Chapter 1

It was Hokuto that approached the taller boy. "You're Seishirou Sumeragi right? From Class 2-A? I'm Hokuto Sakurazuka and this is my twin Subaru Sakurazuka from Class 2-A as well! Of course CLAMP school is so big it's hard to tell who's who but I never forget a pretty face ohohohohoho! Isn't that right…Subaru?"

Amber and emerald met and just for a minute something sparked...but what?

Subaru smiled softly. Under this very tree seven years ago they had met and now his arch enemy was under his spell. He was his puppet but his sister had other plans.

"Woo don't you two look like lovers gazing into each other's eyes!"

Despite being a killer Subaru couldn't hide the blush that crept up to his face, no more than Seishirou could resist the urge to turn away to conceal his own blush. Just who were these two?


"So Sei-chan, got any interesting cases at work lately?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary."

"What about that girl that was raped; that had to be interesting, right?"

"Hmm not really no."

"Seishirou, dear, you got a call about a new job. Take a look at the information will you?"

"Yes Mother."

"Another bizarre case for the Sumeragi clan head Seishirou-san?"

"Yes Subaru-kun, it's the party line whatever that is."

"It's used for gossip usually ohohohohoho."

"I see. Well then, we better call it."

"Diving right into the problem Sei-chan?"

"It's not going to get solved with me sitting here."

Hokuto glanced at her twin prodding him to say SOMETHING.

"Would you like some help Seishirou-san?"

"So Subaru-kun is saying he's the Sakurazukamori then?"

"I didn't say that but I do have some knowledge of the art if you remember Tokyo Tower…."

"Then let's get ready, shall we? This calls for ceremonial robes I think."