I'm excited for this story. I got the idea and just couldn't put it away. So I give you...The Switch

Blonde hair fell to the ground as snipping scissors works just above her shoulders like the hair cut a boy would have.

"Done." Said the boy cutting her hair. Elsa looked up at the mirror. She saw two of herself; No, she saw two of her brother, for their hair was cut just as short and being twins. You couldn't tell the difference. She sighed and turned to her brother.

"Elex. Are you sure you even want to do this?" She asked again.

Her twin brother frowned and stared at her for a moment. He was going to have to get used to seeing two of himself. "I'm sure Els, besides, we already cut your hair! It'll only be a month anyways." He reassured her. He played with her hair until it looked how he would wear it.

"You look like a boy." Elex said flatly with a smirk.

"And you will look like a girl." Elsa shot back. She got up and looked into the mirror again. What had she gotten herself into?

Two Days Ago...

Elsa sat down with her brother to watch TV together. They were twins, look alike twins. They were also close and they rarely had fights; however, when they did they did stupid things. Like what Elex was about to bet stupid.

"Why are you always reading?" Elex asked.

Elsa looked up at him. "Because I can." She replied. Elex rolled his eyes and flipped through channels.

Elsa glanced to him from time to time because his cell phone would beep. After the 4th beep Elsa closed her book.

"Are you going to get that?" She asked with a bit on annoyance. Elex looked at his phone and then turned to the TV again.

"It's just Anna." He told her. Elsa put the book down and rubbed her temples.

"Elex, that girl loves you half to death and you treat her like crap. Pick up the phone and text her back." She said calmly. Elex stared at her.

"So what? She doesn't care if I answer or not. She knows I will sooner or later." He replied flatly.

Elsa gritted her teeth. "Answering a girl's text messages means a lot to her." She began.

Elex glared at her. "Relax, she's my girlfriend, she not going anywhere." He spit.

Elsa snapped. "How could you be so ungrateful of her!?" She almost yelled.

Elex turned his body to face her. "What would you know about loving a girl?!" He shouted back.

Elsa stood up and pointed to herself. "I AM a girl!" She shouted.

Elex stood up then and got in her face. "You think you know it all huh? How about this, we trade places for a full 30 days. And who ever backs down first, loses." He dared her. He expected Elsa to care too much about her grades and her boyfriend to do such a thing. But instead she answered him quickly.

"You're on!" She shouted while poking him in the chest. Elex took deep breaths and started to wonder if he just doomed himself to looking like a girl and wearing a braid for a month.

They had started training each other the next day. Making Elex act composed wasn't much of a problem, it was how he ate and spoke. His voice was slightly lower than Elsa's, so they worked on that. They also had to fill each other on everything they knew about their friends. Which came easily to both parties. Then, they had to work on Elsa, at first it was hard for her to loosen up, but after Elex was done with her, she could care less about rules. Finally was the hair. Which they both feared. Elex's hair couldn't grow enough in two days. So Elsa went shopping to buy him a clip on braid. She easily attached it to him and then they put on each other's clothing. They could not believe the result.

They had completely switched.

Present Day...

Elsa drove Elex's car to school while the two quizzed each other. They focused on their girlfriend/boyfriend.

"What's Anna's favorite food?" Elex asked.

"Chocolate." Elsa replied easily. "What's Hans's favorite thing to do?" Elsa asked her twin. Elex groaned and played with the hem of one of Elsa's pink shirt.

"Walking in the park. I don't see why you're dating him." He complained. Elsa glared at him.

"Whatever, next question."

"What's Anna's favorite thing for me to wear?"

"Black and white plaid shirt with blue mixed jeans and black chucks." Elsa said it as if they talked about it all the time. "What doesn't Hans like when we kiss." She asked knowing the question would get to her brother. Elex whipped his head towards her, The clip on braid flying as well.

"Don't you even dare think I would kiss a guy! Much less Hans!" He told her. Elsa smirked.

"You have to, I have to kiss Anna you have to kiss Hans. Unless you want to back out of it now." She said parking the car. Elex glared at her.

"He doesn't like it when you don't wear chapstick during kisses." He mumbled. Elsa smiled and unlocked the door.

"You ready Elsa?" She felt like she was asking herself. Elex smiled back at her.

"I'm ready Brother."

They got out of the car and put on their acting faces. The twins loved to act, and were amazingly good at it. Elsa had told Elex to pretend it was a play, to pretend they were training for different rolls and the best way to do that was to change yourself completely. It truly did help him though, no matter how much he refused to admit it.

They strode into the building like they always did and hoped no one would notice. They walked up to their friends and stood closely together like every other day. They talked and laughed and no one seemed to noticed the little slip ups they both did. Like when Elsa almost answered one of her friends questions, or when Elex would talk like the boy he was. Suddenly Elsa felt to arms fly around her.

"Elex!" Anna exclaimed hugging the girl to death. Elsa hugged her back and smiled.

"What's up babe?" She said. It felt weird. She glanced at Elex and he didn't seem to care if Anna had her hands all over Elsa. Elsa turned back to her "Girlfriend".

"You never answered my texts." Anna said with a frown. Elsa glanced at Elex and he shrugged.

"My phone died. I'm sorry Anna." Elsa told her. Anna's eyes saddened.

"It's ok" She lied. Anna held Elsa's hand and Elsa ripped it away on reflex. She mentally slapped herself when she saw Anna's pained expression.

"I'm sorry, you just got caught off guard." She tried to play it off and it seemed to work. Anna took Elsa's hand and squeezed it. Elsa saw Hans walking over and she couldn't wait to see how Elex would handle this.

"Hey sweetheart." Hans said kissing Elex. Elex grimaced for a second before forcing a smile.

"Hey." He said almost coldly. Hans stared at him but shrugged it off. He put his arm around Elex's shoulder. It took EVERYTHING Elex had, not to elbow the guy and break up with him for the sake of the bet. He glanced over at a smirking Elsa and glared at her before wiping the look off his face. He had to stay in character. The twins went unnoticed until the first period bell rang. Elex grabbed his sister's arm and yanked her into a corner.

"I can't do this! Hans keeps trying to kiss me!" He screeched. Elsa rolled her eyes.

"Elex, we still have the rest of the day. And are you saying I won?" She told him. Elex's eyes widened. He had forgotten about the stupid bet.

"No! I'm still in." he told her before going to his class. Regretting his bet with each passing step.

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