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Prompt: "Who needs Valentine's Day when you have Pancake Day?"
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Strong Language

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You talk to me without moving your mouth
And I can't help but speak
- You Got Me Down by Lorien -

ooO { 1842 days after the Fourth Shinobi War } Ooo

Kakashi kicks off the wall with a sigh, closing his orange-bound book. It's dark out, the moon barely a sliver in its waning cycle. The weak light of the lanterns, strung haphazardly over the store fronts, is barely sufficient to read by. It is certainly not enough to allow him enjoy a masterpiece like Icha Icha, so there's nothing left to aid his procrastination. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he levels one last glare at the building he has been staking out before schooling his features into their customary disinterested arrangement. Then he saunters across the street.

It isn't long before he can smell it, a mere half-dozen paces, and then he is faced with the challenge of controlling more than just his face. He further slows his lazy stride and trains his mind on revolting green spandex. Kakashi has avoided coming here over the past couple weeks, though not because he has developed a sudden dislike for their signature dish. It is quite the opposite, actually. His craving for it is powerful, but he has been unable to fill it.

Oh, he has tried – twelve days ago, in fact – but as soon as the appetizing scent reached his sensitive nose, something popped up that he had no choice but to go home and take care of. Since then, the man has been entertaining the thought about finding a sucker to pick up an order for him. But each time, after some consideration, Kakashi dismisses the idea. Everyone he knows is too fucking nosy and he doesn't want to expend the extra effort to fabricate a believable lie.

So instead, he goes for a walk every evening. And every night he just happens to walk down the same street that old man Yamada's shop is located on. It's become something of a game, seeing how close he can get before the reaction begins. As of last night, he has managed to make it to the door. Hopefully, all the progress he's made in desensitizing himself has worked. He feels fucking pathetic, getting a boner from something like this.

It's all because of those dreams, he thinks. Damn inconvenience.

Kakashi opens the door and shivers, despite the warmth in the air. The hair raises on his arms and neck in anticipation, prickling his flesh. He mentally shakes them off, refocusing his mind on his mission. Outwardly, he rubs the back of his neck and moves towards the counter. His distraction is so great, his senses so bombarded, that he is sliding onto a stool before he registers her presence.

"Hey, Kakashi."

Sakura greets him cheerfully, but even through his addled thoughts, he can tell that something is off. She is alone, nothing but a cup and a pot of tea for company. It's incongruent with her appearance. Her little black dress is flirting with the line between modest and suggestive – the front revealing the barest hint of cleavage, while the back nearly exposes the whole of her spine – and her hair is swept off her neck in a simple twist. Clearly, she's expecting to meet someone, most likely a date. Kakashi's heart clenches uncomfortably at the thought and he's not sure of if the pain is brought on by anger or disappointment. But it's better this way anyway. Seeing her with someone else will surely cure his current infatuation, right? This question sets Kakashi's mind wandering down unwanted paths with even more questions.

If she became unavailable, would the image of that dark lacy cloth sliding off her shoulders, revealing young, perky breasts, still be running through his head? Would he still be imagining the feel and weight of them in his own hands or the way she would moan under his care? And would he be picturing Sakura in the nurse uniform from Tactics, using her medical expertise to make the chakra running through his cock vibrate as he thrust in and out, in and–

She nudges him with the toe of her unpractical, sexy shoes, signaling that he has been quiet for too long. The action causes him to look down, following the elegant line of her leg to the junction where it crosses over the other.

Too much skin, he thinks as he groans under his breath. Too many very bad, very delicious ideas.

"Sakura," he finally responds.

She laughs and shakes her head. "You never change, do you?"

He bites his tongue just in time to hold back a retort – no, but you have; Kami, how you have – and instead looks back at the grill.

"Here for your Friday special?" she asks as she adjusts her position, uncrossing and then re-crossing her limbs.

"Huh?" Kakashi tugs at the top of his shirt, her actions making him hot and bothered and all sorts of other things that he did not want to be at that particular moment. Sakura and her damn legs and shifting hemline are not making it easy for him. Still, he regains enough composure to add, "Oh… No. Yeah… Well, sort of."

"Sort of?"

"Yeah, Iruka is injured. Some fire jutsu incident at the academy yesterday. He's tired of hospital food and called in a favor. I'm not here for me." Kakashi gestures to her, careful to keep his eyes on hers, lest she call him out on his wandering stare. Or worse, he finds something more to fuel his fantasies and bring about inappropriate reactions. He is in control for now, but he can feel it slipping. "And you?"

"Me? Well, I've been stood up," Sakura scoffs lightly. She flushes pink, though whether it's in anger or embarrassment, he's unsure. "Ino and I were supposed to be on a 'girls' night out', a kind of anti-Valentine's Day activity, since both of us are single. Or were single, I should say. Apparently, she ran into Sai on the way here and she somehow managed to get her claws into him. She didn't even have the courtesy of telling me in person. The pig had him send an ink rat to relay the message. A rat! And this whole night was her fucking idea. I cannot believe that damn bit–" Sakura cuts off mid-sentence, eyes wide. Her lips crease into a familiar smirk as she mutters about insufferable, meddlesome best friends. She covers her eyes, shakes her head, and chuckles softly. "I know what this is."

Kakashi is not sure he likes the expression on Sakura's face or that he wants to know the answer, but he asks anyway. "What?"

She crosses her arms in triumph. "This is a set-up."

"What?" he repeats.

"Seriously, Kakashi, keep up." Sakura rolls her eyes and leans towards him. "Ino and Iruka have conspired against us."

He stares at her, skeptical. "And to what end exactly?"

Her head drops forward and she groans into her palms. Then she looks askance at him, studying him with her cheek cradled in her hand. Sakura straightens in her seat slowly, vertebra by vertebra settling into place, and her eyes widen with understanding. "Kami, you really are as oblivious as Ino says you are."

Kakashi doesn't say anything. He doesn't know what to say.

It's true, of course. As a shinobi, he's perceptive, able to easily decipher what's underneath the underneath. But in his personal life, he's always been aloof. And it's not because he doesn't care. He just doesn't know how to deal with the intimacies of a real relationship – romantic or otherwise. Once the emotions reach down into a person's bones – when it's suddenly about living life instead of doling out death – he can no longer read them. He's never had a proper incentive to cultivate that skill. Besides, Kakashi knows he carries around too much baggage for the average person to handle.

Like Genma once said, "Good at the surface social stuff, bad at anything more."

Sakura throws a couple coins on the counter and spins around on the stool so that she's facing him. The click of her shoes on the hard ground gets his attention. She's standing close again, like that day in the clinic, but the atmosphere is completely different. As Sakura hovers over him, Kakashi can feel the tension in her body vibrate and he's sure that she's going to throw a punch, even if it's unclear to him why she would even want to in the first place. He's surprised when instead she merely speaks softly into the space between them.

"Ino's been talking with Iruka a lot lately, you know. She's interested in taking on her own genin squad next year." Sakura tucks her clutch under her arm and takes a couple steps towards the door. She pauses, giving him a prolonged view of her back, and then raises her voice slightly. "And Iruka doesn't even like okonomiyaki."

Her heels tap out a rhythm across the shop floor, like the brisk beat of a countdown, as she continues on her way.

It only takes him three seconds more to contemplate the meaning of her words before Kakashi is rushing out the door after her, cursing under his breath.



Sakura is already halfway down the block when he catches up to her, pulling her by the arm into the relatively private space between the nearby buildings. She spins and turns deftly – an evasive maneuver that Kakashi didn't know was in her arsenal – wrenching her arm from his grasp and redirecting his weight so that his back is in a collision course for the wall. Kakashi manages to counter the surprise attack just before he makes contact, switching their places and pinning her against the cool concrete with his body. A soft cry of discomfort leaves her lips – not quite pain, but close – and he belatedly remembers the plunging line of the back of her dress. Kakashi takes a half step back, immediately regretting his actions.

"I'm sorry," Kakashi says simply. He feels out of place and unsure, so he sticks his hands in his pockets and looks to the ground.

"I lied to you," Sakura confesses, ignoring his apology altogether.

"Wait," he starts with a frown, disoriented by the sudden change in their trajectory, and raises his head to consider her words carefully. "What did–?"

"Shut up," she interrupts. Then Sakura glares at him, the glint in her eyes and the line of her mouth both hard, but it does little to disguise the uncertainty in her voice. "Just shut up and listen, okay?"

Kakashi nods his assent, his curiosity piqued in spite of the obvious frustration – or anger or whatever – she is directing towards him at the moment. This type of situation, the kind where he forced to face another's negative feelings, is something he normally avoids with all his might. He could easily give Sakura the slip and be on his merry way. But it's not often that someone can deceive him without him realizing that something is untrue about their words or actions. And he certainly has not had any suspicions of dishonesty from Sakura.

Besides, he's still confused as hell about what happened at the restaurant – and all of their most recent encounters, actually – so if letting her speak her piece will clarify any of what is going on between them, Kakashi's all for it. Then maybe they can go back to being whatever they were before and he won't wake up with a dream induced erection every morning.

Or maybe we can move into a new kind of relationship, his brain supplies against his will, and she can use that saucy little mouth to suck

"Miyako didn't retire, okay?" Sakura blurts out, cutting off his inner monologue. "I saw your name on the appointment list and I gave her the day off."

"Why would–"

"Because!" Sakura yells, her fists tightening at her sides. "Because you're so damn dense!" She takes a deep breath and starts again, calmer this time. "I've been trying to get your attention for over a year now, ever since that undercover mission we had in Kusa. I thought we had a moment, you know? But then we got back to Konoha and you never... I thought maybe you were just worried about my age or our former teacher-student relationship or something.

"The point is that I couldn't let it go, not without at least trying. So whenever I would see you, I'd try to strike up a conversation. But you'd always have your nose in some damn book. Do you know how many one-sided conversations we've had?"

He starts to answer, but she holds up a hand and continues. "It was a hypothetical, idiot. Anyway, I remembered that I saw you once at Yamada's shop, so I asked the old man about you. He said that you were a regular on Friday nights, so I made sure to be there every Friday that I wasn't out on a mission or scheduled for a shift. But did you notice? Of course not."


"But nothing, Kakashi." Crossing her arms, Sakura levels a challenging stare at him. "This is embarrassing as hell to admit. Not to mention that this is shaping up to be the worst Valentine's Day in the history of my pathetic life – and that's even counting the one I spent in the ER being puked on during the stomach virus outbreak two years ago – so the least you could do is shut the hell up and let me finish making a fool of myself. Alright?"

He nods. It's the best he can do right now. His heart is pumping in and out at a frantic pace, excited by the possibilities laced throughout the syllables of the conversation.

A one-sided conversation, he chastises himself. But not for long; soon he'd have her mouth otherwise occupied.

Kakashi doesn't dwell on that though. He is too busy connecting the dots. Sakura is interested in him, legitimately fucking interested in him. And that bit of information is a game-changer.

He has spent the past thirteen days warring with himself. Between the guilt over his attraction to her – because it made him little more than a dirty old man, right? – and his anger at her for screwing with his head – the little vixen played him like a fiddle; didn't their history count for anything? – Kakashi is a mess. He spends his mornings jacking off in the shower to dreams of pink and green, all while counting the ways that the situation is so very wrong, and his nights hoping that his dreams will feature those same colors that he curses when he wakes. But despite all of his fantasies and bouts of self-loathing, he has never once considered that she could want something from him, that this could be mutual. He finds himself suddenly overwhelmed with images and thoughts of what could be – of a shared life and intimacies, both physical and emotional, built on top of this very moment – and it is very appealing to him.

Maybe it's his age catching up to him, a biological mechanism compelling him to settle down. Or perhaps it's just that he's finally found someone who maybe, just maybe, is worth going through all that relationship shit for. Maybe–

Sakura is speaking again, so further rumination will have to wait.

"–out of options, so I finally broke down and went to Ino for advice. She said, and I quote, that you were 'more dense than chakra hardened granite when it came to women' and that I should try a hands on approach. I wasn't going to. Really, I fucking wasn't, okay? But then the opportunity was practically dropped into my lap and the mood felt right, so I… well, I went for it. Alright? I went for it. And you didn't seem to mind. I mean, at least I didn't think so, not with that reaction. I thought you had finally noticed me. But then…"

Sakura is breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling, and even though he can't see it in the dark, he's sure that there's a blush dusting the whole of her skin. And with that, Kakashi is done. He gets it anyway, what she's trying to say – what she's apparently been trying to say for months now – so there's very little need left for talk. There are other, more pleasurable ways to bring her to this same physical state. If that's what she wants, of course.

It's time to test the waters, he decides.

"Sakura," he leans in close, using his larger frame to his full advantage, and lowers his voice to a rumble, "are you saying that this has all been a ploy to gain my romantic attentions?"

"Well, y-yes," she stutters, briefly taken off guard by his change in demeanor. But then she squares her chin, puffs out her chest, and plunges right on. "Yes, I am. But tonight you couldn't even fathom the possibility that someone would think to set us up, let alone that they were actively trying, so it's obvious that I'm wasting my–"

Kakashi curls an arm around the small of her back, pressing her firmly into his body, and shuts her up with his mouth. After releasing a small gasp, she responds readily into the fabric, her lips conforming to the impression of his through his mask. But it's not enough. She smells so damn good. He just wants to taste her – wants to nip at her lips and find her tongue and see if she is as sweet as he suspects – so he breaks contact and pulls down the offending cloth. Before he can recapture her lips, she beats him to the punch.

Her kiss is forceful, needy, and he relishes in it. There is no hesitancy or timidity in her actions, just the desires of a grown woman. Sakura sucks his lower lip into her mouth, letting her teeth scrape roughly across his skin. Kakashi groans and moves his free hand to the nape of her neck, adjusting the angle of their convergence for a better connection. His tongue swipes over the seam of her lips and she softly laughs against his mouth.

"So, I was right after all? About your reaction to me the other day?" she asks, a suggestive uplift of her brow emphasizing her choice of phrasing.

"Hell yes," he growls in reply. Then he moves his hands to grip her hips, reducing the space between them to nothing. "You've no idea the extent of my reaction towards you."

"So, I've spent the past thirteen days in doubt for no reason?"

"Yeah, well, I've spent the past thirteen days wondering whether I dreamed the whole thing up or whether you were just trying to get a rise out of your old sensei." Kakashi leans to whisper his confession in her ear. "I never thought that you could actually be interested."

The next thing he feels is a throbbing pain in his left shoulder. It takes a couple seconds to clear his head and realize that she has hit him.

"You idiot!" Sakura roars. "You dense, lazy, unreliable idiot! I've been practically throwing myself at you for months!" But as suddenly as her ire comes, it leaves. She looks up at him and sighs with an excess of fake dramatics, throwing her hands in the air. "I give up. You obviously can't take a hint. Or twenty. I'm just going to have to spell everything out for you from now on, aren't I?"

"I think that would be for the best," Kakashi replies with a smirk.

"Good. We're finally on the same page then." Sakura's expression changes to mirror his, a cheeky little grin. Then she grabs him by the front of his shirt, roughly pulling him down to her level. "Would you like to come over to my place?"

"I don't know. I'm a bit dense, after all," he says, his voice taking on a teasing lilt. "Could you tell me exactly what we would be doing there?"

Her grin widens, curling wickedly around her mouth, as she slides her hands over his shoulders to lace behind his neck. Sakura raises onto her tiptoes and breathes against the shell of his ear. "Well, I was thinking that you could use a more thorough check-up. Just to make sure everything is functioning properly. Medic's orders."

"Hmm, still a bit vague. Do you mean–"

"What I mean is that," Sakura trails one hand slowly down his chest and abs, marking her path with the pointed edge of a single fingertip, and cups his hardening cock through his trousers, "I am going to impale myself on your erect penis and see how long it takes for me to make you cum. Blunt enough for you?"

Sakura doesn't wait for him to answer. She just sidesteps around him, patting his cheek, and walks back out onto the street. She stops under the pale glow of a red lantern, half-turned towards him. Her arm extends his direction and a finger – the same one that had just scorched its way down his body – motions for him to follow.

Kakashi is quick to obey, after placing a hasty genjutsu over his tented crotch, but he purposely lingers a couple steps behind so he can watch the sway of her hips and her pert ass as she leads him away.


Sakura unlocks her door and goes inside first, leaving Kakashi to shut it behind him. The walk has given him time to cool his head, though it has done nothing for the stiffness in his pants, and he has to admit that he is a little nervous. This had seemed like such a good idea twenty minutes ago when she was in his arms and whispering wonderful little suggestions in his ear, but now he is not so sure. Now he is standing in his former student's apartment with every intention of fucking her into the mattress - or floor, or couch, or whatever solid surface she most prefers – for the remainder of the night. Oh, and maybe they'll continue the next morning. He's not sure; he hasn't thought that far ahead.

I'm really going to fuck my student, he thinks. Fuck.

"Come on, Kakashi, don't wuss out on me now." Sakura grins from the other side of the room, her heels dangling from one finger. "I was going to get a bit more comfortable, but I wasn't sure how much I should take off myself. I'd feel bad if I deprived you of anything you were looking forward to."

Damn, that is the sexiest thing that Kakashi thinks he has ever heard. It spurs him into action. He strides over to her, stripping off his mask and hitae-ite as he goes, not caring where they land. Gathering her face in his palms, he kisses her. It's hot and urgent, but not dominating – as if anyone could control Sakura unless she wanted them to – and full of a hope that he is just discovering that he has. In his periphery, he sees her shoes drop to the floor as Sakura's arms move to wrap around his neck.

His lungs begin to burn from the lack of oxygen, so he pulls away. The heaving of her chest makes him think that she is just as affected as he is. They both breathe in heavily, panting in near unison, and Kakashi toys with the thin straps of her dress. The material stretches under his fingers, then goes taut, vibrating like the string of an instrument. It makes him want to pluck them and watch them snap. But if he did that, Sakura might decide to permanently harm him – he's not sure how partial she is to the dress – so he controls that particular urge.

Still, he wants to relieve her of the unnecessary burden of clothing. Kakashi takes a moment to catch her attention, raising an eyebrow in question. Sakura nods and fiercely reclaims his lips, her fingers drawing patterns on his back. He sighs contentedly into her mouth, her rhythmic motions calming what is left of his doubts. Then he remembers his dream, that very first one, and how much the desire to taste her skin had overwhelmed him. He kisses the corner of her mouth and paints a path with his lips and tongue to the underside of her jaw, sucking gently on her pulse point when he reaches that first destination.

His mouth continues to journey down the lean lines of her neck, stopping only when he gets to the edge of her dress. Kakashi slips it to the side, just enough to expose the next patch of skin for his lips. His teeth close carefully around the flimsy strap, tugging it slowly down. He then kisses his way across her collar, paying special attention to the hollow at the base of her throat, and pulls the other strap down. Sakura moans softly as the dress starts to drop, and she takes a small step back so that it can slide to the ground unimpeded.

It's Kakashi's turn to moan. She is a fucking vision, clothed in nothing but tiny red lace panties and the pins in her hair. He wants to explore it all, every lovely inch of her, but he doesn't know where to begin. Sakura makes up his mind for him, placing his hands on her breasts and squeezing. And fuck, she feels so good under his hands, the hard pebbles of her nipples and the soft weight of her flesh. He readjusts, placing one hand on the small of her back to coax out the curve of her spine. Kakashi takes one of her breasts into his mouth, suckling and nibbling gently, and her head lolls back. Releasing the suction with a small pop, he gives his attention to the other one. Sakura keens and begins to roll her hips into his, forcing him to hiss sharply at the pleasurable contact.

Suddenly, Kakashi has had enough of the foreplay. He desperately needs her – wants to be buried inside her – so he steps forward until her back hits the obstruction behind her. This is how he wants her, the man realizes, to take her hard against the wall – the position that he had been aiming for in his dream. But then Sakura's hands are slipping underneath his shirt, pulling it up and over his head, and the contact reminds him that he's not the only one who has needs. And dammit, rushing things will only satisfy him and he wants something better than that for her.

He wants to give her the best fucking night of her life.

Kakashi kneels in front of her, pressing his forehead into the flat of her stomach. He touches her over the cloth of her underwear, tracing the line in the fabric that covers the opening of her pussy. Dampness coats his fingertip in a light sheen and he licks off the evidence of her arousal, leaning back on his haunches so that she can see him clearly. Her breath hitches and he can feel it vibrate the air around them.

But it's not enough, that tiny little taste. She's so damn delicious, the perfect combination of sweet and savory, and he just has to have more. Kakashi briefly contemplate removing the last of her clothing – it'll make things easier for him without it in the way – but decides against it. The image of him pushing into Sakura while holding her panties to the side, of the edge of them rubbing against his shaft as he moves within her, is something he wants to become reality too much. Instead, he lifts one of her legs over his shoulder, spreading her out in front of him.

She's so fucking wet.

Sakura shivers and arches her back, pushing herself closer to him. Then she hooks a finger into the red lace, pressing it into her inner thigh. Her initiative surprises him and he rewards her efforts with a drawn-out swipe of his tongue.

"Oh, Kami," she softly exclaims.

Kakashi returns for another pass, this time applying more pressure. Sakura bucks and moans and, dammit, she's so beautiful like that. He begins to delve deeper, separating her seam with his fingers so he can lap at her, curling his tongue in and out with an increasing pace. Her legs start to quiver, so he hoists up her other leg, all her weight now supported by his broad shoulders. His fingers join his mouth, pumping into her gently, yet firmly. Sakura grips the back of his head, her nails digging into his scalp, and her hips move to match the rhythm of his fingers.

"Oh, don't stop, Kakashi," she begs between panting breaths. "I'm almost there. Almost… fuck, oh fuck!"

The orgasm hits her hard, clenching around the fingers he still has inside her. Kakashi lets her ride it out before removing them. He plants a pair of soft, caressing kisses on her inner thighs as she comes down from her endorphin high. When he's sure she's ready to support herself, he places her feet back on the floor and stands up. Sakura pulls him in for a kiss, not caring that her arousal is still on his lips.

"That was," she kisses him again and her breasts press into the bare skin of his chest, "amazing."

"I try."

She smacks him lightly across the shoulder. He winces – it's the one she hit earlier – and she laughs into his mouth as she kisses him yet again. Not that Kakashi is complaining. Really, her lips are absolutely delectable. It's just that other parts of his body are starting to demand attention.

"Well, now it's my turn to impress," she retorts, a devilish glint in her eye.

In but a few seconds, his trousers and underwear join her dress on the floor. Sakura wraps her hand around the base of his cock and gives it an experimental squeeze. His head falls forward, bracing on her shoulder.

"More," Kakashi whispers into her neck.

This time she gives it a couple quick tugs and he nearly buckles. He's so fucking sensitive, so aroused, that it is nearly painful. Sakura changes her tactics, slowing the up and down movement her hand and increasing her grip. And it feels so damn good. But it's also heaven and hell, all at once. The pressure is building up – in pleasure or pain, he can't even tell anymore – and he needs it to just give already. But dammit, Kakashi doesn't want to cum on her hand. He wants to–

"Wait, Sakura," he forces out, teeth grit tightly. "Wait."

She stops her motions, but keeps her hand firmly on his cock. Smiling sweetly, she asks, "Yes, what is it?"

Kakashi doesn't say anything at first, just leans forward, pressing his erection into the juncture of her thighs. They both groan at the friction and she finally removes her hand. He rolls his hips into her one more time before speaking. "I'm pretty sure you know exactly what, Sakura."

"Oh," she lifts her leg over his hip, grinding herself into his hardness, "that you won't hold out much longer if I keep stroking your dick? Or that all you want is to fuck me against this wall?"

There is something in this flow of their banter that takes his mind out of the here and now. Instead, Kakashi is in the past, watching a girl on the cusp of womanhood laugh over a meal with friends. He's thinking about her smile – and how he hopes she never loses it – when she surprises him with an intuitiveness beyond her years. That was five years ago, maybe just a bit more, and though the context is much different, she's doing the same thing now.

"Dammit, woman, how do you do that?"

Confusion ruins her expression, twisting her smirk into a slight frown. "How do I do what?"

"Know exactly what I'm thinking."

Her green eyes widen in surprise and then, after a moment, her smirk is back in full force. "There's a lot of theories around Konoha about why you wear the mask, you know. But the thing is, I'm the only one who knows the truth." Sakura gestures for him to come closer, like she's imparting a great secret, and then she cups her hand around his ear. "You're way too easy to read."

She takes advantage of the moment he uses to process her words, pulling her other leg over his hip and crossing her feet behind his back. The feel of her, even though the lace, is intoxicating. Heat radiates off of every inch of her skin, but is at its most intense where their hips brush together, in spite of the gathering wetness there. He reaches between them, yanking the cloth to the side, and feels a great satisfaction. All that's left is for him to plunge inside her and all his most prevalent fantasies will have been fulfilled. Kakashi shifts his hips and lines up the head of his cock at her entrance. He lets himself sink in, a mere half inch, and then waits, biting his lip to hold back the curse at the tip of his tongue.

Fuck, even just that much feels amazing.

"Sakura," he growls, on the verge of losing control. He wants to, wants to so badly, but there's one last thing holding him back. "You're not a virgin, are you?"

"Why, are you?" she counters with a breathless giggle.

Sakura flexes her beautiful legs around his middle and sinks down on top of him, burying his cock deep inside her. For just a moment, maybe a second or two, they are both still, wide eyes staring back at each other. Her pussy is perfection, all liquid heat and wonderfully tight. He's still lost in the moment, the connection, when she chooses to bridge the gap between them – she's always doing that, it seems – and tenderly kisses his cheek. Her lips move to his mouth, lightly pecking their way across his skin, and this time her kiss is warm, starting as a languid exploration before gradually building to a passionate tangle of him and her and all that binds them.

Kakashi pulls out of her and then thrusts forward, slow but firm, matching his rhythm to cadence of her kisses. It takes every last ounce of his self-control, but it is worth it to hear the way his name sounds when her sweet voice sings it out. Sweat slicks their bodies and he has to tighten his grip on her legs to keep them steady. Eventually even that is not enough, so he digs his fingers into the firm flesh of her ass, all the while pounding into her harder and faster with each consecutive thrust. Sakura curls her hips into him, grinding and pushing and gyrating with abandon. Her mewls take on a desperate pitch and he feels her walls start to constrict. It's almost more than he can take. His movements become erratic as he nears his own orgasm and–

"Shit," Kakashi growls, realizing that they forgot something that was possibly very important to this moment. "Are you on something?"

"What the hell?" she growls right back.

"Birth control."

"Of course I am! Medic, remember?" she shouts, digging her heels sharply into his flanks. The action makes them both gasp as it drives him even deeper. "Fuck. Kakashi, harder, dammit!"

Kakashi is more than happy to comply, his previous panic pulling him back from the edge just enough regain control. He pulls her away from the wall, counting on only his strength to support her. But with this change, her own weight can be used as leverage. The added force brings Sakura to her climax in just three more thrusts and Kakashi follows her soon after, his hot seed spurting inside of her. His knees weakened from the intensity of his climax, Kakashi drops to the floor taking Sakura with him, both panting heavily from their exertions.

Sakura tucks her head under his chin and begins to absently rub his chest. "Kakashi?"


"Can you stay?"

"I couldn't leave even if I wanted to," he answers, moving his arms to wrap loosely around her back. "You've exhausted me, woman."

"Do you need me to carry you to bed?"

"Funny," Kakashi drawls. Then he scoops her up, eliciting a round of high-pitched laughter, and lugs her to the bedroom. The mattress creaks when he flops her onto it and Sakura bounces gently before settling into the pillows and comforter. He readies himself to join her, one knee resting on the corner of the bed, but he stops himself. "Dammit."

"What?" She looks at him with concern. "What's wrong?"

"I didn't get to mess up your hair."

Sakura sits up abruptly and her hands land on her head to investigate, just to discover that he was right. "Well, dammit, Kakashi, you fucked up. I expected to be thoroughly ravished." She smirks up at him, a pink eyebrow raised in challenge. "You're going to have to try again. This half-assed job just won't do."

"Yeah, I suppose." He concedes, crawling into the bed next to her and pulling her back against his chest. "But can it wait until tomorrow?"

"Fine," she huffs, but the contentment in her eyes says she doesn't really mind. "Lazy ass."

"Speaking of asses, I think you bruised mine."

"Oh, shut up and get some sleep, old man," Sakura murmurs.









"Goodnight, Sakura."

"Goodnight, Kakashi."

ooO { 1843 days after the Fourth Shinobi War } Ooo

Kakashi awakes to the sound of someone humming terribly off-key. He groans and rolls over onto his stomach, burying his head under his pillow. Something is different though – the sheets are too soft and the pillow is too full – and he realizes that he is not in his own home. The memories of his activities last night slowly come back into focus. And wouldn't you know, just the thought of it sends the blood straight down, resulting in a near-instantaneous erection.

Lifting the pillow, Kakashi braves a look around. Sakura is no longer in bed with him, nor is she in the bedroom. Through the open door he can see her flitting about her kitchen, making a racket doing who knows what. Today she is wearing that red dress, or at least one very similar, and his reaction to it is much the same as it had been at the clinic. He decides to get up – there's no reason to stay in bed, not unless she's there too – and see exactly what the hell she's up to. Hopefully he'll be able to convince her to drop whatever it is she is doing long enough for him to make good on his promise of a proper ravishing. He rummages around for his boxers, unsure of where they had ended up in all the action from the previous night, but finds them neatly folded on her dresser along with the rest of his stuff. Watching her as he slips into his clothing, he's pleased to note that she has her hair pulled up. Not as intricate as the night before, but there's definitely something there for him to work with - something neat for him to thoroughly muss.

Kakashi pads stealthily across the floor, reaching her before she even realizes he's up, and wraps his arms around her from behind. Kissing the exposed skin behind her ear causes her to gasp and smack playfully at his hands, but he doesn't stop. Sakura smells delicious and tasting her is quickly becoming his favorite thing to do.

Damn, he thinks, I think I might be falling for her.

"Good morning," she says cheerily.

"Morning," he hums as he nibbles on the soft flesh of her earlobe.

"So," Sakura starts, "I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch with me. I thought we could go to Yamada's since neither of us actually got to eat last night. What do you think?"

Kakashi spins her around and backs her into the counter. His arms lean on the edge, one on either side of her, boxing her in. Sakura frowns and he can't help but cover it with a smile of his own. He makes sure to give every inch of her lips his attention. The kiss is affectionate – playful nips and sly little slips of tongue – and soon he can feel her smile back.

Kakashi relinquishes her mouth then and, resting his forehead against hers, he speaks. "Sakura, I would happily eat there every morning for the rest of my life if I could have my meal with you."

Her face freezes in shock, brows knit tightly and her mouth slightly open. Emotions begin flash across her face, more rapidly than he thought was humanly possible. Eventually she settles on one and though he can't name it, Kakashi knows it's a positive one.

"You really like okonomiyaki, huh?"

"We should get going." He ignores her question, not quite ready to answer it. Placing his hand on the small of her back, Kakashi directs her towards the door and it feels so good, so right, that he doesn't remove it even after she takes the hint. "I owe Iruka one, don't I?"

Sakura glares up at him, apparently unpleased with his plan. "I told you, Iruka doesn't like it. Honestly, I thought you'd know that after being friends with him for all these years."

"I know." Kakashi releases her so that he can retrieve his shoes. As he puts them on, he levels a glare right back at her. "It's the best his meddling ass is going to get."

"Even though everything turned out so well?"

"Especially because it turned out so well. If we let him off the hook this time, he'll be planning our whole lives for us." Kakashi opens the door as she grabs her purse. "Is that what you really want?"

Sakura twirls her small handbag around by its strap, then with a quick flick of her wrist, she catches it and tucks it under her arm. She's scheming inside that head of hers; he can see it in the tilt of her lips.

"In that case, we'll just have to order him a double."


As they approach the shop, Sakura suddenly places a hand on his arm, stopping him from opening the door. "Wait, you never answered my question."

"What question?" he asks innocently.

She stomps her foot. "You know what question."

"But I'm an old man and dense. You can't honestly expect me to–"

"You. Really. Like. Okonomiyaki. Huh."

The words are exactly the same as before, but her delivery is completely different. Kakashi shakes his head and laughs out loud for the first time in what feels like years. Sakura is confused - and perhaps a little angry - by his reaction, he can tell. So he kisses her again, just a light peck on her lips. She softens, though not by much. Then Kakashi takes her by the hand, leading her towards the door.

























"You have no idea."