Snowfall: Welcome back

Yugi: Hello Usagi

Snowfall: Hi Yugi. I am surprised though

Yugi: About what?

Snowfall: That Atem lets you leave. You are always with him. He hates being separated from you (smile)

Yugi: (Blush) well…. Joey is…. Making sure that Atem does not come close to me (sad)

Snowfall: You always find a way to get to him though (smile)

Yugi: Ya I know. Can I finish it off?

Snowfall: Go head Yugi. See you after the story

Yugi: Thx, Usagi does not own Yu-Gi-Oh! Or any of the characters

Bold- Japanese Regular- Egyptian


~Three Days Later~

Ryo, Malik and Joey are in the garden talking to each other.

"I hope that Egypt and Japan don't go to war," Ryo said.

"Let's just hope it does not come to that," Joey said crossing his arms.

"Yes let's hope, so what are we going to do with Yugi? Bring him back or let him stay here," asked/said Malik.

When they were talking Yugi came around the corner talking in Japanese. Yugi walked up closer to them and shocking enough he can understand it.

"Joey, Ryo and Malik the Pharaoh want to see you," Yugi said.

All three of them turned around and saw Yugi staring at them.

"Ok thank you Yugi. Are you going back?" said/asked Joey.

"Yes," said Yugi.

"Alright let's go," Malik said.

Yugi, Ryo, Malik and Joey left the garden. When they got to the throne room Yugi opened up the door so they can walk inside.

"Hello Pharaoh, you called us," Ryo said.

"Yes, the Japanese Emperor will be here in fifteen minutes," said Atem.

"What are we going to do?" asked Joey.

"I don't know Joey. We need to talk to grandpa when he gets here," said Malik.

"We should and I hope grandpa will cancel the arranged marriages," Ryo said.

"I hope not," said Malik and Joey at the same time.

"Are you sure I am the Prince of Japan?" Yugi asked.

"Yes, there are pictures of you at the palace and you are speaking the Japanese language," said Joey.

"If you say so," Yugi said.

Atem was shocked to hear Yugi speak in Japanese. He was also wondering if Yugi was really a Prince or not. Atem knows that if Yugi is the Prince of Japan he has to release him or their might be a war.

"Pharaoh," said a guard coming into the throne room.

"Yes, what it?" Atem asked looking at the guard.

"The Japanese Emperor will be her in three minutes."

"Thank you. Get everyone ready and have a room made for him," Atem said.

"Yes, right away," the guard said before leaving.

"Are you ready to go Pharaoh?" asked Joey.

"Yes Joey. Let's go meet the Emperor everyone," Atem said.

Atem, Yugi, Joey, Ryo and Malik left the room to go meet the Emperor.

~Three Minutes Later~

The Emperor showed up in front of the Palace and got out of the cart. When he walked down he saw his grandson standing by Atem. The Emperor was happy that he was alive and well.

"Glade to see you grandpa," Joey, Ryo and Malik said.

"It's good to see you to boys," said the Emperor.

"It's good to see you Emperor Sugoroku," Atem said.

"It's good to see you to Pharaoh," Sugoroku said.

"Let's head inside everyone," Atem said walking back inside.

"OK," everyone said following Atem inside.

Everyone walked back into the Palace and into the throne room to settle what to do about Yugi. Once in the throne room Atem walked up the steps to sit down. Yugi, Joey, Ryo, Malik and Sugoroku stood in front of him.

"We should get started. This meeting will be about Yugi being the Prince of Japan," Atem said.

~Five Minutes Later~

"I see Emperor. Alright I release Yugi as a slave," Atem said. (What they were talking about was that Yugi is the Prince of Japan. The Emperor even brought pictures of Yugi to prove his clam ).

"Thank you Pharaoh for releasing my grandson," Sugoroku said.

"No problem. This meeting is closed you are dismissed," Atem said.

Everyone left the room except Atem, Yugi, Joey, Seto, Ryo, Bakura, Malik, Marik and Surogoku.

"Sugoroku if it's alright I want you to stay as a guest," Atem said.

"Of course Atem and I would like it if all of us can talk somewhere," Said Sugoroku.

"Sure, let's go to my study," Atem said standing up.

All nine of them left the throne room and headed to Atem's study. They reached the study and walked inside. Once inside everybody took a couch to sit on.

"Atem there is something I need to tell you, Bakura, Seto, Marik and Yugi," said Sugoroku.

"What's that?" asked Atem.

"Sigh, I don't know if your father said this or not but…. Bakura is engaged to Ryo, Seto is engaged to Joey, Marik is engaged to Malik and you are engaged to Yugi," Sugoroku said.

"What?!" yelled Atem, Seto, Bakura, Marik and Yugi.

"I guess he didn't say it," said Sugoroku.

"No, we never knew," Atem said.

"Probably because I told him not to tell you guys. Once Yugi got kidnapped at the age of five, I asked him not to say anything. You guys are still engaged with each other," Sugoroku said.

"So, even though you found Yugi does that mean he has to leave?" asked Seto.

"Only for two months. Japan needs to know that their Prince is alive and well," said Sugoroku.

"Alright," said Atem.

"You guys can come if you want to," Sugoroku said.

"Let us get back to you on that," Atem said.

"OK," said Sugoroku.

"Alright let's all go to bed, Ra has set," Atem said.

Everybody got up and left the room. Seto, Bakura, Marik, Joey, Ryo and Malik left to their rooms. Sugoroku left to a guest room that was set up for him. Yugi went with Atem to his room.

Snowfall: The end of ch.6

Seto: I heard it will be going into rated R soon

Snowfall: That's right. It will be in rated R in ch.7 and up.

Atem: Cool does that mean I can…..

Snowfall: Sigh….. Yes

Yugi: (Blushing)

Snowfall: Can you finished up plz.

Seto: Sure….plz…. comment

(Yugi ducks away with Atem and nobody saw them leave. Nobody saw Yugi duck away and sneaked of with Atem)