So sorry I haven't written or posted anything here in a while, my laptop is broken and all my writing was on it. I want to warn all of you that this chapter has a much darker ending than in the first chapter. It has character death and suicide, this was written during a hard time I was going through very recently. I will hopefully be able to get something written whilst at school and get it posted very soon.

Thanks my wonderful readers (If there are any of you left)


"Goodbye Jade"

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as Tori took the step off the edge. I ran forwards to stop her, but I couldn't move fast enough to grab her hand. Watching in horror I saw her body fall the 9 stories to the ground, to her death. Even from where I was I heard the sickening crack of her bones breaking on contact to the ground. I saw her lay on the ground so broken. "Toriā€¦" Tears filled my eyes, and spilled over, the girl I loved had really done it, she had ripped herself from this plain of existence, from my life. I didn't want to live any longer without my Tori. I stepped up to the edge, much like she had, and took the last step I ever would "I love you Tori" And I felt myself fall, but I didn't feel the ground, I was already gone before taking the step. I was dead the moment Tori took her last step.

We will be together forever now.