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Summary: Bella was princess of the volturi and is one of the most powerful creatures on earth, she is a ruthless assassin that rarely showed any emotion, what happens when she runs into a beautiful blonde hale? What is she? Will she be able to overcome her fears of abandonment and let Rosalie in? Pairings B/R A/Jane Em/Jasper Es/C a lot of edward bashing.

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I had just gotten back from London, once again chasing a group of rogue newborns, there was a knock on the door and a head popped in revealing Jane- one of my only friends in this horrid place, had informed me that Aro had just called me to the throne room to talk about another problem.

"Ah, Bella my dear do have time to spare?"

"Of course" its not like I have a choice, I added in my head.

"There had been reports off frequent killings in Seattle, and we have our suspicions that someone is creating newborns and isn't controlling them"

"and what does this have to do with me?"

"Well you see my dear, that's where you and Jane come in, I want you guys to stay in a low key place near Seattle and keep track of any suspicious behavior that is going around there, but you two will also have to keep a low profile so I have enrolled both of you into forks highschool, and you will have to attend to keep the profile of a human"

God I have a bad feeling about this

"and where do you suggest we stay master?"

"Why Forks of course"

Damnit I knew he was going to do that to me, even though he knew about most of my past he still wanted to send me there.

"When would you like us to go there"

"Why in two days of course"

"Right, well I should go pack then"

And with that, I left, still having a blank look on my face, but in the inside I was fuming. How dare he do that to me? After what happened in my past life in that horrid place? I went into my room and slammed the door so hard it had fallen off of it's hinges and flew against the stone hallway wall, the wood flying into splinters.

I sat down and pulled my black skin tight leather pants that hung low off of my hips, slipping on knee high leather boots and began lacing them up. Seconds later I had slipped on a small tight black tank top that rode up my toned stomach showing off my black lace bra. Shrugging, I pulled my leather jacket over my shoulders and walked to the corner of my room to pick which daggers and guns to bring.

You see, my daggers are different, they are each made with special chemicals fused into the blade, so that as much as a touch to a vampire or a werewolves' skin they would immediately disintegrate or just blow up in flames, depending on the creature. And it was the same for the bullets in my guns, adding that to the fact that my over sized double pistols would never run out of ammo and only me or people close to me could fire the gun it was a win win situation. And the best part is that for some reason, I am immune to them, much like I am immune to everything I have tested on myself, but Aro did say I was the last of my kind so I guess that helped with the reasoning.

I strapped two small daggers into the hidden pockets at the ankle part of my boots, two large ones to the straps on my thighs, the two over-sized pistols onto the holsters on my leather gucci belt, and just in case, I slipped two more small daggers into the inside sleeve pockets of my jacket.

And with that, I set off to forks, the place that had ended what little I had of humanity.


Ugh, me and my family had just moved to this rainy, cloudy, small, boring ass town I had never heard of in my existence, which is pretty long.

"ROSSEEE, WE'RE GONNA BE LATTEEEE FOR SCHOOOOLL!" I heard a pixie-voice scream from the first floor.

"DAMNIT ALICE YOU DON'T NEED TO YELL, WE'RE VAMPIRES FOR GOD'S SAKE!" I screamed back at her from my room. This would be my 12th time going to high school and I didn't really give a single fuck anymore. I was miserable, being the only one in this family that was unmated besides Alice, and I didn't really think I would find them anytime soon.

"Come on Rose, we're gonna be late" Alice said when I reached the bottom of the stairs, wearing a devious smirk on her face, like she knew a huge secret that I didn't. I glared at her, knowing that she knew that I knew she was keeping something from me. She then gave me a once over.

"Good, you look prepared for what's gonna happen today". she said, that annoying smirk still plastered on her face.

"Alice you better tell me what's going on!"

"Nah rose, you have to experience this one yourself" and with that she twirled on her toes and skipped out to my cherry red ferrari and slipped into the passenger side with a small giggle.

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