I was at peace.

We watched as he looked around at the stacks of books I had left behind before grabbing my journal that had once been tucked safely in the desk drawer. He held it in his hands for a moment before sitting down on the bed next to us.

"What is that? A Journal?" Edward asked as he moved to read my words over dad's shoulder.

"You're in there," I told him as I watched them both read.

"Of course I am," Edward replied smugly as I rolled my eyes at his arrogance as he continued to read. "Aw, Bella, you thought I was an annoying fucker who had a filthy mind. You're so sweet to me."

"You are annoying," I chuckled as he looked up from my journal to give me a sweet smile.

"You love it. I think it makes you hot," he snorted as I ignored him so I could watch my dad. His face was expressionless as he read what I had written about my time with him. The only thing I could hope for was that somehow he could see in all my talking about Edward was that I loved him too.

"Dad," I whispered softly, needing him to hear me and the words that he would never find written in that journal. Edward looked up at me and nodded, encouraging me to just talk. He was the one who told me that the living will hear you even if it's just with their heart.

"I know we never really had a chance to know each other all that well," I began stiffly as I tried to think of what I needed to say in order so he could let me go. "But I understood, and it's okay. I knew you did the best you could and… and that's okay. I always knew you loved me and… and I loved you too, so just… just remember that."

I took a breath as I struggled to think of all the words that needed to be said.

"She's okay, Charlie, and I promise you that I'll take care of her," Edward added as my Dad wiped at the stray tear that had escaped before clearing his throat as if to speak.

"Emmett tells me that if I talk you'll hear me," he began in a soft whisper that was thick with tears.

"He and that witch woman he dates swear that you're okay… and that you're with Cullen," he continued with a tearful laugh. "I'm not sure how I feel about him being around you after reading your journal."

"Oh come on," Edward whined in protest as I tried to silence him so I could hear my father speak.

"You're friends Vickie and James are working with some guy… Aro, I think. He works at the newspaper and they have plans to publish your article on Cullen. He thinks you're a hero," Dad spoke with a little more confidence as he stared down at my written words.

"Some hero," I snorted as Edward shook his head at me.

"You solved a thirty year old murder, Bella, and that's pretty fucking impressive," Edward corrected me as I ignored him.

"So you know, they say Kate probably won't be charged with anything over Edward's death, not that it matters. Her attorney is looking for a deal since he feels that she's not fit to stand trial any way after the complete breakdown she's suffered," Dad continued on with a hard edge to his voice. "She apologized to the Cullen family as if that changes anything."

"Did she apologize to Rosalie?" Edward asked even though we both knew the answer. She hadn't. She didn't care that she wrecked another person's life by casting blame on them.

"Coach has pleaded guilty to first degree murder so no trial," Dad mentioned in a whisper of words. "The DA is going before a grand jury to see if they can charge him with depraved indifference for Edward's death. I'm not sure what will happen there and I guess it doesn't matter since he's looking at life in prison without parole over you."

"Coach is a dick," Edward mumbled as I shushed him so I could hear Dad's soft whispering.

"Bella…. I'm sorry," he began so softly that I almost missed his words. "I am sorry that I let this happen… That I didn't listen… That I wasn't there… That I… That I failed you."

"You didn't fail me," I told him; needing him to hear me even though he gave no reaction to my words. "You just… You just did the best you could for what you knew and… and that's okay. I love you, Dad."

I looked over at Edward who was watching me as if he were waiting for me to fall apart. I wasn't though. I was at peace with it. Death was good in the aspect that there was no more anger or hurt. It was all gone and in its place was nothing but love. It was what made the afterlife so beautiful and welcoming.

"You ready, Bella?"

I turned to find Alistair waiting. There was a peaceful smile gracing his lovely face as he held out his hand to me.

"Can we just?" I asked as I motioned towards my dad as he sat there oblivious to everything that was occurring around him.

"Yeah, I'll be outside," the angel mumbled as he disappeared into the surrounding air.

"Listen, dad, you take care of yourself and... And I'll see you again, okay?" I told him as I ran my hand over his quickly before standing up. Edward was quick to take his place at my side. I felt his hand close around mine, filling me with the energy that I now understood was us. It was what I needed to face Alistair one last time.

Without another look back I found myself outside once more. The night sky was bright and inviting as we stood before the angel sent to bring me home.

"So?" he asked me as Edward and I stood before him.

"I'm ready," I assured him as I felt Edward's hand tighten around mine. As soon as the words were spoken the sky opened before us, filling the darkness with the most beautiful light I had ever seen. It radiated peace and love. It called to me as it called to Edward, pulling us both towards it with its magnetic draw. "But I won't go without Edward."

"Bella…" both men began to speak at once, but I was quick to cut them off.

"Don't tell me to go without you because you know I won't," I shot back at Edward who fell silent as soon as I spoke. "And Alistair? What type of bullshit is this? A promise is a promise, remember?"

"What do you mean?" the angel insisted from me as I shook my head, but never let go of Edward's hand.

"I mean, I was sent back here to bring Edward home, and that's what I'm doing. We agreed if I brought him home that we'd go together," I reminded him of our original deal made before I was ever Bella Swan, back when I was just a soul missing my mate. "You're the one who is breaking our deal."

"I am not," Alistair hissed in anger towards me. "Edward was supposed to return before your death, but refused."

"I told you not without Bella," Edward interrupted causing the angel to sputter in response.

"And here I am, so let us in," I insisted as I felt Edward step closer to me as if he could protect me from the wrath of one of God's warriors, but it was needless. Alistair wasn't angry. His amused laughter was bright as he shook his head at us.

"And you think it's just that easy?" he asked us as Edward and I looked at each other. I could see all the love within him shining bright as he gave me a small grin that needed to be kissed off his handsome face. I knew as well as what Edward did that nothing was easy. We had lived it. We had lived a lifetime of being alone before finding each other again. We had enduring pain and loss just to get to this point. Yes, we knew all too well that nothing was easy, but love made it worth it.

"Yes," I whispered without looking away from the boy that was made to me mine. His smile was warm and inviting before leaning down for a soft kiss that made the angel sigh in an exasperated manner.

We continued to stand there, holding hands as we watched Alistair turn towards the light. He walked slowly without looking back at us while we watched the light begin to fade. Abruptly he stopped and turned to face us once more.

"You both are coming with me, right?" Alistair called out to us with a bright laugh as we stared in disbelief.

"Um… yeah," Edward called back as he took a step forward while trying to hide his shock, but I could it as he pulled me with him into the warmth of the light.

"You ready?" I asked him not bothering to hide my laughter over his excitement as we took our first steps into our new tomorrow.

"Only if you are," he replied with a smile as Alistair beckoned us to follow him. I was ready, but only because he was with me.

Hand in hand we walked into the light. It was amazing to see how the true key home was within our grasp the entire time since it was always our love that would lead us back to this place. So with a smile shared and hands clasped we began our new journey. Never letting go of each other and never looking back at what had been we let our love bring us to where we belonged.


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