Land Before Time: Time of Great Giving Retold

A Narrow Escape

The Gang is back!

But now, they have new challenges to face. A gang of three bullies, a drought spreading throughout the Valley, forest fires that threaten to wipe out their home, and now knowing they are theropod's "most wanted", Littlefoot, Aylene, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike will need all their strength and loyalty if they are going to overcome the trials that lie ahead them. Luckily, they are about to get another unlikely ally.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Land Before Time series; I am merely exploring an alternate story.

"Well, I think after we get back I should head back home." Aylene said as she and Littlefoot walked down the path that would take them to the Great Valley.

"Yeah, I think so, too." the longneck nodded.

The human sniffed her arm and then wrinkled her nose in disgust. Oh, she smelled awful!

"Ugh," she groaned, "I seriously need a shower. Not to mention I feel sweaty and gross."

"I still don't understand how you get like that." Littlefoot said. "I mean, the rest of us don't get as wet as you do when we're out in the sun for a long time. How come you do then?"

"It's because I have sweat glands and you guys don't." Aylene shrugged.

"What are sweat glands?"

"It's something only mammals have."

"How come?"

Aylene smiled and shook her head. Littlefoot's curiosity seemed to be an endless void. But then again, that was something they both had in common, which is probably why they had become such close friends.

"Well, mammals are what you called "warm-blooded"." She explained. "In other words, we can generate our own body heat. And when the weather gets too hot, we sweat to help us cool off. That and drinking lots of cold water always helps."

"Ah." Littlefoot nodded. "Would I be considered a mammal, too?"

"No, dinosaurs like you are considered to be reptiles."

"What are reptiles?"

"Reptiles are animals that have hard skin with scales, mammals on the other hand have hair or fur on their skin. Also, reptiles are considered to be cold-blooded. Not in the evil sense, mind you. In this case it means they can't…"

Suddenly, the earth below their feet began to tremble. There was a loud commotion of rocks tumbling down on each other and crashing to the ground just a ways off. Then almost as quickly as it came, the tremor stopped and the sound died away.

Aylene and Littlefoot both stood still for a moment, breathing heavily and looking at each other with an expression of concern on both of their faces.

"Um," the longneck swallowed hard, "was that what I think it was?"

"If it was," Aylene nervously glanced down the path, "then we've got a lot of climbing to do."

At that moment, there was another tremor. Although this one was smaller than the previous shake, it was immediately followed by a series of more tremors that were in even intervals. To make matters worse, they were getting stronger and stronger.

At the same time, both of them heard a noise from behind. To Littlefoot, it was a loud growl. But to Aylene, it was a familiar voice.

"The scent is stronger this way."

"It's a longneck scent, that's for sure." Another voice gruffly said. "The second one has got to be from that mysterious creature who attacked us back there."

"It's got to be that human we've been hearing about." Red Claw's voice answered. "That must mean that two of Sharptooth's defeaters are out of the Valley. How convenient for…for me!"

"Oh, no!" the girl gasped in horror. "It's Red Claw!"

"Aylene?" Littlefoot nervously said when he heard he the snarl. "What's going on? Who's Red Claw?"

"No time to explain, Littlefoot!" Aylene ordered. "We gotta get out of here!"

Aylene immediately leapt onto the longneck and he set out running down the path. The foot stomps from behind kept getting closer and closer, making Littlefoot sprint even harder.

"They're running now!" a raspy voice shouted. "Hurry!"

Littlefoot and Aylene hearts leapt when they saw they were passing the swamp where they had found Chomper as an egg. This meant that they were close to the gap in the Great Wall.

"Keep going, Littlefoot!" Aylene said. "We're almost there! We can make it!"

However, when the rounded the corner, they saw a horrible sight that made them stop dead in their tracks.

The gap had been closed!

"Okay, this is bad!" Aylene bit her lip. "This is really bad!"

"Do you think we can climb over this in time?" the longneck asked, afraid.

"Well, we can sure give it a try!" the girl glanced over her shoulder.

Aylene clutched Littlefoot's back tightly as he began to climb up the rocks. The longneck quickened his pace when the snarls and grunts of the pursuers behind them drew closer and closer. Eventually, the longneck grew into a state of panic. When the carnivorous noises were just around the corner, he yelped and missed his footing.

The next thing the two friends new, Aylene lost her grip on Littlefoot's back as his foot slipped and they soon found themselves screaming and rolling down the rocks. When they reached the ground, Aylene landed on her stomach with a painful "THUNK"!

"OW!" she cried.

She curved in pain as her limbs ached from small bruises and scratches. Regardless of the pain, she managed to find the strength to lift herself up and shake her head.

"AYLENE!" Littlefoot shrieked. "BEHIND YOU!"

The girl looked sharply around and drew in a sharp breath. Just at then end of the path was the T-Rex and Utahraptors she had indirectly encountered when she was following Chomper! The large biter's red eye locked on the longneck and human and sneered.

"There they are!"

Aylene immediately got up and ran toward her friend as the predators advanced on them. She immediately stood in front of her frightened friend and took her bow off of her shoulder. She gulped as she realized that at this range she could only get off one shot.

Still, she had to do something!

She then went numb as she reached for an arrow. Only she found she was just grasping air. She looked down at her quiver and saw that it was empty!

She looked up and saw her arrows were sprawled out on the ground. She must have fallen out of her quiver when she fell!

She would have run out and grabbed one or two of them if the Red Claw and his minions were just a few feet away!

"I won't get any in time!" she fearfully thought.

"They're mine!" Red Claw roared.

To Littlefoot and Aylene's horror, the T-Rex then set out running toward them!

"We're trapped!" the longneck stated, frightened.

Aylene pulse raced as she clutched her friend tightly. The saliva dripping fangs of Red Claw quickly drew closer: ready to end their lives!

There was no way out of this one!

Both of them looked away and screamed! Littlefoot wrapped his neck around Aylene and waited for the impending pain. Aylene shut her eyes, tightened her grip on her friend, and shouted at the top of her lungs:


At that moment, the Time Stone around her neck flickered for a split second before igniting a bright, blinding light.

Red Claw snarled as the white light made him stagger back. Screech and Thud shielded their eyes from the sudden burst and growled.

"What's going on?!" Screech shouted.

Then as quickly as it came, the light vanished. Red Claw turned his head sharply in that direction where his prey had been cowering. However, what he saw made him both angry and confused.

They were gone!

"WHERE'D THEY GO!?" he roared.

The fast-biters looked at each other, utterly perplexed by the situation. Those little runts were standing right there, and their scent was still in the air. But they just disappeared.


Red Claw took several deep breaths before sharply turning to his lackeys, who jolted in alert as he did.

"Screech! Thud!" he snapped. "What happened?!"

"I-I don't know, Red Claw." Thud answered rather tentatively. "They were there just a second ago. They couldn't have vanished into thin air."

Red Claw's face when from raging anger to pensive when the green fast-biter said that.

"Or could they have." he grumbled.

"Master?" Screech asked cautiously.

"One of those creatures was a human, remember?" Red Claw pointed out. "And humans were always said to have a magical stone that allowed them to come here from their world. I bet that girl has one of those stones."

"And you think that light was from that stone." the blue fast-biter said.

"If that's so," Thud thought out loud, "then where DID they go?"