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"Santiago can you draw me a picture of what you see when you go to sleep?" The therapist asked Santiago gently. He stared at her for a few seconds she seemed nice but he thought daddy was nice to and look how that turned out. Truth be told he was ashamed of his dreams he couldn't tell Mami she'd be angry with him and he couldn't tell Dom because he didn't want him to leave.

"It's okay Santiago this can stay just between us we don't have to tell anyone" She promised pushing the crayons towards him. All this because of what he did to Mami in her sleep. He had learned his lesson when he saw other Mami's and there babies every time they would get sad and cry they let them suck on them until they felt better. He just wanted to not be sad anymore.

"Okay" He mumbled pulling the crayons over and lifting the tab, the therapist wandered off leaving him to put his nightmares onto paper.

Outside the office Letty an Dom sat in the hallway patiently waiting for the meeting to be over.

"My poor baby" Letty whispered the past few nights had been hell. Santi would cry and scream in his sleep and was almost impossible to sooth.

"He'll be okay Let" Dom murmured rubbing circles against her palms.

"Dominic Leticia can you come in?" The therapist murmured opening the door to her office. Just inside Letty could see Santi playing with blocks inside of another room.

"Don't worry he can't hear us"

Letty and Dom both nodded still quietly waiting for the answers they needed.

"So I asked Santiago to draw me what he sees in his sleep and I've got to say for as young as he is he's actually handling this a lot better then most children would." She pushed the paper over to Letty. A large black stick figure towered over a smaller on drawn laying down on the ground there was red smears of crayon all around and an even smaller figure stood behind it. "I asked him what this means to tell me about his picture he told me this large black figure is his father and that is you and that's him. He said daddy hurt Mami and I didn't save her."

Letty gripped onto Dom's hand even tighter as tears threatened to spill. Santi felt guilty for what happened to her, he didn't even care about what happened to him.

"So what's with the sudden...behaviours" Dom asked Santi had become almost baby like within the past few days. Wanting to be held and fed and constantly wanting Letty's attention.

"He's trying to deal with a lot of things a small child can't really handle so he's regressing. That's probably why he attempted to nurse the other night and why he's suddenly so attached to you."

"What can we do?"

"I think our weekly sessions and just being there for him will help him through this. Santiago is such a strong little boy."

Dom and Letty thanked the therapist and went and picked up Santiago from the next room. They drove home in silence both lost in thought about how to handle the situation.

"Mami" Santiago whined arms stretched up towards Letty.

"What baby" Letty murmured sitting them both down on the couch as Santiago pressed himself against her settling his head against her chest.

Dom sat beside them gently running his hands up and down the boys back watching as his eyelids fluttered closed.

"I'm gonna go put him down" Letty murmured standing from the couch and heading towards the stairs.

"Long day son?" Tony mused dropping himself onto the couch beside him.

"Pop I can't even begin to know how to help him"

"Be there for him let him know that you love him no matter what. He's a little boy his biggest fear right now is something happening to either you or Letty."

"No just Letty I'm not his father" Dom argued.

Tony put down his whiskey glass stopping to meet Dom's gaze.

"You know what he told me the other day? For his birthday he wanted me to buy a wedding cake so that you two could get married and you'd be his new daddy. He loves you Dominic."

"I love him to"

"Go grab the door" Tony muttered as three loud knocks sounded through the entire house. Dom opened the door to come face to face with two police officers.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes sir I'm Officer Marks and this is Officer Tone we need to speak with Leticia Ortiz in regards to her spouse Derrick Ortiz"

Oooohhh shit ;)