Star Wars Q & A

Okay, after reading so many stories and looked up so many videos about people answering questions from the fans I decided to do the same thing. You guys send in the questions involving the characters and they will answer. Not really them, but I think you'll get the idea. So, if you have questions involving the characters from Star Wars & The Clone Wars series, then send them through email or reviews. Like for example you want to ask a question to someone like Anakin, Ahsoka, or any of the bad guys or good guys from the series.

They will be answered as soon as I get as many questions as possible. That will be for the next chapter. The third one will involve any flame questions you want to send to the characters. They can be any kinds of questions as you want, but remember.

The third is for flame questions and the second can be normal. I'll wait a week or like I said until I get as many questions as possible before I upload them. So, send me a PM here to my profile if you want to send in questions or if you want to leave them on reviews go ahead. Good luck guys and I hope to get a lot of questions.