The Shadow of the Wizarding World

By: Jamnaz79

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"You two ready to go? We will have a small family dinner tonight at Grimmauld place. I am going to make certain you have one safe and happy night for Samhain." Sirius smiled at the two of them as he reached out to offer his hand.

Harry gave a smile to Nymph then glanced at graves one last time before he took the hand of his godfather, "Yes, let's spend time together as they would have wanted."

The trio took hands then apparated away for a safe happy Halloween. The first Harry had since coming to the magical world.

It was the best dream he had ever experienced in his thirteen years of life. In the dream slowly a beautiful woman with a firm backside and full C cup breasts slowly rubbed against his side. She wore a black corset and matching silk panties. Her skin was ivory reflecting the moonlight and long curly pink hair fell down her shoulders to spill like curtains over her back and chest. In the dream he never saw her face but he knew who she was. Slowly she rubbed all over his side and as her hands wandered over to the tent in his boxers. Her fingers were magic as she slid down his body to between his legs. A quick flash of a smile was all that was seen on her face through the curls before she disappeared under the sheets.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and this was one of them. While the dream seemed to just start to get to the good part Harry awoke with a surprise. On the bright side he was awoken by the girl of his dreams as standing over him in a short skirt, too tight Led Zeppelin t-shirt and thigh high socks was Nymph. The downside was she was holding an enchanted cup that had contained an endless supply of ice cold water which had just been tossed onto his nether regions. The scream that Harry let out was most girlish even according to Kreacher.

The only nice part was when Nymph wasn't expecting the younger teen to reach up and grab hold of her pulling her down into the freezing cold, wet bed. The ensuing wrestling match was something that could have sold out if tickets were released at Hogwarts.

Of course it was in the most compromising position that they were found. Harry pinned down by Nymph who was straddling his hips. Both of them had their shirts soaked wet and heaving for breath. The room had a definite chill between the ice cold water and the thrashing of the pair as Nymph's nipples promptly stood out from her shirt.

Narcissa Malfoy cleared her throat drawing the attention of both of the teens to her and Sirius standing at the doorway.

"I told you the Pup had it. He is a lady's killer already." Sirius commented to Narcissa whose lips were compressed into a definite thin smirk.

She raised her chin as she studied the pair, "Indeed, while it is understandable for him to have a few bastards to prove he is viral and in case of trouble, I am not certain if my niece should carry one of them."

"I don't know. Think of it the child would be more pure Black blood in it. Plus wouldn't it be enjoyable to see the look on Andromeda's face." Sirius lips twisted into the largest possible smirk.

At this moment both of the teens looked between the pair of adults then back at each other. The blood vessels in their faces seemed to explode as they turned completely crimson in color before leaping off of each other. Nymphadora showed her famous dexterity falling down to collapse onto the ground instead of her feet after she leapt off of Harry.

Harry on the other hand pulled his covers all the way up, partly to hide the rather impressive bulge for a young man and partly just to hide. He did try to recover by clearing his throat and speaking up, "I didn't hear anyone knock on my chambers door."

"Oh we knocked three times. Just there was so much groaning and noise in here…." Narcissa kept her smirk as one eyebrow raised slowly studying the boy. She turned to look at Sirius, "I will be reviewing the first month's budget for the Foundation downstairs. When they are done with their play perhaps the young Lord can come join me. We can share the news then with him."

She turned and walked away with a sway of the hips that drew the eye of both men to her. Both Sirius and Harry let out a sigh when she was out of sight then caught each other looking and broke out into a pair of identical grins. That was at least until a clearing of a throat turned their attention to Nymph who shook his head once then scampered past with far less grace, "I will be downstairs for breakfast."

Harry saw her shoot one glare at him, as if all of this was somehow his fault! Then she was gone and he was left alone with Sirius. He started to get dressed and ready for the day as his godfather leaned against the door frame. "You know, despite the joking she might be a good choice someday."

"She is my cousin, my family… I couldn't…" Harry babbled out at once before taking up his tooth brush and tooth paste.

"And my parents were cousins as well. I turned out pretty good if I do say so myself." Sirius wiggled his eyebrows with a smile that screamed mischief.

"She would never want me, I am far too young for her. She just loves to tease me is all." Harry rolled his eyes as he started to brush his teeth before grabbing a towel.

"I don't know about that Pup. Age is just a number after all." Sirius smiled as he turned to head downstairs.

Harry yelled back as his godfather walked off, "You just say that because I know you want to hit on some of those seventh years for a fresh catch!"

He didn't need to hear the stumble down the stairs by his godfather to know he hit the mark.

It was three hours later and the Blacks had finished their morning breakfast and retired to the Library office. Narcissa had taken over the small office attached to the Black Library for her own use. She had turned the desk there into her own private workplace for the James Potter Foundation. Everything from designs, plans, policies and even Wizengamot bills they were planning to submit was located there. It was part of that stack that Harry was currently reviewing.

The bill, as he understood it was a rider that would be attached to a Wizengamot bill. It was an amendment that had been proposed to help fund the foundation through Ministry taxes. The tax was something that was already collected just at the moment was given to the Improper Use of Magic Department. Since that Department normally helps to contain the use of magic in muggle areas normally the muggleborn issue would be added to their overview. This bill would shift the responsibilities from the Improper Use of Magic Department to be paid out instead to the James Potter Foundation. The Foundation would already be protecting the muggleborns, now their officers would actually have the power to investigate and legally protect muggleborn children.

The Ministry didn't know that the purpose of for the James Potter Foundation was that they were planning to hire a large number of muggle raised and muggleborn graduates from Hogwarts to use them in the future as a protective force and even when Voldemort comes back a military force. Part of the problem for financing would be cleared up but the major issue of recruitment was still there.

Harry placed down the documents with a frown, "Where did we decide to base the organization?"

Sirius broke into a rather large grin, "I have offered Castle Black. I felt it fitting that we will be putting the operation there. Officially it is off of the coast of England so it could be qualified as not part of Wizarding Britain if we must. It is completely hidden, unmapped under a ritual like a Fidelius charm that I can remove the power of someone to find. If things go pear shaped up here in England then we can easily withdraw in the future to there as a safe location to plan and counter attack. To put it simple, it is the perfect place for our activities. I already have some of the Black House Elves preparing it. We shall move training and operations there by Yule."

"It sounds perfect Padfoot." Harry smiled to his godfather before turning his gaze onto Narcissa, "All so far have accepted the oath and written contract without complaint?"

The elegant woman gave a slight shrug, "Three candidates declined our offer after they realized it required a binding magical contract and magical oath to work for us. But, overall the support has been rather receptive. We have hired ten muggleborns in multiple areas as we outlined. Two are hopeful potioneers, One is a muggleborn healer, Sirius was able to contact two retired Aurors who were both muggleborns for trainers. The others are fresh graduates, mainly from some of the smaller schools about England that needed work. Since they are muggleborns and not from Hogwarts it is extremely hard for them to find work despite impressive grades. If we can keep Sirius from chancing away the women when he interviews them I am certain we will do well."

The Lord Black put on his most innocent look towards his godson and cousin before letting out a sigh as if he was hurt by their words. "I cannot help it if they feel amazed to be in my very presence."

Harry glanced at Nymph as they both smirked at the words. Then he turned his attention back onto Narcissa, "I will speak with some of the professors for recommendations of past and future graduates to consider. Or at least speak with the Professors to find out which students are likely to get an O grade on their NEWTS in Runes, Transfiguration, Charms and Defense against the Dark Arts. Well, Sirius you can ask Professor Lupin."

Sirius' lips lost their smile as he frowned at his godson, "Harry, I know you don't like him right now. But, I am asking you please as a gift to me give him one chance."

Harry met the dark eyes of his godfather with his own emeralds holding fiercely to his gaze. The frown that marred his face only added to the anger in his emerald eyes. "I do not believe I will ever trust him…"

"Not even if he took an oath to prove he is trustworthy?" Sirius raised an eyebrow as he looked at the boy.

A grimace crossed the lips of Harry as he broke the gaze with a sigh, "Fine, I will give him one chance if he takes an oath that I prepare for him. If he does that then I will give him another chance. Now on to other matters, Narcissa have you encountered any push back in the Wizengamot to our plans?"

"Yes, strangely enough the Weasley's seem to have sided with Lord Nott. I always thought they were in Dumbledore's pocket, but now that Arthur has gained a bit of power he seems to become more of a traditional pureblood." The woman spoke with a patented smirk.

This news did surprise Harry, after all the family had been one of the most down to earth prior. He may have had a falling out with them but he never suspected Arthur to turn his back on his ways. Harry leaned back into his chair and let out a sigh. So far the Weasley family had denied his requests to get any memories of Ron from them to create the memorial he wanted to have done. Still, did this change of position for the Weasley family mean that they have moved away from the Chief Warlock too? Or was this a way for Dumbledore to use his first family to spy on the Darker Houses. Harry shook off the thoughts as he felt a headache coming on if he followed that logic, "Keep me up to date on what happens. I am curious to see if this will turn into their true position of it they are merely playing the political game. I just hope I didn't create my own enemy when I helped Mr. Weasley get that position."

"I will let you know what happens Harry, for now we are in a good position between Andromeda and myself to control anything that comes our way." She smiled then looked at the grandfather clock. Quickly she stood up and brushed off her robes, "I need to depart for a meeting shortly. Enjoy the rest of your semester and please don't fight too much with Draco."

Harry rolled his eyes at the idea then let out a sigh, "I promise to be as well behaved as Nymph was at school Aunt Narcissa."

After she left Nymph leaned over and whispered to him, "You do know I was the Hufflepuff version of your father at school."

Harry locked his gaze with hers as his eyes danced with mischief, "I know, we are Blacks so we have standards to keep up to."

"Damn right you do!" Sirius joined in with a smile. He let out a chuckle then stood up too, "Well now that the paperwork is out of the way let's go have some fun for the day. I promised you back by curfew so I think we should enjoy the day."

While the past few months had not been bad for the Black family it was far from nice for one particular rat. This rat had hidden for ten years with the Weasley family, spending time there with them to find safety, food and comfort. Well as much comfort as one could have when a rat. Of course he had not always been a rat with them.

See Peter was a very dark and twisted soul. Peter was had a soul so dark and twisted that he had needs and he would go to any length to appease these needs when they came up. He was rather lucky in a way that Ms. Weasley was an accomplished potions maker. She would often make potions on the side to sell to help raise money for the family. These potions would range from simple boil cures, to complex pain reliever potions, she even made potions that would cause an individual to daydream to pass the boredom. One particular potion she had actually created, which sold rather well in witch weekly under an assumed name, was a potion to allow a lover to see a different person. This potion when taken would let the woman, no matter the shape or size of the man make him appear as if he was the perfect form that she desired. She had put the potion to quite a bit of testing for herself with Arthur. Actually often he would sneak home to visit her during lunch from work and she would take the potion to be ready for him and their "lunch dates."

Now poor Ms. Weasley had agreed with her husband to help spice up their marriage they would always pretend that these lunch dates would be a stranger with her. Furthermore after the first time they had arranged one of these dates they had decided that she would never bring them up except when they happened.

It was a funny thing that during the school year normally Scabbers would disappear and make his way home. Funny indeed that often when the boys got back from Hogwarts the rat had somehow almost always found his way home first. It would have been far less funny to Ms. Weasley if she ever found out that excitement of her marriage was actually never with Arthur but instead with Peter Pettigrew.

But, all of that was past as now Peter had been on the run for weeks on end. First he had tried to run to a few of the former Death Eater residences but that did not go very far. It seemed no matter where he might go, he was turned away. So finally the man had decided that there was only one place he go to for safety. He knew that the shade of Voldemort had returned, he had overheard that conversation already between Ron and Harry. He knew too that Sirius Black had escaped. It had even been printed in a copy of the Daily Prophet that his former friend had placed a bounty on his head and hired bounty hunters to track him down. So there was only one place to run to for safety, that was out of England and to find the shade of Lord Voldemort.

Harry was walking towards dinner after he had been dropped off by Nymph and Sirius. His mind was dwelling partly on the conversation with his godfather about his future family duties. It seemed since Sirius never could have a child it would be expected of him to someday give heirs for both the Black and Potter families. It was a tall task to tell a thirteen year old boy. But, the worst was part was when Sirius started to give him "The Talk." Luckily his talk was very simple, he tossed a dozen issues of play-wizard at Harry and told him to study up and ask him if he had any questions. Of course on his way out he had to mention if Harry asked too many questions he might have Nymph give the boy a quiz.

It was in these thoughts that the boy was lost, which is why he didn't notice Malfoy stepping out of an abandoned classroom to grab his arm and pull him in. When he recovered, which was soon as he was pulled into the room, the Malfoy heir found a wand snapped to under his chin and a blazing eyed Potter Heir staring him down. Draco wisely released him and stepped back, "Potter, I needed to see you right away. The deal is off. I can't do it."

A single eyebrow rise from the Potter Lord at the other young man, "Oh, a Malfoy backing out of a deal? After I gave you enough lessons to completely destroy Gryffindor as you had dreamed; now you will back out of the deal?"

"No, but we can't stay in the same room. She is just too arrogant. I will not put up with it." Draco glared at Harry as he spoke with barely concealed rage.

Harry had to fight back a snort and will himself not to break into laughter. He was almost certain that tonight he would be jumped by Hermione and have this exact conversation about Draco as well. He let out a sigh, "Well, you did make a deal. Do you have another way to keep your end of the bargain for a tutor for Hermione?"

The Malfoy heir turned away and started to pace in his thoughts. He then stopped and turned towards the raven haired boy, "I do know a good candidate. Very well, I will arrange it. It will cost me a favor that she owes me but it will be worth it."

"Good, then in my eyes the situation is resolved. Now, I shall be off to dinner." The Potter Lord turned and left the chamber leaving Draco to his plots and plans. It was nice this year that for once those plots and plans didn't involve him.

The conversation with Hermione did indeed come later that evening. Harry told her to wait and see and strangely enough Malfoy had come through. Instead of meeting with Draco, Hermione started to have meetings with Millicent Bulstrode. The large framed girl was a half-blood but wizard raised for the traditions of Wizarding culture. It seemed even better that she was an outsider caused by her looks and blood status and had little friends. She seemed to fit well with Hermione and the two strikes up a friendship.

Over the next month no major concerns happened to Harry for once. He was able to go to classes, get exceptional grades, beating even Hermione often, and continue his special lessons with professors. The lessons with Flitwick and McGonagall were going smashing. Add to the fact that Hermione and his special project were finished. He had gotten Mr. Greengrass to place a magical patent on both the recording and playing features of the device and the magical grenade he accidently invented. They were already planning ways to remotely activate the devices to record at key actions, people, or phrases. It would eventually be perfect for the James Potter Foundation to protect the children. He was truly considering taking his Owls at the end of the year for most of his classes. There was nothing that stated he couldn't take the tests already and not even retake them if necessary. But, with his ability since summer to pick up anything the teachers taught him the first time, it seemed smart to try to advance as quickly as possible.

He did accept Sirius' request and speak with Remus Lupin. It was an interesting conversation when he came to the werewolf. He purposely chose a day after the full moon, since the werewolf would be at his weakest.

So there he stood before the desk of Remus Lupin. The man seemed to have aged drastically through the year, but in reality he knew it was due to the night before. The bags under the eyes highlighted the wrinkles and exhaustion that the man felt. He was a man that Harry didn't trust, didn't want to be here. Yet, he was because he made a promise to his godfather and he would always hold his word when it came to Sirius Black.

"So Sirius wrote to me and told me that you might be willing to give it a try with extra lessons Harry. I am glad you have come around. I really do wish to make up for our time apart and I am sure that James would want me to help look after you." Remus spoke up with a smile despite his tired state.

Harry didn't respond at first, instead he reached into the pouch at his side and pulled out a scroll to place down before the werewolf. He gave the man a few minutes to look over the scroll before he spoke, "I don't need someone to look after me Professor Lupin. I have family already with the Blacks and I am not a child anymore since I am emancipated. But, I promised my godfather I would give you another chance to be a part of my life since you threw that opportunity away before."

He ignored the dark look given to him from the werewolf and before the protest could be made he raised his hand, perhaps a little pompous but it worked. "These are my requirements if we are to work together and perhaps become friends. I have found too many individuals have had ulterior motives for my life and I do not need to let someone into my life that might have wishes like that. So I will accept tutoring only if you agree to these terms."

"So in order to teach you, Harry, I need to swear not to share anything I learn during our lessons or about any operations of House Black with anyone else except if you release me to do so. Second it seems that whatever we speak about together would be kept private. Finally, you will choose the scope of the extra lessons. I take it that I can make suggestions?" The older man raised an eyebrow after reading off the list. He frowned noticing that it was written as a magical binding contract. He couldn't help but wonder what the Headmaster would say since he wanted updates on exactly what Harry would be learning from him. Not to mention Albus wanted him to get comfortable with the boy and fish for information about the plans he had and how he felt about many different subjects. According to the old man, the boy had change remarkably from last year where before he was withdrawn quiet and yielding to everyone. Now it seemed Harry stood out proudly, knew what he wanted and would stand up for himself.

The choice though was simple for Remus, he truly wanted to be in Harry's life. He wanted to have the chance to learn who his best friend's child really was. The only way to do that was to agree to Harry's terms and take advantage of this opening. He pulled out his wand and raised it into the air, "I, Remus Lupin, swear on my magic to the terms listed on this contract. Furthermore I swear on my life that I will help and protect you Harry James Potter."

The haggard man slid away his wand but not before slicing open his own hand and picking up a quill to sign the magical contract in his own blood. "Will you give me a chance to get to know you Harry? I want to be part of that family you spoke about."

Harry was stunned by the actions of the man. In one move he had removed almost all of the possible restraints he had from the man. He parted his lips to show what the action meant to him, "Thank you Mooney."

The smile that broke out over the worn down man's face was so bright that it seemed the weariness melted away, "Good then let's get started. I was told you were working on a certain charm?"

Harry raised his wand into the air concentrating on Halloween this year with his new family then spoke firmly, "Expecto Patronum!"

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