Hello my dearest readers! I'm here today to present to you the first chapter of my version of what happens after the white roses. It's quite funny, I was thinking about this for awhile, and I thought,"What happens next?" So this is going to be my version of what happens. (Before I wrote this, I was searching for a story similar to this, and I found one that takes place after the roses. Though mine might be a tad bit different...) Anyways, Enjoy!

Ciel Phantomhive

It was soon after I'd become what I was now that I realized...

A demon. I'd have to feast upon the soul of humans. Humans...To whom I still feel qualms about serving one.

I was a Phantomhive, born to be served. Not to serve. Eventually, I must feast if I want to live even a short while.

"My lord?" Sebastian's voice snapped me from my thoughts. "What is it?" I answered. He said,"We must leave. Those were your orders, were they not?"

We were on the edge of the universe. To put it in perspective, we were on the edge of the living and the realm of the dead. Which is why we were standing on a chasm of white roses. The roses signified new beginnings, which was probably a cruel joke. New beginnings indeed...most who pass through this way are on their way to, what the humans call, Hell.

"I never expected you to be this calm, my lord." Sebastian said. I allowed a small smile and closed my, now glowing red, eyes.

"After all that I've been through, you'd expect this to faze me?" I questioned. I sensed Sebastian's smile.

"I merely want to assume that my master is safe." He replied. I nodded my approval and opened my eyes to look over the edge of the rose chasm.

It was pitch black. I could hear whispering and I could feel a soft breeze on my skin. If it is possible, the breeze felt dark and evil.

"Your...Home before you served me. It's down the chasm, isn't it?" I asked, not fearful, but curious.

Sebastian smiled once more. "Yes. If that is what you'd like to call it. My Home per say is down. Very far down, My lord."

The whispers turned into screams, and the breeze turned into a full blown hurricane wind.

"Must we go? Is there no other option?" I demanded. I still remained unafraid. My fate was sealed the moment Alois made that final death wish to Hannah. The second he decided that, I accepted what would happen to me.

But as Sebastian stood on the chasm edge, holding me, I found myself...bored with the proceedings. My human life when I was alive was much more intriguing. It was made intriguing by my servants, my fiancee, and so many more unexpected (Dare I call them?) friends.

"Options? Are requesting me to bring you back to your old life, my lord? Because even I, one hell of a butler, could not possibly-"

"No, Sebastian. I'm not requesting anything. This is an order." Sebastian stiffened at these words.

"I want you to take me back. To the human world."

"My lord-" I sensed a protest on Sebastian's tongue.

"No. I don't need you to make me human again. I want to go back." I said.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes. The wind raged on around us, and the screams grew even louder.

"My lord, I will do as you wish, but if you go back- there is something I must warn you of." He said finally. Even though a human would've been deaf by the screams by now, I found it easy to hear over because I was a demon. Even though there was a roaring wind in my ears, Sebastian and I continued conversation in normal voices.


"If you go back, and you will, you will not be...immortal. You will crave souls, and be able to make contracts, but you will age unless you enter my realm."

I looked at him surprised, "Do you really think I want to be stuck looking like a child forever? No, I definitely don't. Let me ask you Sebastian, and answer honestly, would you rather be a man? Looking as you are now? Or would you rather look like me? Like a boy? Forever?"

Sebastian chuckled softly. "So you want to go back?"

I nodded. "This is your order, Sebastian Michaelis. I order you to take me back to the human world."

Sebastian inclined his head the tiniest bit. "As you wish my lord."

The moment the word "lord" left his lips, everything ceased to exist. We were no longer standing on the chasm of white roses.

We were now standing on the cliff that Hannah and I had fallen from. I was now adorned in my regular day clothes, and my walking stick in hand. Sebastian stood behind me, as still and silent as a shadow.

The only differences were that the skull on my cane now had glowing red eyes, and the other difference that mattered...

I was a demon, in a contract with another demon. Something that was unheard of before now. My friends thought me dead, and I was alone in this world.

Except for Sebastian, who'd been with me since the start of it all.

Don't worry. The chapters get longer from here on out. Most of my chapters minimum are 1500 words, most of the time more. I just couldn't think of a better ending, or a better opening chapter.

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