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Chapter One –

It was a beautiful night. The kind of night which brought out the romanticism in poets and lovers. The stars twinkling brightly in the sky, the full moon, and the caress of the slow gentle wind… it was a veritable feast for the senses. Bathed in such silvery radiance stood a huge, sprawling manor surrounded by acres and acres of fields and lush forest; a most impressive sight.

The stillness of the night was suddenly broken by the sound of brisk, rhythmic footsteps which were soon followed by a tall cloaked figure. He stopped as soon as the manor came into his view and lifted his hood.

His stark features alighted in the moonlight. He possessed a pale complexion, a nose which could be said to be severe, sharp cheekbones that of an aristocrat, raven locks falling to his shoulders… all in all, he was a striking man.

But the most striking feature were the black eyes which gazed forward with a burning intensity, sparking with some unidentifiable emotion.

He drew back his hood and continued in his path.


Lord James Potter was pacing the length of the hall agitatedly when suddenly a woman's loud scream ripped through the night. James winced and closed his eyes tiredly. As he took a shaky breath he felt a hand upon his shoulders, grounding him for the moment. He turned and his anguished eyes met his best friend's, his brother in all senses but blood… Lord Sirius Black.

"Sirius, I… I can't do it. I can't be a father to the child Lily is giving birth to. I…"

A harsh, deep baritone cut him off, "Are you so pathetic, so adolescent, so incapable of putting aside your insecurities and requirements that you are standing here lamenting to the mongrel when your wife is giving birth just a few feet away?"

As if on a cue another scream ripped through the air. "You bloody Snivellus…," Sirius snarled and advanced threateningly towards the man but was stopped by none other than Remus Lupin, the third member of The Marauders and their voice of reason.

"Stop Padfoot, this is not the right time. Snape is right. Pull yourself together Prongs, Lily needs you."

James turned away for a moment and taking a firm hold of his raging emotions, he nodded.

"Good," Snape growled, staring at James with something akin to hate, "because all that is important now is Lily. Nothing else."

James stared back, returning the hate tenfold, "For Lily."


"Breathe Lily, breathe. I swear it will be over soon," James crooned while holding his wife's hands tenderly in his. The healer told Lily to push harder, encouraging her, "Come on Lady Potter, just a few more pushes… Yes, that's right… When I tell you to… Now push… push… just once more… Ahhh…."

Loud cries of the new born filled the air. The healer laughed and congratulated the brand new parents, "Congratulations, it's a boy."

However her smile slipped a little as she felt the father's obvious reluctance in holding the baby. She frowned but wisely kept her mouth shut; and after making sure that the mother's condition was stable and giving them the instructions about the proper care of a premature baby, she left.


Lily finally slipped into a dreamless, exhausted sleep. James picked up the newly born child and gently whispered to him, "Come on little one, let us go and meet with your father... your real father."

He found Snape waiting just outside. As Snape snapped to attention, James announced, "Lily is fine and… she gave birth to a boy."

Snape closed his eyes in relief and then willed himself to look at the baby. His baby… his son.

Disgust, remorse, elation, guilt, satisfaction, need… all clashed inside Severus Snape creating a whirlpool of emotions too turbulent, too wild, and too… Too much, he thought. Opening his eyes he looked at James and said in a strangled whisper, "Look after them."

Then he turned and left without a single backward glance.


James watched Snape go with tormented eyes; and then looked at the baby in his arms. He gasped when he found him wide awake and staring at him with impossibly green eyes… Lily's eyes. The man and the little boy stared at each other for a long time. No not Lily's eyes. Like Lily's. For while Lily's were like a sparkling emerald, the boy's were like emerald fire. James watched as those stunning eyes drooped and the baby fell asleep in his arms.

Then James felt something shifting inside him; something changing. In the past 19 years of his life he had been accused of immaturity multiple times. He had been told to grow up and to show some responsibility by countless people.

And so after his marriage to Lily he had pretended to do so. Only pretended. But holding the slight weight sleeping so trustingly in his arms, he felt his entire world shifting and then rearranging to accommodate the little baby and putting him above everything else. His breath caught in his chest and he brought the baby closer to his heart, cradling him.

"So what should your name be? I can see in those burning emerald eyes that you are going to be a warrior, little one. After all you have been prophesied to be a hero before you were born," James murmured.

For a moment fear choked him as he envisioned the small, vulnerable baby in his arms facing one of the most powerful, cruel and ruthless man in the whole world and he held the precious weight tighter.

"Harrod… the conquering hero," he whispered, "A fitting name, don't you think? You will conquer the evil, Harrod James Potter, Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter… my son."

The new father then silently promised the little soul to stand as a barrier between him and every threat in the world till he would be ready to face his destiny.

And at last, James Patter, Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter… grew up; while baby Harrod or Harry, as he would later be known as, slept peacefully.

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