Hello Everyone,

This is a quick prologue for the new story I am doing for Harry Potter. It will be a AU of the boy starting at the Summer of Second Year and it will continue through and beyond 7th year. The premise is what if Lucius Malfoy had not been stopped by Dobby in casting the killing curse at Harry. No slash, Grey Harry, character deaths and Harry will be a bit of a player

Note: I do not own Harry Potter or any products associated with it, nor will I ever profit from the story of Harry Potter. This is just for fun and enjoyment.

Harry looked down at the Headmaster's desk while biting his bottom lip in concentration. "Headmaster, can I have that book sir? I think I have a good purpose for it."

Dumbledore glanced at the boy for a time then smiled grandfatherly. A twinkling filled the eyes of the old man as he met the gaze of the boy before he spoke up, "Go ahead Harry."

"Thank you Sir!" The boy quickly enacted his plan pulling off his shoe and sock to slide the dirty sock into the cover of the book before rushing after Lord Malfoy and his house elf.

"Mr. Malfoy! Mr. Malfoy! You forgot your book." The boy called out as he shoved the book into the hands of the elder bleach blonde wizard.

The man took one look at the book then glared at the annoying child. Without thinking he passed the book off towards the house elf at his side before speaking up with a hiss, "Why don't you prove it Potter! There is nothing you can do about it."

The man turned and started to walk off after giving one last sneer towards the boy. Harry motioned to the house elf to open the book.

The giant eyes of the small creature lit up in surprise as he opened the book. His gaze was riveted to the treasure in his hands, for being gifted a piece of clothing meant freedom, "Master has freed Dobby! Master has given Dobby clothes! Dobby is free!"

The blonde aristocrat turned around in surprise that shifted to anger as he spotted the elf holding a small destroyed journal open in front while dancing around with a dirty sock. The eyes of the man darkened onto the thin black haired child with a glare, "You cost me my servant!"

The scream of the man was followed up by him pulling out his wand and casting at the child so fast that Harry could not move for fear. The angered Malfoy screamed out, "Avada Kedavra!"

The green light burst from the elder statesman's wand to strike the child in the face. The boy was blown back against and through the door of the headmaster to settle into a heap against the man's desk.

The sneer was wiped from the older man's face as he realized what he had done. The realization came only moments before Dumbledore appeared in the hallway. The kind old man lost his gentleness as he knelt down at the side of the boy-who-lived checking for a pulse with a frown. The eyes of the Headmaster were saddened for a brief second as he felt no pulse from the boy at his feet before he turned and looked towards the noble.

The old man slowly stood up and turned to face Lord Malfoy with his wand drawn. The sight brought the strange though across the mind of Lucius that he had not seen Dumbledore pull out his wand. The man lost his nobility a moment as he stuttered, "This is just a misunderstanding Dumbledore…"

The old man started to walk forward slowly towards the nobleman, "I think not Lucius, you have just murdered a student in these halls. I feel you will have to come with me, and I do not expect your money will get you out of this one. Finishing the task that your Dark Lord had tried to start will see this turn badly for you."

No words were spoken by the headmaster as Lucius tried to raise his wand at the old man, yet it was ripped away from the noble's hand to fly into Dumbledore's own. The bit of wandless, silent magic was followed up by a bright flash of a Stupefy spell that found the noble stunned and fallen to the ground.

Albus looked down at the man with a rarely seen seething rage. The man had the audacity to murder a child in his school. He had killed the last Potter right before his own office, he had murdered a helpless boy in his fury. All of his work and plans were destroyed, if the Dark Lord came back then with Harry gone there would be nobody to fulfill the prophecy! He had truly failed the boy and the world of magical Britain.

It was at that moment that the Headmaster felt a drawn to snap and slice the offending noble to pieces for what the man had done but Dumbledore was stopped by a cry of a phoenix and a flap of the wing.