Chapter ten

While everyone ate, there was a lot of talk and a lot of laughter. Apart from Harry's birthday this was the first time this group have been able to just let their hair down and enjoy their time without worrying about danger. Harry talked a lot with Liam, asking about being an auror, that made Hermione giggled because Harry used to do the same with Tonks, Kingsley and Mad-eye, she watched Ron who also stood near Harry and Liam, listening to what he's life might be like when he became an auror.

The room fell silent as Kingsley and Marcus stepped inside, Harry raced over to his mother, pulling her into his arms ready to hear what happened to Severus Snape.

'It's all good, Snape was sentenced to twenty five years. Most of that sentence came down to the fact that as a teacher he beat a student, an underage student that was in his care,' Kingsley said.

Harry felt his mother sag in his arms as she burst into tears, 'Good, I hope he rots in that place.'

'Even though that is not a nice thing for a future auror to say, I think we all understand why Harry. So Lily, it's all good, he was taken straight to Azkaban from the courtroom. You'll be safe from now on,' Kingsley smiled.

'That is good news Kingsley, and now Lily can go out. When she first arrived here we could see how nervous she was, that was before Harry scared her to death playing quidditch,' Arthur said.

'I've seen Harry play so I understand how Lily feels right now. Did he catch the snitch right on the ground?'

'Yes,' Charlie, Hermione, Ron and everyone yelled loudly making Harry laugh even Lily gave a small giggle as she sniffed and hiccupped.

'He saved my arse from being ploughed just as he's hand curled around the snitch.'

'I wasn't going to let you get hurt babe, that would mean no sex.'

Everyone laughed as they stared at Harry because he looked serious, then Charlie picked Harry up again and threw him back over his shoulder swatting his backside really hard, the resounding slap echoed around the Burrow but they all saw Harry wince before groaning which naturally started everyone laughing again with a few words of Harry liking the rough stuff.

'I hope they cast a silencing charm around their room Lily, I would hate to hear what sounds would be heard coming from them,' Kingsley smiled.

'Well, sometimes they do forget I am there, so I occasionally hear the sound of skin slapping against skin, a few groans and some very choice words. They seemed to like being buried in each other,' Lily said with a straight face and very seriously.

'Oh gross Mrs. Potter, now I have those pictures stuck in my head, not the type of thing I want to think about when it comes to my mate and my brother,' Ron said as he grimaced.

'Not something I want my mother to hear or tell anyone even if it is true.'

'Go back to your man, I am going to have a word with your mother,' Kingsley said then took Lily's arm and lead her to the other end of the kitchen.

'There's nothing wrong is there Marcus?' Harry asked as he wiggled making Charlie put him down.

'No, everything is fine, you have nothing to worry about, Snape is locked up for a very long time. If you want my opinion, I think I know what that is about, only because I've known Kingsley for a very long time.'

'Okay, tell me because I'm worried.'

'I think Kingsley is going to let your mother know he's interested, but give her time to think about a date.'

'Kingsley and my mother,' Harry turned sharply to see his mother smiling up at Kingsley, 'Oh great, that's all I need, to have the minister for magic as my new daddy.'

Everyone in the kitchen roared with laughter at the thought of Kingsley Shacklebolt being Harry Potter's daddy. When Kingsley and Lily joined the group, they wanted to know what was so funny, it took Molly who was still laughing to repeat Harry's words making Lily laugh and Kingsley looking stunned.

'Well,' Kingsley pulled himself up to his full height, 'Maybe I should start grounding Harry, I'll leave the spanking to Charlie.'

'Yes please,' Harry smiled up at Charlie who shook his head in amusement.

'Oh bloody hell Kingsley, don't you start,' Ron grimaced.

'Let's all have a drink to celebrate that one more dangerous and sadistic person is now locked up and we'll also drink to Harry who will officially be a member of the Weasley family very soon,' Arthur summoned a couple of bottles of firewhiskey, he poured everyone a glass, levitating one to each, they clinked classes then tossed back their drink.

Harry turned to Charlie who picked him up, Harry wrapping his arms and legs around Charlie as their lips met in a very passionate and hungry kiss. Bill picked up Fleur who wrapped herself around her husband, George picked up Angelina, Ron picked up Hermione, Neville picked up Luna, Ernie picked up Cho and the rest just stood there in shock at all the kissing couples, but when Arthur picked up his wife and started to kiss her Percy and Ginny turned their backs on their parents, grimacing as they did, but the single people in the room realised there was a lot of love in the Burrow. Love was the reason they won the war for the light side of magic and love was about to bring together the Weasley family and the Potter family, soon the Grangers will be joining the family, the Johnsons as well and maybe in the future a Shacklebolt might just join this ever growing family. A family that have been joined by war, that committed to ensure their freedom and was now able to show that love is truly the most powerful magic their world will ever see.

The end: