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Chapter 1


The morning sun shone brightly on the beautiful region of Kanto. A region filled with beautiful pokemon, people, and cities. Deep in the heart of this wonderful region lay Pallet Town, a small town with wonderful people happy to help you in any way they could. This, reader, is where our story begins...

"BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP." beeped an alarm clock.

"Ugh... crap... school." grumbled a teen as he turned off the alarm clock.

This teen was none other than a 16 year old boy by the name of Ashton Ketchum, or Ash for short. He was 5 feet and 9 inches tall, tan, and had messy black hair. His chocolate brown eyes darted around the room, looking for his glasses. He found them resting next to the alarm clock, where he left them. He picked them up and put them on. Once he could see properly, he turned his head to the left, to see another bed on the other side of the room. In it, asleep, was someone Ash knew very well. His fraternal twin brother, Redwood Ketchum, or Red for short.

"Red, get up... Summer Break is over... today's the first day of school..." said Ash unhappily.

Ash dreaded school everyday. It wasn't exactly fun for him. He was seen by most people as a nerd, with not many friends and an awkward personality. Of course, this affected his luck with girls. Most girls hated him, and if they didn't, they just thought he was weird. He had tried to ask out girls before, and it never ended well. He wasn't very good at sports either. He had the coordination of a blind man. His teeth were lined with braces, that sometimes gave him a speech impediment. He had two Z-shaped birth marks on his cheeks, which lead to people cracking jokes that he "survived Voldemort twice". Overall, he really didn't have much going for him.

His brother Red was much more fortunate. He had no reason to hate school. He stood 3 inches taller than Ash, and had the same black hair, just not as messy. His skin was nowhere near as tan as Ash's, and he didn't have Z's on his cheeks. His eyes were also brown, just a shade lighter than Ash's. He was the star of both the Soccer and Lacrosse teams, leading both teams to regional championships every year. He was one of the most popular guys in their school, girls throwing themselves at him everyday. And to top it all off, he had a smile that could cause any girl to pass out from the beauty of it. The only thing that he lacked was a voice. At birth, his vocal cords had to be surgically removed, due to a rare, potentially life-threatening disease that was growing in them.

Even though their social lives were polar opposites, they were as close as could be.

"Come on Red, get up." said Ash as he made his way across the room to Red, who was still asleep in his bed.

Ash shook his brother into consciousness, abruptly waking him. Red open his eyes, dazed and confused. He then squinted his eyes at Ash, expressing how annoyed he was about Ash's method of waking him.

"Don't look at me like that. I tried to wake you up normally. Desperate times call for desperate measures." said Ash.

Red rolled his eyes and got out of bed. He walked over to a drawer and pulled out a red towel.

"You wanna shower first?" asked Ash.

Red nodded his head as he walked out of the room, leaving Ash to think about how much fun he wasn't going to have at school. Ash stood in the room for countless minutes, thinking about life. Red had it all. He had looks, skills, and girls. Ash had none of that. At times, Ash envied his brother's good fortune. There were countless times Ash wondered what it would be like if they switched lives for a day. But of course, that wasn't physically possible. Ash sighed, as he sat on Red's bed. As soon as he sat, he realized he sat on something. He stood up and turned around to find Red's Raichu, gasping for air.

"Whoops. Sorry Raichu." said Ash.

"Rai rai chu chuuu..." grumbled Raichu.

"Hey, can you wake up Pikachu? I'm gonna go rush Red out of the shower. He's taking too long, as usual." said Ash.

Raichu nodded his head and scurried over the Ash's bed, attempting to wake up Ash's Pikachu. Ash left the room, and headed for the bathroom, towel in hand. Ash knocked on the bathroom door.

"Red! Hurry up! I need to shower too!" called Ash.

As soon as he spoke, Ash heard the shower stop. A few minutes later, Red opened the door, grinned, and threw a handful of soapy foam at Ash's face. He then quickly closed the door, and resumed his shower.

"Dammit Red! If I wasn't wearing my glasses, you could've gotten soap in my eyes!" growled Ash.

Ash, not planning on waiting any longer, kicked the bathroom door open, to find Red already finished taking his shower. He was just running the water, to make it sound like he was still taking a shower. Ash was beyond irritated. Red only made it worse by laughing hysterically. Of course his laugh was silent, but it had the same effect.

Ash picked up a tube of toothpaste and threw it at Red, who dodged it. Red then left the bathroom, snickering.

Once the boys were finished showering and dressing up, it was time for breakfast.

They entered the kitchen, where their mother, Delia Ketchum, was cooking.

"Good Morning boys!" said Delia happily.

"Good Morning Mom, what's for breakfast?" asked Ash, his stomach grumbling.

"Eggs and Bacon. Sit down at the table; it's almost ready." said Delia, not taking her eyes off the stove.

Ash and Red sat down, ready to demolish their mother's wonderful cooking. There was a long silence, only broken by the bacon sizzling in Delia's frying pan. In order to make things interesting, Delia decided to start a conversation.

"So boys, did you hear about how your school district expanded it's borders?"

Red tilted his head in question, while Ash spoke up. "Huh? Really?"

"Yup. We received a letter in the mail yesterday, along with a list of all the new students." said Delia, handing Ash the letter.

Ash picked up the letter and read it aloud.

"Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you all had a happy and healthy Summer Break. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the recent expansion of our school district's borders. we have added an extra 10 square miles to our territory, and with this new area, comes new students. Attached to this sheet is a list of all the new students entering our school district, along with what class they are in. Students are encouraged to welcome these new additions to the Pallet Town School District with open arms. I look forward to a great school year.

Warm regards,

Samuel Oak,

Superintendent of Pallet Town Schools."

"Exciting, huh?" asked Delia.

Red smiled and nodded his head, while Ash shrugged his shoulders.

"Go ahead, read the list." said Delia, as she finished cooking the bacon.

Ash read the list aloud. Not really caring about the younger kids, he skipped to the part of the list that had the high school students.

"James Anderson, Senior.

Sarah Bond, Sophomore.

May Maple, Junior.

Serena Maple, Junior.

Max Maple, Freshman.

Kevin Smith, Freshman.

Eric Wilson, Senior."

"Hey, maybe those two girls.. May and Serena Maple, are twins, just like you guys! And they're both Juniors, just like you guys! Wouldn't it be cool if you both dated them?" said Delia, as she handed the boys their food.

"Cool, but highly unlikely." said Ash gloomily, as Delia left the room.

Red, knowing how negative his brother could be, pulled out his handy dandy black marker, which he had at all times. He then took a napkin from the table and wrote on it. He then handed it to Ash, in an effort to cheer him up.

Ash looked at what was written on it.

"Don't be so negative. I'm sure this school year will be better for you."

Ash rolled his eyes and looked at Red. "You do realize that you say that every year, right?"

Red's eyes widened at the realization that he did, in fact, say that every year. Unable to think of a reply to Ash's good point, he began shoving his face with food, effectively escaping having to give a reply. Ash sighed and began solemnly eating his food. The rest of breakfast was spent in silence.

Soon, it was time to go to school. Ash and Red walked to school, since it was so close by.

"Bye Mom! We're leaving!" called Ash to their mother, who was upstairs.

"Wait, wait wait!" called Delia as she rushed down the stairs, a bag in hand. Don't forget your hats!"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot." said Ash, while Red smiled in anticipation to see his new hat.

It had become a Ketchum Family tradition that Ash and Red would get a new hat before every school year. Delia pulled out two hats. One was red, with a white semi-circle on the front and a white visor(Ash's Kalos Region Hat), and one was red, with a white front, red visor, and a green symbol on the front (Ash's original hat.)
Red immediately grabbed for the one with the white semi-circle, while Ash dashed towards the one with the green symbol. They both placed the hats on their heads and looked in the mirror, happy with their new hats.

Red, now in a festive mood, pulled out his handy dandy black marker, which he had at all times, and wrote on a sheet of paper. He then handed Ash the sheet of paper and ran out the front door, waving goodbye to their mother.

"What's got into him?" asked Delia.

"I dunno." replied Ash, as he looked to read the paper.

"I'll race you to the school! HAH! I got a head start."

"Oh no you don't!" laughed Ash as he bolted out the door, leaving his mother very confused.

"Sometimes I just don't understand those boys..." she said as she closed the door and walked back upstairs.

Ash's burst of speed was very short lived. In a matter of minutes, Ash was already out of breath, walking. Red was nowhere in sight.

"No fair... he's much more athletic... I should have gotten the head start." thought Ash aloud.

He continued the walk to school alone, until he was approached by a familiar figure. Ash's heart sank. He knew who it was, and it was the last person he wanted to see.

"Sup, loser." said the figure.

"What do you want from me, Kenny?" asked Ash, not making eye contact.

"Well, I came to teach you a lesson. I found out about that little stunt you tried to pull last year. You tried to ask out my girlfriend." said Kenny.

"Look, I had no idea you and Dawn were dating." said Ash.

"Bull-fucking-shit. You knew exactly what you were doing. You were trying to turn her against me." said Kenny, growing more and more irritated by the second.

"What does it matter? It's not like she actually said yes to me. She's still your girlfriend, so leave me alone." said Ash as he began to walk away.

"No, she's not my girlfriend anymore. She dumped me, and it's all your fault! You made her think I'm a jerk!" said Kenny, pulling Ash back by the arm.

"But you are a jerk." said Ash, yanking his arm free from Kenny's grip.

"Oh yeah? You think you're funny?! I'll teach you some manners right now, smartass!" yelled Kenny as he punched Ash in the face.

Ash stumbled back, reeling into a tree, his nose bleeding. Kenny walked over to the tree that Ash was propped against, and prepared to punch Ash again. Ash closed his eyes, waiting for the hit, but it never connected. Ash opened his eyes, to see Kenny's fist being held by none other than his brother, Red, who had a deadly calm expression on his face.

"What the-" was all Kenny had time to say before Red knocked him out in one punch. Red then pulled out his handy dandy black marker, which he had at all times, and wrote on Kenny's forehead. He then handed Ash a tissue to clean up the blood from his nose.

Ash read what Red wrote.

"Don't fuck around with my brother. If you fuck around with my brother, you fuck around with me."

"Thanks, Red." said Ash as he wiped the blood off of his nose.

Red smiled in response. After Ash had finished cleaning up all the blood from his face, Ash and Red walked to the school. In no time, they were in front of their school, Pallet Town High. Written under the banner with the school's name was "Home of the Pallet Town Rhyhorns! Kanto's Undefeated Soccer and Lacrosse Champs!". Ash sighed as he and Red entered the building. Immediately, as usual, people swarmed around Red, effectively separating Ash from Red.

Ash took out his cell phone and sent Red a text message, since speaking to him was no longer an option.

"I'm going to the nurse's office to make sure my nose is okay. Seeya later. -Ash."

Almost immediately, Red replied.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Bye.

P.S. Try not to be so gloomy. It's a brand new school year. Try to make the best of it. -Red."

Ash put his phone in his pocket, and walked towards the nurse's office. Halfway there, two girls bumped into him. One had long, honey blonde hair, and cyan eyes. The other had shorter, brown hair, and sapphire eyes. They were both pretty, but the one with brown hair really caught Ash's attention.

"Oh, we're sorry. We're new here, would you happen to know where Professor Rowan's classroom is?" asked the blonde one.

"Hi I'm Ashton Ketchum. But you can call me Ash. Professor Rowan's room is down that hallway, second door on the left." said Ash awkardly.

"Umm... thanks," said the blonde one, slightly bothered by Ash's awkward personality. "I'm Serena Maple, and this is my fraternal twin sister, May."

"Hello." said May kindly.

"H-hi." said Ash, blushing. He quickly scurried away towards the nurse's office, not wanting May to see him blushing.

"What's wrong with me?! I just met her and I'm already blushing! How is that even possible! It can't be love at first sight, that's irrational! UGH, this is exactly why people think I'm weird!" thought Ash as he entered the Nurse's office.

"Hello, how can I help you?" asked Nurse Joy.

"I fell and landed on my face." lied Ash. "I just want to know if my nose is okay."

"Take a seat, I'll be with you in a minute." said Nurse Joy.

Ash sat down, thinking about his encounter with the Maples, specifically May.

"She sure was pretty though."

After the swarm around him finally dispersed, Red sighed in relief. He opened his backpack and looked at his schedule. It seemed his first class of the day was Mathematics, taught by Professor Rowan. He walked to the classroom, ignoring all the girls sending flirty looks towards him. Sometimes Red loathed his popularity. Mostly the girls. Red had multiple ex-girlfriends, and he never really liked any of them. They'd ask him out, not the other way around. And Red, not wanting to hurt their feelings, would always say yes.

There was not one girlfriend he had that he really wanted to be with, which is why he was the one to always end the relationships. This made him come off as a heart-breaker to some girls, but that didn't stop them from throwing themselves at him anyway. It was annoying.

When Red finally reached Professor Rowan's room, there was a crowd of people outside of it. It seemed Professor Rowan hadn't opened the door of his classroom yet, so Red deduced that the crowd was his classmates for first period. he recognized everybody there, except for two girls. Unknown to Red, these were the same two girls that bumped into Ash earlier. Red thought they were both pretty, but the sight of Serena sent chills down his spine. She was beautiful.

Red walked over to them and waved enthusiastically.

"Hello. I'm Serena Maple. What's your name?" said Serena.

Red pulled out his handy dandy black marker, which he had at all times, and a notebook. He quickly scribbled his name into the notebook and showed Serena.

"Redwood Ketchum. But you can call me Red." read Serena aloud. "Hi Red. Do you have a brother or something? We just met a kid named Ash with the same last name."

Red nodded his head enthusiastically, completely absorbed in Serena's beauty.

"He's my twin brother." wrote Red.

"Cool, we're twins too!' said May.

"Why aren't you speaking, Red?" asked Serena, raising an eyebrow.

Red quickly scribbled another sentence into his notebook.

"When I was born I had a disease that resulted in my vocal cords being removed."

"Wow, so you're mute?" asked May, astonished.

Red nodded his head and smiled. What happened next surprised Red. Neither May nor Serena had a reaction to his smile. Usually girls blushed or had some kind of positive reaction when he smiled. It happened so often he was kinda used to it. But there they were, acting as if nothing ever happened. This just made Red like Serena even more, somehow.

Before Serena or May could ask any more questions, a voice was heard.

"NO WAY! RED'S IN OUR CLASS!" screamed a girl from behind him. Red's eyes immediately widened, knowing what was coming next.

"OMG! He's so hot!" shouted another girl.

"Redwood Ketchum! YOU WILL BE MY HUSBAND ONE DAY!" screamed yet another girl.

And like lightning, Red was swept away from May and Serena by a swarm of girls. Red struggled to free himself from their grasp, but could not. To make matters worse, he saw a certain scumbag by the name of Kenny, who had washed Red's message off his face, make his way towards Serena and May.

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