Year 2100 in New Domino City, lays a new hero in waiting to take down all the evil in the world. In Domino Stadium, a lot of people were watching to see the final match of the tournament.

"Welcome all fans for the final match of the year!" the announcer yelled out through his microphone. A lot of people were watching through their T.V's to watch the final match. "Let's welcome our reigning champion… Keith, the "Machine Guy"!" A man appears wearing a red shirt, blue pants, black shoes, and had black hair. He was about 30 years old.

"It's great to be here." Keith said.

"And now… lets welcome our challenger. Our challenger has defeated every competitor and has been winning non-stop… please welcome… Zeke Martin!" the spotlight hits the ground but Zeke wasn't there. "Huh?" the announcer and Keith said.

At a house not far from the stadium, a teen was watching the T.V. He was wearing a green shirt and black pants, with green socks on. He was about 17 and sitting on the floor. "Where are you bro?" he said.

At another house, a little girl, along with her parents were also watching the T.V. The girl was wearing a white shirt, pink skirt, and striped stockings. She had blue eyes and was about 13 years old. "Where are you Onii-Chan?" she said.

Back at the stadium. "Where is Zeke Martin?" the announcer asked.

"Maybe he ran away. He's probably afraid to face me." Keith said.

"Yeah right old man." a voice spoke.

"What!?" Keith said.

A teen appears walking to the spotlight. He was wearing a black shirt, black blue pants, white shoes, and had fingerless gloves on and a small gold chain around his neck. Had light blue eyes and was about 16 years old. His hair was spiky dark blue. "Sorry… I was getting my deck ready." Zeke said.

"Now… as I was saying, lets welcome Zeke Martin!" the announcer said.

"Ready to go down kid?" Keith asked, inserting his deck into his duel disk.

"Bring it old man!" Zeke said, inserting his deck into his duel disk. Up on the stands, a teen was watching. He was wearing a black shirt, blue shorts, fingerless gloves, red shoes, yellow eyes, and brown hair. He was around 17 years old. "hope he doesn't lose." he said.

"DUEL!" Zeke and Keith said in unison.