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Prince Yugi Muto- Born June fourth and has a birthmark on the back of his left shoulder. His friends/cousins gave him a nickname called Yug. Ends up losing his voice. He wears a closed buckled collar that is gold around his neck. His grandfather gave it to him when he was a baby. Yugi also has extremely extravagant hair features multiple layers including long blond crooked, pointy locks for his fringe, the rest features a set of five large spikes and two smaller spikes colored black with amethyst sheen along the edges, & amethyst eyes. He is the Prince of Japan that got kidnapped at the age of five. Yugi is shy and hates fighting. He tries to stop the fight when it begin. Yugi also gets scared & brave when the time comes. He ends up developing a crush on his fiancée Atem over time. Cousins are Ryo, Joey and Malik. an have kids.

Emperor Sugoroku- Born October fourth and grandfather of Prince Yugi and ruler over Japan. He has the same hair style and eye color as Yugi. Sugoroku puts a closed buckled collar around Yugi's neck when he was born. It can never be removed. You can see that it as magic to it, so when Yugi grows up the collar grows with him. He is devastated when Yugi get's Kidnapped when he was five years old. Sugoroku is caring, strong and protective over his grandsons. He also gets Yugi's three cousins to help find him.

Lord Jounouchi- Born January twenty-fifth. His friends gave him a nickname called Joey. He has two large fringes in front of his ears with blond hair & hazel eyes. Best friends are Yugi, Ryo, & Malik. Joey is over protective with Yugi & look for him with the help of Ryo & Mairk. Joey is hard strong, loves to get in to fights, acts before he thinks & he always put his friends first before anything else. Cousin to Yugi, Ryo and Malik. Can have kids. Also the fiancee to Seto.

Lord Ryo Bakura- Born September second. He has long white hair & brown eyes. Friends are Yugi, Malik and Joey. Over protective with Yugi and helps find him. Ryo is shy and sometimes helps out when things get out of control. He also keeps Lord Bakura in line when they start to date. Cousin to Yugi, Joey and Malik. Can have kids. Also the fiancee to Bakura

Lord Malik Ishtar Born December twenty-third. Brother to Isis Ishtar and protective of Yugi. He has shoulder length white-blond hair with blue eyes & tanned skin. Friends of Yugi, Ryo & Joey. Malik is known as the prankster of the group. He can be sneaky all the time & gets in to trouble when caught. Malik is brave & will fight when have to, & is all so loyal to his Cousins. Cousin to Yugi, Joey, and Ryo. Can have kids. Also the fiancee to Marik

Atem Yami Sennen- Pharaoh of Egypt. He has multiple layers including long blond crocked, pointy locks for his fringe. Unlike Yugi, some of the blond locks up wards. The rest of his hair features five large spikes colored black with crimson red rims all along the edges, red eyes & tanned skin. Atem's fiancée is the Prince Yugi of Japan. He also wears the millennium puzzle that his father gave him when he passed away. His fiends are Lord Bakura, Lord Marik & cousin Priest Seto. Atem is brave & can be mean at sometime. He ends up become soft when he starts to fall in love with Yugi, but he hides it from everyone else.

High Priest Seto Cousin to Atem. Has short brown hair, blue eyes & tanned skin. Holder of the millennium rod. Friends of Bakura, Marik & his cousin Atem. Seto has a temper sometimes. All ways lets stuff get to him & he love to get in to fights with Jououchi, but later falls in love with him. Seto does not admit that he loves him, but his cousin Atem figures out later on about the love. Also the fiancee to Joey.

Lord Bakura- Friend to Atem, Marik, & Priest Seto. He has long white hair, brown eyes & tanned skin. His friends give him a nickname called fluffy or kitty. He is one of the pranksters in the palace, but he some times gets caught by his friend Atem. Bakura is head strong & does not let thing get to him. He ends up falling in love with Ryo & protects him from harm. Some times makes mischief with Lord Marik. Holder of the millennium ring. Also the fiancee to Ryo.

Lord Marik Friend of Atem, Bakura & Priest Seto. Has Should length white-blond hair with blue eyes & tanned skin. Marik is trouble maker number two in the Palace. His partner in crime is Lord Bakura. Marik is head strong & does not let things get to him, but he ends up getting caught by Atem when he does prank. Ends up falling in love with Isis little brother Malik & ends up protecting him from harm. Holder of the millennium key. Also the fiancee to Malik.

Isis Ishtar Born July third, and sister to Malik. She has straight black hair trails just below her shoulder & features two locks wrapped in gold beads coming from behind her & has blue eyes. She is slender in build & has tanned skin. Also wears the millennium necklace around her neck. She is also the Palaces healer that helps slaves & other people in the Palace. Isis is strong, caring, kind, respects others & their decision. She is also protective over her only brother Malik.

The last two people I will be adding is Lady Tea & Lady Vivian. Both girls try to get close to Atem & bed him, but they always fail because of Lord Bakura,Marik and Malik always stops them & pulls pranks on them. Even when Yugi comes in to the picture.

How will the eight boys trust, love , or even respect one another. Let's find out.

Enjoy :)