You are such a lair.

Shut up! She did the right thing!

How the hell do you know!? You don't know anything about love!

Says the useless organ who can only pump blood!

Anna shook her head. Two voices had raged in her head through out the day. It was like she didn't have her own personal mind anymore! Those voices weren't helping either. Anna sighed as the last bell rang and she could finally leave. She picked up her things and disappeared out the doors.

She didn't wait for anyone in front of the school. She instead went straight home.

She tossed her bag on the ground and fell onto the couch.

Elsa... God she couldn't get that name out of her head. She had thought about the stunning blonde all day. They would share glances along the halls by nothing more. And Elex, he tried talking to her but he got nothing in return not even a look. Rapunzel couldn't reach her either. Unless anyone said "Elsa" the redhead wouldn't even glance their way.

Anna turned on the TV and didn't bother to find a show she actually liked. She just watched whatever was on at the time. Half an hour passed before someone came in uninvited. Anna got up and looked for something to defend herself with but stopped when she saw just who the person was.

It was Elsa. She was wearing a light blue blouse, with tight white jeans. Her hair straight and down. She looked amazing no doubt about it. But what Anna loved most is that she looked like Elsa. Not a boy, but Elsa. Female, stunning, beautiful, Elsa.

Anna relaxed and took her time staring at the girl in front of her.

"Take a picture. I won't keep my hair like this forever." Elsa teased. Anna blushed and sat down again, making sure to leave space for her guest.

They didn't talk for over ten minutes. Anna had made it seem like she didn't want the blonde there at all. Even though she desperately did.

"Was it true?" Elsa asked, not daring to remove her eyes from the flashing screen. Anna looked at her through the corner of her eye. "That you only forgive me? Is that all?" She asked. Anna swallowed and tucked her legs underneath herself. She didn't quite know the answer to that yet. She tore her eyes away from Elsa and stuck them to the screen.

A few seconds passed before Anna felt a hand wrap around her ankle. She didn't have time to react as her leg was pulled out from under her. Her body going with the tug of the leg.

Anna was now on her back, both legs spread apart on either side of Elsa; who was now looming over her. Elsa's eyes were narrow, nothing but serious. She leaned down lower, and lower until Anna felt the blonde's fresh breath on her nose. "Answer me. Just yes or no." Elsa paused and stared deep into Anna's blue eyes. "Do you love me?"

How the hell was she supposed to answer that!? Didn't Elsa get it? She didn't know!

"Why?" She pushed out, though it sounded normal and firm just like Elsa's current speech.

"Why what?" Elsa asked. Her tone calm; she didn't want to push the girl too fast, she wanted to give her space. Time.

"Why do you care so much? you keep coming back?" Anna asked. Her voice started firm, along with her eyes. But her eyes softened at the second question, her voice lowering almost to a whisper. Anna bit her bottom lip and could feel her eyes slightly moving from side to side. Trying to look into both of Elsa's eyes at the same time. Trying to find the answer faster than Elsa could say it.

Elsa took a while and sighed. "...I ran away most of my life only to find out I kept going right back." She paused and caressed Anna's cheek. "I don't want to waste time running from this. I want to use every spare second I have with you." Elsa leaned down and pressed their foreheads together. "Because I for one. Know for a fact, that I love you. And I just want to know...that you me too..." Elsa whispered.

Anna tried to listen. Tried to decide what to do next. What did all those movies teach her?

Listen to your heart.

Wasn't that Disney's main thing for Princesses!? Follow your dreams and listen to your heart? What has she been doing all this time? Her heart has been talking to her, and what did Anna do? Let her brain confuse her! Something she wasn't supposed to do. But where was her heart now? Why weren't either of them talking NOW.

When she needed her heart's voice right now.


Her heart had said it a billion times. Had said it nicely and honestly. Had fought her about it ALL during the school day. She tried her best to repeat the words she couldn't forget.

"Defend her like she defended you..."

"You love her..." And her heart was right. She did love Elsa. Anna knew that, now Elsa needed to know.

Not needing to think any longer; Anna closed the distance between them. Their lips pressed together in a passionate dance. Goodness Anna loved the feeling, she never wanted it to end.

But it did at one point. Both girl's smiling at each other.

"What was that?" Elsa asked.

Anna rolled her eyes and pecked the girl above her on the lips. "It was a yes!"

Elsa and Anna cuddled on the couch together. Just simply enjoyed one another. Because for that moment in time, everything was clear. No one needed to tell them up from down or left from right. They felt like they had it all figured out. It was just...


Anna was humming to a cereal commercial when Elsa's phone started to buzz. She sat up and slipped it out of her back pocket.


"GODDAMNIT ELSA! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?" Elex yelled over the phone.

Elsa had quickly yanked the phone away from her ear by the time Elex started. "Relax! I'm at Anna's!" She argued. Elsa heard a sigh come from the other end of the phone.

"Next time...just tell me alright? I freaked out on Rapunzel earlier! Don't take showers and get all pretty with out explanation!"

"What are you my mother?" Elsa teased. She heard her brother laugh.

"No...But you can be sure as hell I'll defend you like one!" He told her. Elsa rolled her eyes and mouthed Elex to a confused Anna. Which in return nodded and went back to watching TV. "'d it go with Anna?" He asked.

Elsa turned to the girl next to her. She reached down and held the girl's hand. They intertwined their fingers together. "Let's just win the bet." Anna kicked a giggling Elsa as Elex laughed over the phone.

"So I take it you are no longer single?"

Elsa played with Anna's hand gently. Anna sat up and leaned onto Elsa. Her head resting on the taller girl's shoulder. "Yeah... Um, hey I'll see you later at home alright?" Elsa said quickly.

Elex got the message. "Yeah Sis, see you then." He hung up.

Anna leaned up to Elsa and kissed her again. "I love you."

Elsa laughed. "See? Was that so hard?" She teased.

Anna punched her in the stomach lightly. "Shut up and say it back." She pouted.

Elsa kissed the girl again. "I'll say it thousand times if you want."

Anna smiled into the kiss. "You'll have time for that later, right now, I just need it once."

Elsa broke off the kiss to look into teal eyes. She reached up and caressed Anna's cheek; her thumb running over the freckles lightly. "I love you."

Anna blushed madly and buried her face in Elsa's neck. "Stop being so deep and shit!" She laughed.

Elsa rolled her eyes and hugged her. "You love it."


"I would prefer Nerd."

Anna laughed more into the pale neck. "Shut up."

"I really couldn't shut up I mean, up didn't do anything and you can't really shut a direction."

Anna hit Elsa's chest lightly. She then pulled away to face Elsa again. "Very true, but." She leaned in closer, just a few centimeters away from her lover's lips. "I have my own ways of shutting you up." And with that, warm lips captured cool ones.

One month later...

Elsa and Anna laughed as Eugene and Elex fought about the dress bet Rapunzel had to bring up again. Anna had made Elsa promise not to be in any more bets. Which of course, Elsa confirmed would not happen again.

In fact everything seemed to be back to normal. Except Hans would still glare at Anna and Elex in the halls. Elsa would always shoot daggers back at him. It severed him right.

The bet's rumors died down after a week. Elsa's hair was in it's usual glory of a braid and length. And Elex vowed to Belle that he would not, any time soon, trick her like that. Oh did you know Elex and Belle are a thing now? Took him two weeks to make it up to her up they did well.

As for the star pair? Elsa and Anna. They couldn't be happier. Anna and Elsa did make one last bet of their own though...

Week after the bet was off...

"So, no more bets right?" Anna asked.

Elsa laughed. "Promise."

Anna bit her bottom lip. "Could you make one more though?" She asked. "It's more of a promise than a bet..."

"...Isn't that the point of me promising not to do anymore bets?"

"It won't count cause it's with me!"

"Still kinda counts."

"Shut up and listen!"

"I bet you we can't go longer than a year."

"Don't say stupid things like that!" Elsa exclaimed.

"I'm Kidding!" Anna said throwing her hands up in defense.

"Betterbe..." Elsa mumbled. "You know what. I Bet we can go on forever. And Ever. AND EVER!" Elsa said tackling the younger girl in a hug.

Anna laughed. "I'll take you on that bet."

"Loser has too... Get back together with the winner."

"I like it."

And that bet has been going on for over a year... Not that they really remember it. They didn't need to, because like Anna had said. It wasn't much of a was a promise.


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