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"Are you dwarves deaf? I said I ain't going!"

"We are returning you to your family safely and that is the end of this." Thorin said dismissively, turning to help Dwalin put the supplies in the three canoes.

"I'm not one of "subjects" Oakensheild!" the hobbit gritted, "I am an adult and do NOT have to follow a single one of your orders!"

"If yer an adult, quit whinin' like a babe and get in a boat." Dwalin grumbled.

Frodo's fists tightened and his face grew red with frustration. One could just about see the steam coming from his ears. He opened his mouth to say something, when a fist cut him off. The hobbit fell to the ground and was out like a light. Everyone stopped and stared wide eyed at Fili as he shuck out his hand for a moment.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"WHAT THE HELL FEE?!" Kili shouted running over to the unconcious hobbit.

"What? He would've just bitched and fought the whole way!" he turned to address Thorin, "At least this way, he goes and we get some fricking peace and quiet for a while."

Thorin open and closed his mouth several times, unsure of just what to say. He should scold Fili for such a thing. Violence was never the answer until it was absolutely necessary. However, it did get the job done now didn't it? Finally, Thorin just shook his head and said,

"We'll discuss this later. Get him in a boat." before throwing in the last of the supplies.

Bofur walked over to Kili to try and help carry the boy to the boat. The hatted dwarf took his feet while the second heir took his hands. When they heaved up the limp boy, they nearly flung him in the air, expecting him to be heavier than he was. Out of shock, Kili let go of the hands, letting Frodo's head fall to the ground.

"Shit, sorry mate." he mumbled, before looking up to the others, "Guys, I think he's sick..."

"O 'Course he is Kee." Fili sighed, "Imagine the kinda diseases a whore has."

"Not like that you horses arse!" Kili snapped.

"What do you mean laddie?" Oin asked, louder than need be, as he moved closer to them.

"He's extremely light." Bofur answered.

"He is a hobbit gents. Let's not forget there's a difference."

"Not this different though."

"Yeah, Bilbo was never this light."

Oin went over, stretching his back out a bit before trying to lift the boy. Again, misjudging his weight, Frodo was comically tossed into the air. The old healer looked confused for a moment before handing the Halfling over to Gloin, telling him to hold him a moment. Carefully, Oin lifted Frodo's dirty, oversized shirt slightly. He gasped at what he saw.

Frodo's skin was incredibly pale, porcelain almost. Yet his torso was littered with bruises, old and fresher. He didn't have much meat on his bones. In fact, Oin could just about count his ribs. On his side, there was what looked to be a semi healed burn, not large, but big enough to notice.

"Thorin," he sighed, "The boy looks like he hasn't eaten in days..."

Again, Thorin didn't know what to say or do. They needed to get to Bilbo, that's what this whole thing was about...But this boy...This Frodo character... He couldn't just leave him to die! Something had happened, or was still happening, that was ruining this boy. For the first time since meeting the hobbit, Thorin wondered how old he actually was. Yes, he was definitely younger than Bilbo, but by how much? Could he really be just a child?

Thorin thought back to the days after the dragon had come. He had overheard Dis discussing prostitution with her friends, who had all been young women at the time, one day. They thought it was their only way of paying their shares. Instantly, Thorin interjected, telling them it wasn't the answer and threatening his sister if she ever gave it a second thought. Dis had looked so ashamed for being so "worthless" as she put it. He remembered all the nights that he could hear her crying herself to sleep. Some of those girls had listened to him, but others didn't. They slowly ruined their lives and became shells of the happy girls they had once been. To them though, it all seemed worth it if it put a bit more food on the tables or coin in their families pockets.

He wondered who Frodo was doing this for. Obviously, it wasn't for himself. He wondered about this family he had mentioned briefly before. He had seemed so happy and yet so sad at the same time. It was almost the same face that appeared on his nephews when they spoke of their father. Their look of pride in him, yet sorrow for never really getting to know him. Was one of them gone too? Was he doing this to keep food for his mother? He had to see that help came to them.

"Put him in a boat." he stated coldly, "We return him home and go on our way."

The company silently divided up and set to the canoes. Dwalin, Bombur, Bifur, and Ori had the first canoe. Nori, Dori, Oin, Gloin, and Bofur had the second canoe. Thorin, Balin, Fili, Kili, and a still unconscious Frodo were in the third. They crossed the calm waters in silence, no one wanting to discuss the elephant in the room. It took nearly an hour to cross the strangely larger than it seemed lake. When they reached the shore on the opposite side, Frodo was still out.

As punishment, Thorin made Fili be the one to carry the hobbit the rest of the way. They didn't get far when Frodo awoke. He had quiet the issue with being knocked out, more so when he realized who had been holding him. They traveled in silence for a while afterward.

The sun was starting to get low in the sky. Soon, they would have to make camp if they didn't reach the Shire soon. As if on cue, they started to see the mounds in the earth, hobbit holes. The streets were nearly silent, suggesting it was either late, or time for dinner.

Suddenly, one of the hobbit hole doors burst open. Out dashed a blond haired boy who seemed to be the same age as Frodo. He looked relieved and terrified at the same time.

"Frodo!" he shouted, ripping the brunet into a bone crushing hug.

"Hello to you too Sam." he grinned.

"Where the hell have you been?!" Sam questioned, shoving Frodo back just enough to look him over and not letting go, "You're never gone this long! And what happened to your face?"

"I'm fine Sam."

Just then, the blond hobbit, Sam, seemed to notice the dwarves. His eyes widened further for a moment. He grabbed Frodo back the arm and shoved him behind him, grabbing the closest thing he could, which happened to be a broom. Never the less, he looked over the dwarves franticly, holding the broom as if it were a sword, prepared to defend the boy behind him.

"Relax 'killer'." Frodo joked, "They are friends of Bilbo's."

"Oh..." he said, still watching them carefully, but lowering his 'weapon'.

"Evening laddie," Balin greeted, trying to calm him, "We mean neither of you any harm."

"Who hit him?" he questioned, sounding threatening.

Fili was about to speak up when Frodo interrupted him.

"It was my fault Sam. Fell out of another tree again."

They all saw the look on Sam's face. Of course he didn't believe his friend. It was a near perfect fist print on his pale cheek. Sam seemed to take pity on him though. His shoulders slumped in defeat as he turned a fake look of aggravation to Frodo.

"Hobbits aren't meant to be in trees Frodo. How many times must I tell you?"

"As many as it'll take me to listen I suppose." he grinned.

"Master Frodo." Thorin spoke up, his tone cold and business like, "We have a ways to go yet."

"Not as far as you think Master dwarf. Master Baggins home in just over that way."

Frodo pointed toward a rather high hill. On that hill sat a few houses, but one in particular stood out. The one with the green door. Thorin would never forget it. Behind that door sat his love, his One, his Bilbo Baggins. It never felt quiet so real as it did now, seeing his home right there.

Every doubt Thorin had tried so very hard to forget returned at full force. What if Bilbo didn't want to see them? What if Bilbo didn't want to see him? What if he was still angry? What if he found another to make him happy? One that would never EVER hurt him like Thorin had. What if he had children? Happy little hobbits that had his hair or his beautiful emerald eyes. They would look just like him, maybe a little boy and a girl. Yes, he would definitely have children. He would bring them to the markets and watch them chase around with all the other happy little ones. Every night he would tuck them into bed and read them a bed time story. He would stay there with his beautiful wife as she would sing them lullabies until they fell asleep. That's what he dissevered, someone to love him and worship him and never let him go. Thorin felt he couldn't offer him anything like that, any of those wonderful things Bilbo would want.

"Then off we go, I suppose." Balin said, pulling Thorin from his sad thoughts.

"Yes. Well, we must return you home then Master Frodo."

"This is my home Master dwarf." Frodo said, receiving a surprised look from Sam.

"Is this true Master ...?" Balin asked.

"Samwise. Samwise Gamgee, sir. Um...yes sir. This is his home." he said, glancing over to Frodo with a faint smile.

"Might we speak with your parents then? Much to discuss my lad." Oin called loudly.

"They're...um...they're out at the moment. Come by tomorrow though." Sam responded.

"I see..." Thorin watched the odd little hobbits for a while, scrutinizing them, "Safe travels then Master Frodo."

"Safe travels as well Master Dwarves." he nodded.

Off they started, one by one walking past the two hobbits. Each gave a nod to the brunet as they went by. Many had worried, or pitying looks on their faces. Ori tried his best not to look at him that way, as did Kili and Bofur. Fili gave not much of a look at all, just sort of walked on. It made Kili angry with him. They would have to have a long discussion about this later on. Before the hobbits were out of sight, Kili turned back to look at them. Frodo had his arms flung around Sam's neck, clinging to him for dear life it seemed. His shoulders shook as soundless, to him, sobs racked through his body. Sam stood strong for him, placing light kisses in his hair and holding him just as tight. He watched as this strong little hobbit broke into a million pieces before his eyes. Sam took Frodo's face in his hands and lifted his head, just enough for him to look him in the eyes. He said something, something that made the other boy smile and placed a light kiss on his forehead. He then led the brunet inside, closing the door behind them.

Kili caught up to his brother, walking in sync for a while. He was breathing heavily, trying to calm himself down so he didn't scream at his brother. Of course, them being so close, Fili noticed almost immediately that something was wrong with his baby brother.

"Kee? What's wrong brother?"

"You're a right git, you know that."

"Me? What did I do?"

"You know what you did, you arse."

"I actually don't. Care to explain?"

"If I have to tell you then you must have the sense of an orc!" he hissed before storming off to walk with Bofur and Ori.

After that, the discussion was mainly of Bilbo. Who should go first? Who should be the one to knock? Should they all go at once or show up separately? If separate in what groupings? How was this all to work? Most importantly, the unspoken question. Would Bilbo allow them in after what happened on the battlement with Thorin? They stood a few doors away from Bilbo's home when they stopped to make sure they had a plan.

"I think it would be best to show up in groups, as not to overwhelm the poor lad." Balin suggested.

"Aye, and maybe Thorin," Dwalin said, turning to his longtime friend, "Maybe it might be best if ye were last."

Thorin nodded, unable to use his voice. He had never been so afraid in all his life. What would he do if Bilbo had really moved on? Leave of course; he wouldn't force his love into his arms. But never would he love again. Never would he be able to look upon the sun again without thinking of his golden locks. Never could he be happy.

"Alright then." Balin called, taking charge with Thorin "out of commission", "We shall do this like the first time. Dwalin and I first, then the boys, Bombur, Bofur, and Bifur, then Nori, Dori, and Ori, and finally Thorin."

All nodded and shared finale glances. The two Fundin brothers turned and walked the finale few yards and up to the dark green circular door. At some point in time, the door had been repainted. Ever so slightly, the mark that had been there last time could just barley be made out. Candles were lite around the little home, suggesting he was at least there. But it was silent. No sound of any kind what so ever. The two dwarves looked to one another before Dwalin knocked heavily on the door.

Instantly they heard the sound of a chair scraping against wood before it crashed to the ground. Suddenly, the house seemed to come alive with sound. They could hear large feet sprinting, knocking into several things on their way. Then a couple of shouts, definitely from Bilbo. Before then knew what was happening, the door was ripped open, revealing an exhausted and frantic looking Bilbo Baggins.


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