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"Don't make me choose, because it'll be him," Bella said, her eyes fixed on his lifeless, scarlet eyes.

Edward gazed into her eyes. If his heart were still beating, it surely would have stopped.

"What was it all for then, Bella? Running to Volterra? Saving me from the Volturi? It was better when I thought you were dead," Edward replied. His lip quivered but no tears would come. He wished in that moment that he was still capable of producing tears.

"You left me, remember? You left me and took everything with you. If it weren't for Jacob…"

"If it weren't for Jacob, you'd never have jumped off that cliff!" Edward shouted.

Jacob growled, stepped forward, and placed an arm around Bella, guarding her against Edward's anger. Edward took a step back, glaring at Jacob.

He read Jacob's thoughts. He saw Bella's sadness through Jacob's eyes. Bella's hopelessness. Bella's emptiness. Edward shook his head and said, "No, Bella. No…no…please no."

Bella looked to the ground. She felt her knees go weak. The Earth felt like it was shaking beneath her, making her feel unsteady. She leaned back into Jacob's extended arm for support.


Edward fell to his knees, with his head in his hands.