Letty leaned against the living room wall of her apartment watching her son run his cars up and down the coffee table making "vroom" noises as he went. Her heart thumped harder at the sight of him. Santiago Miguel Ortiz her pride and joy. At just 5 years old he was smarter then most children his age.

"Santiago baby lets go time for daycare" She murmured running her fingers through his dark hair.

"Alright momma" He replied pulling his Spiderman backpack over his shoulders and gripping onto his moms hand. It was their first day in this new town, Letty had gotten a job at an automotive shop and Santiago was starting at a new school and daycare. The drive across town was quiet as both worried about how the day would go. Letty pulled the jeep into the parking lot shutting the engine off and turning to her son.


The small boys eyes watered as he glanced towards the new daycare, he wanted to go home and be with his daddy and his friends but momma said they had to go. Letty leaned across the car pressing her lips to Santiago's forehead before pulling him into her lap.

"It'll be okay baby we'll make a life here"

The young boy nodded gripping onto his moms hand as they walked into the daycare. Several children sat down playing together with blocks, crayons, some even play dolls. A younger woman greeted them at the door.

"You must be Santiago and you must be Letty" She smiled down at Santiago. He glanced up at the lady, she didn't seem so scary. He nodded shyly before slipping behind his mothers leg.

"He's pretty shy" Letty explained moving slightly trying to get Santiago out from behind her.

" Vamos, nena, sé valiente (Come on baby, be a brave boy)"

The young girl knelt down in front of Santiago, smiling at his shy expression.

"My name's Elena, that's a pretty cool backpack you got there. You know we got a whole box full of Superhero's, Spiderman's my favourite though" She whispered the last part. Santiago glanced up at Elena before coming from behind his mother.

"I like Spiderman cause he can shoot webs from his fingers"

"That is pretty cool huh? Why don't we let mommy go to work and we'll go play superhero's?"

Santiago glanced up at Letty torn between the box of superheroes and leaving his mom's side.

"Go on baby I'll see you later" Letty whispered kissing his cheeks. After getting Santiago comfortable Letty headed for her first day of work. She walked through the front door of the place, it smelt like burnt oil and rubber she grinned happily and walked into the office doors.

"Hi I'm Letty I'm supposed to start today?" She murmured to the large figure behind the desk.

"Ah yes I'm Anthony Toretto but call me Tony, welcome to D+T's Letty I'm sure you'll fit right in" The older man grinned walked around the desk to shake her hand.

"So is there a certain time you need to be off by?" He rumbled rummaging through the desk drawers.

"Uh yes actually I need to be off by 6 to pick up my son Santiago from daycare"

"Einstein's playground?"

Letty glanced up shocked that the man knew of the daycare, Tony smiled when he realised he hadn't explained.

"My niece Elena works there"

"Oh yeah I met her this morning, only reason I managed to leave with out Santiago bawling" Letty laughed. Tony lead Letty out into the shop where the were 5 cars in different bays being worked on.

"You can get started on this Civic, owner says it wont turn over" Tony shook his head.

"Alright thanks Tony" Letty leaned over the hood of the car and began to pull apart the serpentine belt to get at the alternator when she heard a squeal from behind her.

"You must be Letty!"

Letty spun around and came face to face with a tall dark haired ball of energy. The young girl was practically vibrating in place as she grinned at Letty.

"That's me" She grinned lazily wiping her hands on the rag.

"I'm Mia Tony's daughter!" She reached her hand out to shake Letty's "I'm so happy there's finally a girl here this place is such a man cave" She sighed leaning against the car beside her.

"We should do something for lunch! It's in a half hour! There's this amazing little pizza place down town you have to try it!" Letty smirked as Mia rambled on waiting for her to finish.

"So will you!?"

"Yeah sure"

"Alright meet me outside in a half hour!" Mia squealed again before rushing off into the office. Shaking her head Letty began to work on the car again glancing at the clock every so often to check the time. After a half an hour Letty got washed up and headed out to the lot to find a very excited Mia leaned against a Toyota Camry. The two girls piled into Mia's car and arrived at the pizza place sitting down at a small table in the back.

"So tell me about you" Mia said leaning against the table eyeing Letty curiously. Letty shifted in her seat trying to think of what to say.

"Uh okay I'm 25 originally from Brooklyn moved here this week with my son and yeah that's about it"

"You have a son?" Mia grinned effectively relaxing Letty's tension. Letty removed her phone from her pocket and opened a picture of Santiago at the beach, dark hair full of sand and a popsicle grin plastered to his little face.

"Oh my god Letty he's gorgeous! Where does your boyfriend work?"

Letty's face fell and Mia instantly regretted the words she had just spoken.

"We had to leave him behind, it just wasn't safe anymore." Letty whispered glancing towards the picture of Santiago. It had been 3 hours and she was already dying to go see him. Feeling the need to change the subject quickly Mia grinned happily pointing towards one of the waiters.

"That's my boyfriend Vince, he pissed dad off and got fired so he's stuck working here" She giggled winking at the big bear of a man who scowled at her. Letty had to laugh as Vince stalked his way over to the table.

"Why must you bring people here to laugh at me?" He whined nodding towards Letty who smirked up at him.

"Vince this is Letty, she works at the garage now isn't that great!"

Vince's eyebrows raised as he ran his eyes up and down Letty before quickly shaking his head clear.

"A little mama like you working on cars? Don't you have a big man like me to do that for ya?"

"I don't see any big men around here" Letty muttered glancing around the restaurant as Mia snickered.

"Should bring her home Mia, Dom would have a friggen hay day" Vince bit out turning around to stalk back towards the kitchen.

"Who's Dom?"

Mia rolled her eyes sighing heavily, "My dumb ass big brother aka the man whore" Letty chuckled before standing up to stretch. They girls paid there bill and headed back to the shop were they finished out the rest of the day. 6 o'clock rolled around quickly and Letty threw off her coveralls and headed towards the door when Tony stepped in her way grinning mischievously.

"Come over to our house for dinner I promise you we all arent as vrazy as Mia" He grinned shocing a piece of paper into her hands. Letty opened her mouth to protest when Tony pressed his index finger to her lips.

"Nuh uh, got to get to know your colleges my dear! See you soon!"

With that they parted ways as Tony sped towards home and Letty raced to the daycare to get her son wondering just what she had gotten herself into.