Man of Stars

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Linelien looked at the forest floor. She had returned to the spot where she had first encountered Luke, even if she had no idea why. Maybe to search out answers or just to see those wounds again. What kind of weapon could make such wounds. The first thing that came to her mind was the blade of a Balrog, but that was not possible. It looked like they where caused by a blade, but on the other hand, it didn't look like it at all. It looked like pure fire had inflicted it, but the shape of the wounds suggested that it was made by a blade. And the fact that the Jedi had seamed unarmed confused Linelien even more. She realized that the answers where hidden in the place she had left. In Thrandurils fortress. Only the stranger could give her the answers, and she needed them desperately!

She graciously jumped onto her horse, and rode home, as fast as Kala, her horse, would carry her.

She soon reached the fortress, and was met by her friend, Enkolf. They had know each other for centuries. Since the time Linelien started her life in Mirkwood. He was about to speak when Linelien blurted.

"Tell me, where is the Jedi knight, for I much desire to speak with him.

"He left, Linelien." Was Enkolfs answer. There was a hint of surprise in his voice.

"How could you let him go? He is far too young to wander in the woods of Mirkwood. He is naught but a boy. Even for one of mankind, he is young." What had they done? Luke might be dead already.

"Lord Thranduril knew his age, Linelien. Still, he found that the right thing was to let him leave. Do you doubt your Lords commands?" Enkolf knew Linelien would not argue on this. He had one more thing on his mind, though, that needed to be said.

"He did not wish to leave without biding you farwell, but you were already gone, and none knew when you would return. The boy was obviously in haste. Something urged him to leave. I am sorry, but there were naught we could do to stop him. We are elves, Linelien. We do not interfere with mortals if we can help it. Remember that."

"I care not. We are elves, that is so, but are we not supposed to be wise? I, for one, do not think it is wise to let a boy stride alone in Middle Earth, and I will track him down and follow by his side if needed, mortal or not." She responded furiously. She strode of, leaving a gaping Enkolf behind.

She packed as quick as possible, only bringing what was much needed. Kala, her stout stallion, had no trouble carrying what she packed, and being the fastest horse in Mirkwood, she would soon find Luke.

Tracking Lukes trail was easy. Lienlien had keen elven eyes, and she was used to hunt orcs and other foul creatures who entered this wood. To her great surprise, Luke had managed to find his way back to the path. Not many were able to do that. Elves rarely traveled this path, which made Lukes trail even easier to follow.

Suddenly, Linelien remembered where this path ended. The river! If he drank from it, he would fall asleep, and wake with no memory at all. There were no cure, and no one knowing much about him, he would be forever lost. Linelien urged Kayla to hurry. She could not fail Luke too...

Kala leaped at top speed, but time seamed to slow down for Linelien. Just a little faster, she urged. Just a little more speed... Then she spotted him.

He was dozing on the ground, his cloak beneath him. Next to him, the river flowed. It reflected the sunrays reaching it,sparkling and dancing, as if mocking her failure.

She ran over to Luke, then shacked him desperately, while crying his name.

Two ice-blue eyes looked into her emerald green.


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