Chapter one

Even with the party still going on around them and Charlie was dancing with Harry, he could see Harry staring over at his mother, so he let him go and stepped back.

'Go talk to her, I can tell you want to babe.'

'I'm nervous.'

'Of course you are, she's your mother but you don't know each other. Now you can finally talk to her, get to know her, see her as she really is. Now go Harry.'

Harry looked up at Charlie, nodded, kissed him then walked over to where his mother was sitting with Molly and Arthur Weasley.

'Hi,' Harry gave a small nervous smile as he stared down at his mother.

'Sit down Harry, we'll give you and your mother some privacy,' Molly hugged Harry then walked away with her husband.

'Sorry you saw that, the way I acted, also for swearing. I don't normally swear it's just him, he gets to me every time.'

'You never have to apologise, Molly and Arthur have been explaining how he treated you at Hogwarts. He lied to all of us Harry.'

'I know,' Harry tentatively reached out and took his mother's hand, 'I'm not an angry or violent person, I hardly ever get angry. I used to, with Voldemort, but since he died I haven't. A lot of that is down to Charlie, he loves me. Um, about that, you know, me and Charlie?'

'I can see how much you care for each other Harry, that's all that matters to me. You're father and I had a few gay friends, Albus being one of them of course.'

'Yeah, Dumbledore told me he was gay. I think he did that because he knew I was and it was a hint. Sometimes he never told me things until a lot later or when he thought the time was right. But are you really going to divorce him?'

'Yes, I would not have married him if I knew the truth. I can't lie Harry, I did come to care for him very much, maybe I did love him, I don't know. But it was nothing like the loved I had for your father. When he was serious, which wasn't often enough, you remind me of him. But you're fun side, the playful side I've seen over the last hour, that's all your father. Are you sure you want me to stay, I'm sure you and Charlie want to be alone?'

'We'll still have our privacy, but if we're going to get to know each other, what better place than in your home, our home, so I'm positive I want you to stay. But I have to do this,' Harry pulled his wand and pointed it at his mother's dress changing the colour from black to blue, 'That'll do until you get some nicer clothes, oh I just remembered, all yours and dad's clothes are still here, I couldn't throw them out, so I put them into the spare room.'

'Do you think I could go up and have a look?'

'Come on…mum,' Harry smiled kept a tight hold of her hand and they walked inside but didn't know everyone was watching them.

'You can see it on his face, can't you Charlie?' Hermione said as her eyes stayed on the house.

'That contented look, yeah, you can see it. But I wonder what they're doing in there?'

'Maybe Harry is reminding his mum about those old video's,' Ron said.

'No, look, the light in the spare room went on, you can see them,' Hermione smiled as she stared at the two shadows in the room upstairs.

'Harry put all his parent's clothes in there, he couldn't throw them out. He even wears some of his father's clothes, sometimes, not all the time.' Charlie said.

'Maybe that's what they're doing, Harry's showing his mother her old clothes. But I'll still get her some new clothes, her old stuff is nineteen years old, older actually depending on when she bought them.'

Harry was standing outside the closed door of the spare room, when it opened he turned and smiled.

'You look beautiful.'

'Thank you, this dress is one your father bought me, it still fits.'

'Come on, let's go down and show everyone how beautiful my mother is,' Harry held his hand out and Lily placed hers into her son's and they walked downstairs and outside.

'Blimey Harry, you're mum is hot, sorry Mrs. Potter,' Lee Jordan said sheepishly.

'Even for a gay bloke, I think you're right Lee, but hands off my mother, you're a bit young mate.'

Everyone laughed, 'Oh Harry is getting protective already, pay up,' George held out his hand making half the crowd groan and the other half laugh, 'I knew it would happen by tonight.'

'George practically grew up as Harry's brother, don't make bets with him,' Ron shook his head as his friends passed money over to George. 'You know Mrs. Potter, Harry's been my best mate since we were eleven, but it was just Harry, now it's Harry and his mother. I think this is going to take some time to get used to. But Charlie, you're going to have a mother-in-law, just like Harry is now,' Ron smirked.

'From what I remember about Lily Potter Charlie, she had the same type of temper as Molly, maybe she still has or just needs to be reminded,' Aberforth said.

'Oh great, two red headed woman busting our ears, that's all I need,' Charlie grimaced then smirked, 'I'll have anything busted as long as I have Harry. So Mrs. Potter, I hope we get to know each other because you will see a lot of me.'

'I already know the most important thing Charlie, you love my son and what you said earlier, that told me all I needed,' Lily let Harry's hand go and hugged him, 'Oh my, you have a very muscly body, is that why Harry loves you.'

Harry and Charlie laughed, 'I love Charlie's muscly naked body pressed against mine, but I love his heart more than anything.'

'Since he's told me things that I know now are not true, I'm going to need to hear all about my son. It seems there is a lot of people here that can tell me.'

'Oh we've got some great stories to tell you Mrs. Potter, Harry is about to be highly embarrassed,' Seamus smirked.

'Oh great, that's all I need, for my mother to hear all the terrible things I've done.'

'I can tell Harry one thing that will embarrass him, I'm sure all mothers have these types of stories.'

'Oh come on,' Harry groaned loudly as he turned and buried his face in Charlie's chest, 'Save me babe.'

'Oh the saviour needs a hero of his own. Sorry love, I want to hear what you're mother has to say.'

'All of you have only just finished Hogwarts by the look of you. Minerva was your teacher and I found out she is now headmistress. As you all know we were all members of the order of the phoenix. Sometimes we would have our meetings here, I would finish feeding Harry and be getting him ready to change and put him to bed. Well,' Lily smiled at Harry, 'Minerva would ask to help, so I would let her. She was very good at changing Harry's nappies.'

Harry blushed brightly as his friends all laughed and he knew he wasn't going to hear the end of this, especially from George Weasley, he would have to do something so that this information was always brought up and Harry bet it would happen when he least expected it.