Snowfall: Here is Chapter Five

Bakura: Hello everyone how are you :-)

Snowfall: What are you doing here Bakura?

Bakura: Just to say hi and finish off

Snowfall: OK go ahead

Bakura: Snowfall owns nothing!


Yugi was busy getting Atem's chambers clean up while he was at the meeting. Once he finished cleaning up the chambers, Yugi left the room to find something else to do. On the way to the kitchen he saw Ryo, Joey and Malik talking to each other.

"Good afternoon Lord Ryo, Malik and Jounouchi," Yugi walking up behind them. All three of them turned around and saw Yugi walking up to them.

"Afternoon Yugi and you can just call us by are names," Ryo said.

"You can call me by my nickname Joey," Joey said.

"If you are ok with it," Yugi said smiling.

"It is," Joey, Malik, and Ryo said at the same time.

"So, are you busy Yugi?" asked Malik.

"I am not busy at the moment, why?" Yugi said tilting his head to the side.

"Just want to know if you want to hang a bit," Joey said.

"Sure why not," said Yugi with a Smile.

"Cool, let's go to the lounge to hang out," Joey said.

"OK," said Yugi, Ryo and Malik.

All four of them walked over to the lounge to hangout. Once at the door Yugi opened up the door, so they can walk inside. When they got inside they walked over to the couches to sit down and talk.

~One Hour Later~

Atem, Bakura, Seto and Marik just finished up their meeting and headed over to the lounge for a bit.

"Pharaoh what are you planning for Yugi today?" asked Marik.

"I don't know yet, probably a walk in the garden," Said Atem.

"That sounds nice Pharaoh. Just don't screw up," Bakura said.

Atem started at Bakura and said," I won't."

When they reached the lounge door they heard laughing on the other side. Seto opened up the door and saw Yugi laughing while holding his side, Ryo was on the ground, Malik was laying on the couch and Joey was just staring/blushing.

"What's so funny," Seto said staring at Joey.

Everybody stopped laughing and saw how who walked in.

"Hello Atem how was the meeting? Before you asked I got everything done," asked/said Yugi.

"Thank you Yugi and the meeting were fine," Atem said walking over to Yugi and sit down by him. Seto, Bakura and Marik walked over and did the same.

"So, what's was so funny?" asked Atem.

"Well I don't remember it, but Ryo knows it really well," Yugi said.

"Alright, so Ryo what was so funny," Atem said.

"Well…. I was telling Yugi about what Joey did when we were ten," Ryo said smiling.

"What happened?" Seto asked.



"Joey we need to go see the Emperor," Malik said.

"I am not going and you can't make m," Joey said up in a tree and sticking out his tongue.

"Come on Joey, it's only for thirty minutes," Ryo said.

"No!" yelled Joey crossing his arms.

"Fine, If you want it that way so be it. Come on Ryo," Malik said grabbing Ryo's hand.

They walked out of the garden and headed to the kitchen to make something SPECIAL for Joey. When they got into the kitchen Ryo and Malik asked the cook if they can make some cookies for Joey. The cook agreed and let the two get the ingredients but Malik went to grab more ingredients to put in. Ryo got all the ingredients into a bowl and about to stir them but Malik came back and put the last three SPECIAL ingredients in. Then they stirred them all into one. Once done Ryo and Malik grab some dough and started to put some on a cookie pan. When they put all the cookie dough on the pan Malik put the cookies in the oven and waited.

"Are you sure about this Malik?" Ryo asked.

"Yup and it will be so funny when we see his face," Malik said with an evil smile on his face.

"OK then. Just don't do something stupid after," Ryo said.

"I won't," Malik said.

A few minutes later the oven beat and Malik walked over to open it up. Once Malik opened the oven he grabbed the cooking pan out. Ryo went over to grab a plate for the cookies. When he got a plate Ryo walked back over to Malik so he can put the cookies on the plate. (There are twenty cookies total that they made :))

Malik got the cookies on the plate and left the kitchen with Ryo to head back to the garden. When they got to the garden they saw Joey in the same spot.

"Joey we got some cookies for you," Malik said with a smile.

Joey jumped down from the tree and ran over to the plate of cookies. He started to eat them up really fast. Fifteen seconds later all the cookies were done.

"So Joey how where the cookies?" asked Ryo.

"Good. What was in them?" Joey said/asked while licking his fingers.

"You know same ingredients and three SPECIAL ingredients," Malik said with a smile still on his face.

Joey stooped what he was doing a looked up at Malik and asked," What are the three SPECIAL ingredients?"

"Let's see….. I put in mud, worms and hot sauce. Good right," Malik said now laughing and Ryo joined in.

His face went pale and ran out of the room.

~ Flashback ends~

Everybody was laughing and Joey just stared at Ryo.

"It was not funny Malik, Ryo," Joey said.

"Yes it was. You had a dream that night about a cookie that was going to eat you," Malik said still laughing.

"It was funny so much that we told the Emperor about it and he was laughing too," Ryo said.

"Ya but it was worth it," Malik said know calming down with everyone else.

Everybody stayed quite for a bit, before Atem asked," Yugi can you come with me?"

"Sure, by guys," Said Yugi following Atem out the door.

"Prince Yugi looks happy," said Ryo.

"I know. I just hope grandpa don't split them up," Joey said. "We just have to see," Malik said letting out a sigh.

"You still believe that Yugi is Prince of Japan?" Bakura asked.

"We don't believe, we know. Yugi is are cousin," Joey said mad.

"Cousin!" yelled Bakura, Marik and Seto.

"Of course he is are cousin," said Ryo.

"Sorry you never mentioned it before," Seto said.

"We never mentioned it because we kept it a secret," Malik said.

"Yugi never had friends because he was a Prince. He had to stay inside the Palace to play so Malik, Joey and I played with him," said Ryo in a sad voice.

"Same goes with Atem. He was never allowed outside but he always sneaked out to play," Bakura said with a smile.

"We got in trouble not watching him," said Seto closing his eyes.

They were quite again but just then someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" yelled Bakura

The door opened up and a young slave girl bowed.

"T-the Priests are being called to the throne room and do you know where the Pharaoh is at?"

"The Pharaoh is in the garden and thank you for the message," Marik said getting up along with Seto and Bakura.

"Of course, please excuse me know."

The girl left and went to find the Pharaoh.

"Sorry guys we have to go," Seto said.

"That's fine, we are going to bed early today," Joey Said.

"OK," said Bakura.

Bakura, Marik and Seto left the room and headed towards the throne room.

"Let's go to are chambers. Gramps won't be here until another three days," Malik said walking out of the room.

"Alright," said Ryo and Joey following Malik out.

At the garden Atem was holding Yugi's hand while hey where walking. They stopped by a pond and watched the fish swim around.


"Yes Atem."

"If you do turn out to be the Prince of Japan can you stay here?"

"Of course I will."

"Promise," Atem said looking at him.

"Promise," Yugi said looking back.

"I love you Yugi."

"I love you to Atem."

Atem lend forward and kissed Yugi's lips. They let go and kept on walking in the garden. Three minutes later they were interrupted.

"Pharaoh you have a meeting about the Emperor coming."

Atem turned around to face the young slave girl and said," thank you, you can go then."

"Yes Pharaoh," the slave girl said still bowing before walking away.

"I have to go Yugi."

"Alright, I will be going back to the chambers and going to bed."

"OK, night."

"Night," Yugi said leaning forward to kiss him.

They let go and Atem left to the throne room and Yugi went to the chamber.

Atem walked into the throne room and sat down on the throne. The meeting started and everything was going well. Atem was getting everything ready and to deal with other matters. The meeting finally closed and everybody left the throne room. Bakura, Marik, Seto and Atem all left to their chambers to go to bed.

Snowfall: hope you enjoyed it. Like I promise in chapter three here are the stories I have so far and the ones I am working on.

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Number 3 and 4 will be posted up after the Memorial weekend or next year.

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(Before Yugi got the chance to leave with Atem, Malik grabbed Yugi's wrist.

"Look Malik, Marik is kissing someone in the corner."

"What!" yelled Malik letting go of Yugi. Yugi got his chance and ran out the door with Atem. Malik looked back at Yugi but he saw that Yugi was gone)