This is I guess an alternate version of 'Malfunctions' that contains yaoi. You guessed it. Yaoi. I wanted to make Malfunctions a yaoi fic, but it was coming along so cutely, I didn't want to scare away any readers or anything of the sort.

Meetings between the Varia and the Vongola could almost be considered commonplace by now with the approaching threat of the Millefiore. Fran, as the Varia's newest recruit, wasn't used to these meetings, and he found them tedious. Belphegor sat at the rectangular meeting table beside him, polishing his knives.

Fran had long-since stopped paying attention to what the Vongola Decimo was saying, thoughts running rampart through his mind. He was young, barely seventeen, and his hormones always seemed to make themselves known at the worst possible times – like now, in a room full of people.

Shifting uncomfortably, Fran tried to hide his very noticeable problem.


The teal-haired boy looked towards the Varia Storm, his expression blank. "What's so funny? Did you cut yourself, masochistic-senpai?"

Leaning down to whisper into the younger's ear, Bel smirked. "Is the little froggy a naughty boy? The prince sees your problem~"

Fran pulled away from the man, his strong hatred towards the blond making itself known. "Why would you look there in the first place, pervert? Like it's never happened to you before."

"Of course it has~ But never in this kind of environment. Should the prince make an announcement~?"

Fran was tempted to grab the knife the stronger male held and shove it deep into Bel's face, but he couldn't do that; he had to remain calm and collected, like always. "What kind of announcement? That you're finally admitting you're fake royalty?"

Bel frowned before he narrowed his obscured eyes, stabbing Fran in the arm. "Stupid frog, the prince is not fake royalty!"

Fran just pulled the knife from his arm, opening his mouth to reply, but was cut off by the Strategy Captain's loud mouth.

"Stupid brat, stop causing fucking problems during the meeting!" Squalo roared from his seat next to the Vongola Lightning, Lambo. Apparently, the teenager was still as flighty as he was when he was a baby, because the Italian boy had burst into tears and ran from the room.

"Oi, Lambo!" The Vongola Decimo, Tsunayoshi, sighed before he shook his head. Turning his attention back to the Varia, he started to apologise. "I'm sorry for Lam-"

The door to the meeting room was opened again with such force, it rebounded against the wall, revealing Lambo running back into the room with the Ten-Year Bazooka in his hold.

It looked as if he was going to use it on himself, but Lambo ended up tripping, the Bazooka flying from his hold and hitting an unprepared Belphegor.

Fran blinked as pink smoke engulfed Bel, having never heard of this item or its purpose before. He tilted his head as the smoke started clearing, revealing his teammate's disappearance.

"Bel-senpai?" Fran waved his hand in the air where Bel had sat previously, only to feel nothing.

"Where am I?"

The teal-haired male looked down at a small voice, coming from where Bel had sat previously. The smoke was still thick, but a silhouette could just be made out amidst the smoke.

"It looks like the Bazooka is malfunctioning again..." Tsuna stood up, moving to Fran's side. He reached into the thick smoke with both hands, lifting up a tiny body.

Fran blinked as he took in the little boy Tsuna was now holding; he had blond hair cut in a similar fashion to Bel's, a white long-sleeved shirt tucked into black pants, and a toy rabbit held close to his chest.

"Bel-senpai?" Fran extended a finger, poking the boy's chubby cheek. He blinked when sharp teeth bit him, trying to pull his digit from the hot cavern.

Xanxus had his eyes closed and arms crossed against his chest, fighting the temptation to just shoot his Rain Guardian in order to shut up the now-screaming man – he didn't even know what Squalo was screaming about; only that it was giving him a headache. Lussuria seemed to be excited over the turn of events as he wriggled his rear and gushed about how 'adorable Mini-Bel' was. Leviathan looked as indifferent as ever.

'Mini-Bel', as Lussuria had named him, looked around at everyone, frowning. He tilted his head before he asked, "Why am I here?"

Tsuna opened his mouth to explain things, but Xanxus – who was already in a bad mood – just snarled, "Frog trash, take the prince trash upstairs so he's out of the way."

"There's really no need, Xanxus," Tsuna started, "it should wear off... in..." A glare from Xanxus had Tsuna quickly shutting up.

The Vongola Decimo frowned as he held Bel close to him, worried about the boy's safety with a bunch of murderers – but then again, Fran seemed to be the most sensible one out of them all; he was probably the only Varia member who didn't get off on blood and violence.

Fran wanted to argue, but he didn't particularly like the idea of being shot by his boss. He grudgingly got to his feet, just staring blankly at Tsuna; he wasn't big on the idea of physical contact, and carrying the one he hated most – even if they were in a chibi form – wasn't high on his list of things he wanted to do.

"F-fran...?" Tsuna looked nervous as he stared back uncertainly at the younger male, not sure what to think; why was he just standing there when he had been given an order?

"Are you going to put him down or are you still trying to rival the perverted peacock in who can be more motherly?"

"O-oh..." Tsuna put the boy down on his feet, watching as Bel took a step back to look up at Fran.

"Why is there a giant frog on your head?" A smile crossed Mini-Bel's face before he giggled. "You look silly!"

Inside, Fran was annoyed at the blond's attitude towards what he himself had forced Fran to wear, but just like everything else he felt, he kept it bottled up, giving no hint as to what was running through his head.

"Walk." Fran gestured for Bel to move, directing him out of the meeting room and down the corridor.

Bel looked over his shoulder at Fran, a frown on his face. "Where are we going?"

"Upstairs." Fran pointed to the staircase a distance away from them that led to the last four floors of the Vongola Mansion. "Turn left on the second floor."

Bel clutched his rabbit tighter as he did as instructed. He – surprisingly – followed orders until he was standing in the middle of a room that was just a tad smaller than his bedroom back at his castle. He frowned before turning to pout at Fran, stomping his foot childishly.

"This room isn't fit for a prince!" Bel completely ignored the silk comforter or the expensive curtains that were blocking out the moon's rays; he was more concerned about the fact that the room wasn't as big as his – even if it were only a tiny difference in perimeter. "Prince Bel deserves a bigger room!"

Fran just ignored the boy as he pulled his frog hat from his head and tossed it into the corner, relieved that at least he wasn't going to be stabbed for taking it off. He climbed up onto the bed and leant against the headboard, trying to ignore his throbbing groin; he wanted to relieve himself, but his sexual arousal was quickly wearing off with Bel's temper tantrum.

Fran had never hated Belphegor more than he did now – like any other male his age, he valued sexual pleasure more than a lot of things.


By the time Fran had finally managed to shut Bel up by giving him a can of soda he found in the mini-fridge, his erection had died down completely and now he just wanted to sleep – but Bel, who was sitting on the bed beside him chugging down the soda like there was no tomorrow – was making that difficult; Fran didn't like people being so close to him as it made him nervous, but Bel didn't seem to understand the meaning of personal space.


Fran looked up as the bedroom door was opened and the Vongola Decimo stepped in. He watched as the brunet approached them, remaining silent.

"Fran-san, you shouldn't give little kids caffeine before bed," Tsuna scolded gently as he took the can from Belphegor. "You'll never get him to sleep now."

"When will his older self come back?" Fran questioned emotionlessly.

"Well, truth be told, he should have been back..." the Vongola Decimo checked his watch, "...forty-five minutes ago."

"So I'm stuck with this brat?" Fran let his lips fall into a frown, shrugging the other off him as Bel tried to lean against his arm.

"Well, if you'd like, I can place him in a different room," the brunet offered.

"No!" Bel ordered as he wrapped tiny arms around Fran's own in a stubborn manner. "Prince Bel stays with the frog!"

Tsuna couldn't help but smile at Bel's attitude before he turned back to Fran, waiting for the other's decision.

Fran just sighed, knowing the blond would most likely continue coming back in even if he was moved anyway – Bel was persistent like that, and he always got what he wanted in the end. "You'd better not wet the bed or anything."

Bel tried to hide an embarrassed blush before he shook his head, trying to retain his dignity. "Princes don't wet the bed; that's unbecoming of them."

Fran didn't believe Bel, but he didn't probe. However, if he woke up in a puddle of piss, he was not going to be happy.