First NCIS fanfiction I've ever written; it's kind of insane, seeing as I love the show so much.

In the season four episode Grace Period, I always think of Twilight.

"Did you know them, McGee?" Gibbs's question pounds in his brain.

McGee stares down at Jim's body, caked with blood and torn by fire limb from limb. Eyes closed. Pained grimace. Nothing like the mischievous jokes he tried to bring McGee in on at FLETC, or the seriousness he displayed when helping McGee adjust his stance and keep his arms steady to actually hit the target this time. Nothing like the way he looked at his wife when they kissed on the alter.

"Jim Nelson and I went to FLETC together. I was at his wedding two months ago." The words had done nothing, when he said them in the squadroom, to convey to his coworkers the man Jim had been. The friend he'd had.

"What about you?" Ducky's question, real time. McGee snaps himself out of it as his thighs begin to burn from his crouch. Jim's face is tilted toward him and he tries to focus. "You knew him."

McGee's voice is hoarse. "He was a good friend of mine." He pauses to swallow, gather himself. "Seeing him like's almost like it could have been..."

Ducky finishes his thought. "It's almost like it could have been you."

No. McGee swallows again. It's almost like it could have been Kate.