Hush little baby don't say a word

He was running, he didn't know why. He could feel the harshness of the woods digging into him as he ran, the skin of his bare feet tearing. But why he was running he didn't know.

Papas gonna buy you a mocking bird

He fell at a clearing. What did he trip over? He couldn't see a thing - the woods were dark, stealing his sight from him, leaving him almost helpless. He could feel the pain in his body. And he could hear oh so clearly, the gentle whisper of the wind. Was it the wind? He swore he could almost hear a voice. But who's?

If that mocking bird don't sing

He tried to adjust his eyes to the blackness. He could see a pale, ghostly figure moving slowly through the dark. What was this shadow like creature? He could almost make out the shape of a body. His vision was adjusting slowly, but the figure was too far away for him to make out any features. He had no idea who was standing in front of him, and that terrified him more than he'd care to admit.

Papas gonna buy you a diamond ring

The figure moved closer, and he felt his breath leave his body as his mind realised who was in front of him. Normally tanned skin was pale, unruly hair laid flat and lifeless against him. He was wearing nothing except the blood running across his ghost like body. But all he could focus on where the two huge, brown eyes looking at him, staring deep into his soul. Brown eyes which were familiar but so different; usually so full of life but now held nothing. No joy, no sadness, no pain, nothing.

If that diamond ring turn to brass

He stood tall, as if he couldn't feel the pain of his wounds nor the cold on his naked skin. He just stared, unmoving, eyes void of all emotion. Usually they were like an open book of his emotions; they showed exactly what he was thinking. But it appeared this time the book was closed.

Papas gonna buy you a looking glass

He wanted to move forward to comfort his him, to take him in his arms and hold him, ease the pain away. He wanted to ask him if he was okay, what the hell was going on, what had happened to him. But his voice was as frozen as his muscles, refusing to work; leaving him on his knees, helpless and desperate, and unable to do anything. He heard the whisper of the wind blowing past him, carrying the sound of a familiar voice.

"Why? Why did you let this happen to me? Why didn't you help me? Why aren't you helping me now?"

His voice was so broken, so scared. He could tell he was terrified, and confused. He wanted to beg and scream and shout. He wanted to help him, but he couldn't do anything. But as another ghostly figure stepped out of the dark, wrapping an arm around the broken boys neck he felt his blood boil. And as he sat there in the dark, watching, the unknown figure pulled the boy backwards, disappearing into the shadows once more. And finally, he heard himself scream.

If that looking glass gets broke...

"Seth!" Roman woke with a start, feeling his racing pulse, the sweat pouring down his back. He could remember the dream so vividly; Seth, bleeding and hurt and asking him why? Why hadn't he helped? He could feel himself shaking, the dream seeming so real, and so had the pain in Seth's voice, the emptiness of his eyes. His breathing hadn't calmed down, still coming out in harsh pants, even as a tanned hand rested on his arms, shaking him out of his daze. Turning to the side, a confused pair of beautiful brown eyes looked at him, so different from his dream. He knew he'd probably woken his lover with his shouts, and he should explain what the fuck was going on, but as he looked at Seth, unharmed and safe, he decided instead to wrap his arms around him and squeeze him, burying his face in Seth's neck as he continued to shake. His breath finally calmed as his boyfriend silently wrapped his arms around Roman, returning the embrace and rubbing his back in a comforting motion. He was glad Seth hadn't asked him what had happened yet. Because honestly, Roman didn't have a fucking clue what that dream was all about. And for once in his life, he was truly terrified.

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