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Chapter II

Narrator: Welcome everyone to the last chapter where you the readers can ask the questions to all the characters of the Star Wars universe. I want to thank everyone for the questions you send and I hope you all like the response to them, I'm sure you will. Now, let's get started with the first one from x.a.n.a: to Anakin I just found out that Darth Sidious wants to sleep with Padmé next time you see him kill him.
he is crazy and evil!

Ahsoka: I don't think that was a question.

Narrator: No, but who cares. Anakin, what is your response?

Anakin: If I knew who he is I would take care of it.

Ahsoka: Too bad we don't know who it is.

Palpatine: I'm sure whoever he is you will bring him to justice Anakin.

Anakin: Thank you chancellor.

Narrator: Wow, you guys in the Star Wars universe are dumb. Next in line not sure if it's the same x.a.n.a or different one. If it's not then here is the question from Xana: To the jedi does your order allow music? Also I sent my top ninja too destroy Darth Sidious btw you're gonna need a new chancellor. I would choose senator Amidala just saying.

Shaak Ti: We do allow music, but I suppose it depends on what kind.

Aayla Secura: It can't be the kind that will offend someone or is racial. We don't allow that in the Order.

Luminara: I personally don't think music is allowed because its distracting and I think everyone in the Order should focus on other things.

They then hear some music playing nearby. They go over and see Ahsoka and Barriss listening to, "Gangnam Style" by Psy.

Ahsoka: I don't know what the heck he's saying but I have to admit this is catchy.

Barriss: I agree. I can sense there is more to this music than the weird dancing, the weird video, and what he says. There is a meaning to this, but I can't figure out what it is.

Shaak Ti turns towards the women.

Shaak Ti: I guess some Jedi don't feel the same way Luminara.

Narrator: Nope and Gangnam Style may be odd, but it got a lot of people to view it. Next question is from Malek: What will the Jedi do once the war is over and the Republic doesn't need them anymore?

Mace Windu: We will always be around to help and even if the Republic doesn't need us it doesn't mean the people won't.

Ki-Adi-Mundi: I agree, they will still need us especially if the Sith rises again or if something comes to threaten peace in the galaxy.

Ventress: If that is true, then why don't you guys stop being involved in the war and loosen up.

Barriss: I agree, we may need to stay out of the war and just focus on being peacekeepers again.

Mace Windu: We will do what we must to protect the Republic. As a Jedi you should understand that.

Ventress: And that is why you are seen as an asshole instead of a good Jedi.

Mace Windu: A what?

Narrator: An asshole and Ventress don't be mean. You can't change an asshole and Barriss you do what you want to do. It's your life not theirs.

Barriss: I guess that is true.

Narrator: Of course it is. Anyways time for the next question from Guest: To general grievous did you know that Dooku was the one that caused the accident that led too you becoming a cyborg

Grievous: He what!

Narrator: Yep, he is the reason you lost your body, was left with a few organs, and had you under his control.

Grievous: I will kill him!

Grievous destroys the room before walking out.

Narrator: Awwww, my room. Guest, you owe a new room. All right, next question from Wolf 2: what was the point of putting one bridge on each ship and why on towers that had hardly any armor or shield protection and why have giant windows on them too?!

Battle droid: Is he talking about the ones on our ship or the ones the Clones have?

Narrator: He means the Republic, Separatist, and the Empire.

Stormtrooper: What is wrong with our ship's bridges? They look fine to us.

Clone: I agree, just like our ships are like the Empire's ships.

Battle droid: Wait, aren't your ships the same? And are you guys the same? And don't you work for the same leader? And don't you (his head explodes)

Clone: What happened to him?

Narrator: I guess he couldn't handle the question. Now, on to the windows you two.

Stormtrooper: Well, our bridges have shield around them but with enough force they can be broken through.

Clone: Ours too…wow we need to fix that.

Stormtrooper: Just like we need to fix the window problem. They are rather big and maybe we should upgrade the shields a little. Thanks kid.

Rebel soldier: Why did you tell them that?

Stormtrooper: Halt Rebel scum!

The Narrator shoots the Stormtrooper and then the Clone.

Clone: But why?

Narrator: You killed children.

The narrator shoots the Clone again and turns towards the readers.

Narrator: You guys would have done the same thing, right Chewbacca?

Chewbacca responds.

Narrator: He says yes and now then time for the last question and it's from, Shaddowrunner22: This question is for Yoda, Do you know what caused the Jedi order to make the rule forbidding relationship? Also for anyone to answer have you read or heard of Fanfiction, and for the male have you seen any Yaoi Fanfiction?

Yoda: Seen many times the Jedi did how forming attachments has lead many Jedi down the dark path it did. A risk the Order could not take anymore. Forbid they did to make sure no one falls down the dark path again. Although if controlled they can of their emotions and learn to let go then change the rules we might.

Anakin: I hope it's soon…what's Fanfiction and Yaoi?

Narrator: Fanfiction is a place where we the writers come to write stories involving books, movies, anime, cartoon, TV series, games, comics, etc. Star Wars is popular and a lot of people write stories involving you guys. Some even write stories with you guys being paired with someone.

Ahsoka: Wow that sounds cool. Am I popular?

Narrator: Yes you are and you are paired with many different people. Barriss, Ventress, Lux, Rex, Cad Bane, Anakin, Obi Wan, OC (Original Characters), Boba Fett, Starkiller, and others.

Ahsoka: WHAT!

Rex: The commander and I as a pair? That's odd, almost as odd as the commander with women.

Barriss's cheeks begin blushing.

Barriss: I don't like Ahsoka that way.

Ventress: Me and that brat? Seriously, are you people high or something?

Anakin: Okay that is just weird.

Lux: Me and her? Really? That doesn't sound so bad.

Ahsoka: Shut it!

Narrator: Yeah, her with females are called Yuri/Femslash pairings. But Yaoi means guys being paired with guys.

Anakin: Wait what?

Narrator: Yep, they made stories with you being paired with guys Skywalker. You and Obi Wan are one of them I heard about.


Ahsoka begins laughing.

Ahsoka: That is soooo funny.

Obi Wan: That is not funny! What is wrong with these people?

Narrator: That's Fanfic baby. It gives the fans the power to write whatever we want. Oh but you guys don't want to see the pictures people made of you two.

Anakin and Obi Wan see the pictures, then take off to the bathroom to throw up.

Ahsoka: Oh I should check this out this should be good.

Ventress: I'll join you. Hey Barriss want to come hang out with your girlfriend?

Barriss: Shut up!

That's it everyone. Thanks to Xana, x.a.n.a, Wolf2, Guest, Malek, and Shaddowrunner22 for your questions. I appreciate it guys and they were a lot of fun to read. I hope you all like the response.

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