"That is not a burger!" his tone is definitive and disdainful. Cantankerous, inconceivable, arrogant brute!

"That is a burger. It is vegan." The shock on his face!

"All right, I can tolerate living on the rabbit grub you've been feeding me for the last four days, but at least stop shaping it into normal food! The grass cannot pretend to be meat!"

You grab the plate and throw it in the sink. It shatters, the burger you spend an hour fussing over mixes with the glass shards.

"That is it, I've had it with you! If you don't like my cooking then why do you insist on eating here?! There is a whole bunch of burger joints just across the street, go get yourself a piece of real meat!"

"I paid for three meals as parts of the package in your B&B!"

"The ad clearly stated it is a vegan place. No meat, no dairy!"

"So the burger didn't even have cheese in it?" the tone is now sarcastic.

"It did. It is soy," suddenly you are sad for wasting food. "Was soy."

"I'll pay for it," his tone is mollifying. "Although it isn't my fault you have temper."

"Is everything about money with you, Mr. Thorington?! I spend an hour trying to please you!.." Oh bugger, you did not just say that…

"Indeed?" Bloody sodding gods, help me, in the name of Rassilon! The lifted brow!...

"You know what I mean," now you sound like a petulant child. "I endeavour… to incorporate… the interest of my guests..." Guest, you only have one so far. Why is he getting up and coming closer? "The excellent service is build upon… thorough consideration..." Oh my ovaries, he is like a prowling mountain lion.

You step back and bump into the counter. His arms cage you and he smirking. The cocky bastard!

"I am going to kiss you now. Is that all right?" Nod, damn it! That's my girl.

His lips are hot and magical. Gods, he does know what he is doing! Finally, you can touch the bloody glorious waves of his mane, they've been tormenting you for four days.

"I eat your food because when you worry that I won't like it, you bite your lip and fuss around me," he is purring and slides his lips onto your neck. Bloody hell, you are going to combust right here right now!

"You can eat your meat in here," you knees buckle, "just not in front of me."

"I'll eat your damn rabbit food," he growls and picks up your buttocks. Oh sod it! You wrap around him and bite his neck. It is after all bed and breakfast!