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"Come one Uncle!" Kili whined for the millionth time, "Its been ages since we've seen or even heard from Mr. Boggins!"

He was really starting to get on Thorins nerves. After Erebor had been reclaimed, Bilbo had left rather awkwardly. Thorin was thankful that they had all managed to come out of the battle, minus broken ribs, cuts, brusies, concussions, and the complete loss of hearing in Oins already bum ear, unscathed. The burglur had stayed awhile, just until everyone was awake and healed, and in that time, Thorin hadnt gotten up the nerve to disscusse what happened on the battlement. He had almost killed his favorite little hobbit in a fury of gold sickened rage. There was nothing he could say to make up for what he had done. Bilbo left with the brusies on his throat from his hands. Thorin regreted succuming each and every second of everyday, for he had lost his One in the process.

He knew that the whole company missed Bilbo. Often when they gathered, for whatever reason, they would always end up disscussing the journey. They'd talk about trolls and goblins and spiders and the look on the elves faces when they bathed in the fountain in Rivendale. Sometimes they'd say things like "And to think Bilbo was worried about those silly little holed napkins!" or "Did you see his face when..?" and sometimes even "If only Mr. Baggins could see this!". Nothing was quiet the same without him. When Dwalin and Ori had gathered the company to announce their marriage, Ori at one point had said it wouldn't be a real celibration without all of the company there.

"Kili if you don't shut up Im going to throw your sorry arse at the wall!"

"But Uncle, don't tell me you don't miss him!" Kili continued, "We all miss him! It cant hurt to just visit! I'll even send a letter for him so he wont be surprised!"

Throin wasn't too sure about that. Many of letters had been sent to BagEnd. Letters from both the boys, a letter of thanks from Dis, letters from all the company, and even the wedding invitation to from Ori. Not once had there been a response. No returned letters, not even word if he had returned safely. Throin hadnt sent one, unable to think of the right words he could say, but a small part of him broke at the thought that their burglur didn't care any longer. That he was too busy to deal with a bunch of dwarves. That perhaps he had moved on. That he had a wife and children and was happy without them. Thorin would die of a broken heart if he witnessed this.

"Kili…The company has sent at least one hundred letters and he hasn't replied once! You need to learn to take a hint!"

Kili was queit for a moment. When Thorin glanced at his nephew, he saw the confusion and hurt and sorrow on his face. Kili and Bilbo had been close. Bilbo had treated him and Fili as if they were his own, always putting them first, letting them take his hand when getting stitched or if they were in pain. He just couldn't imagine that it had all been forgotten.

"But….But Bilbo….h..he loved us. He…he loved you. We…we were practically already a family. He couldn't….."

Thorin sighed heavily. He couldn't break down his poor nephew like this. Did he want to see Bilbo too? Of course! But he knew that chances were the hobbit had a family of his own to care for. How could he make Kili understand in any other way then to hurt him. Maybe…Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"Alright Kili…" he sighed, giving in, "Gather the company."

"YES!" Kili shouted in successs before dashing out of his uncles study.

The company had gathered there within the hour, all curious as to why they were being called once again.

"Whats this about laddie?"

"Yeah, why are we getting together this time?"

"Kili has something he wishes to disscuss." Thorin answered, not perctiually wanting to talk about it.

"Brother I swear if this is about that elf maiden I'll knock you on your arse!" Fili called out.

This started bickering between them about who would beat the hell out of Kili first and this and that.

"No, no, no!" Kili shouted, queiting them down, "This isnt about Taurel. This is way better!"

"Well…Out with it boy!" Gloin called.

"Its been way too long since we've heard from our burglur. I propostion heading to the Shire ourselves and seeing him."

He was met with wide eyes and worried glances. Nobody said much, in fact most of them just kept glancing at Thorin. They werent sure of what he thought of all this. Judging by his silence, they assumed this was beyond not his idea.

"Um…Kili, " Bofur said carfully, "Maybe that's not the best idea…"

"Of course it is! It's the best idea ever!" again he was met with unsure glances, "Oh come on guys! I know all of you miss Bilbo, and theres no doubt in mind that he misses us! We made his life interesting!"

He jumped from his spot on the chair he'd been standing on and moved to his brother, Ori, and Bofur.

"Come one! Don't tell me you don't miss Mr. Boggins."

They all looked between eachother before Ori smiled and looked up and Dwalin.

"It would be wonderful to see him again…"

"Aye, it would."

This got the others to let their agreement be known. Nobody wanted to be first to admit they wanted this, but since it was in the open, they might as well. They began to get excited about it, planning what they'd need, what they'd do once they were there.

"So then Uncle?" Kili called, silencing them with worry again, "What do you say?"

Thorin was silent for some time. He couldn't stop thinking of all the possibilities, of all the things that could go wrong. Then he remebered Bilbos bright eyes and the way his entire face turned red when he got flustered. He smiled at the thought.

"I believe you gentalmen have some packing to do?" he said, smiling still.

The company cheered and shouted with joy. Balin kept glancing over at Thorin, knowing how unsure the King still was. Hopefully, if all went well, maybe the two might disscuss what needs to be. Perhaps they could put the past behind them. But until then, they had a ways to go.

"Perpare yourself Bilbo Baggins! The dwarves of Erebor are taking to the Shire!"

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