Dean ran backstage, heart pounding so hard he was afraid it would break his ribs. He screamed Seth's name over and over, because as useless as it was he needed to feel like he was doing something. He felt so helpless. Seth was gone, he had no idea where any of the Wyatts were, and he couldn't imagine the best place to start looking. And Roman? Fuck, Dean had never seen the bigger man looking so... broken. Seth was Deans' best friend; he was the closest thing Dean had to a brother. But he was Romans' everything. As soppy as it sounded, he knew Seth was the whole world and a little more to Roman and Dean couldn't imagine how heartbroken he was. Fuck, it was their fault - they shouldn't have been arguing and left Seth exposed, they should have been paying attention, Dean should have kept a fucking level head in this match and maybe then none of this would have happened. He stopped half way down the corridor, collapsing to his knees and ignoring the pitiful stares from the other superstars. None of them would bother helping the Shield, so why bother asking? The Shield weren't very well liked backstage, most people resenting them for what they had accomplished, more people hating them for hurting people they cared for. And none of them would be willing to help their enemy. And honestly, Dean had never been as scared in his life as he was right now.

'God Seth, where the hell are you?'


~with Seth~

Brown eyes struggled to open, feeling heavy as they did. Seth groaned when he saw light, the brightness being too much for his eyes. His mouth felt like cotton, his limbs sluggish to move. But at least he could move them. It took him a minute to gather himself, to try and get used to the surrounding he was faced with. After what felt like an eternity of staring into a white abyss, he finally realised he was lying down - the 'white abyss' being a freshly painted ceiling. He used all the strength he had left to sit himself up, back pressed against a headboard. He noted that he was sat on a bed, in what appeared to be a normal bedroom. The walls were a dark red colour, and the room held very little furniture - only a bed, a table and a chest of draws. There were two doors in the room, one he assumed led to the hallway and the other he had no idea about. Everything seemed fairly normal, until he tried to move his legs.

Looking down at himself he realised that he had been partly stripped of his clothes, and he could feel his hands shaking at the thought of someone touching him. His boots, socks, gloves and vest were all gone, as were his belt and pants. The only remaining clothing he had on was his black t-shirt and his boxer briefs. He felt so, exposed in nothing but the thin material of his t-shirt and his barely existent boxer briefs. He'd worn them in the hope that if they won he could reward Roman with some sex, and if they lost he could distract Roman with some sex. And he'd chosen these particularly because he knew they were a tad bit too small on him. Roman loved seeing him wear them - they barely contained his cock and they were tight across his ass cheeks making his already plumb ass look even hotter. And now he regretted wearing them more than anything. But the more worrying thing was the heavy metal chain wrapped around his right ankle. He shuffled towards the edge of the bed, picking up the chain to examine it. There was no way he could slip his foot out of it, and he didn't want to pull too hard - it was attached to the metal bed frame and, so far, Seth had been alone since he'd woken up, he didn't want to make too much noise and have his captives come and investigate. As far as those bastards knew he was still asleep. He stood up slowly, his limbs still feeling heavy and moved towards the door directly in front of the bed. He twisted the handle, not surprised in the slightest that the door was locked.

'Must be locked from the outside.'

There wasn't a window in the room so Seth had no idea if it was day or night, but more importantly he didn't have the slightest clue on how long he'd been there for. He moved towards the other door in the room, pulling it open to reveal a small bathroom. Again, there was no window, and he noted this door didn't have a lock on either side. He noticed that the chain attached to him was long enough so he could move freely around the room, and reach the bathroom with ease. It was a bit odd, but then again this whole thing was. What the fuck did Bray want with him? Why kidnap him and bring him here? What purpose did that serve? The fact that he was in a seemingly normal house had originally struck him as odd but he supposed it made sense. If you were looking for Wyatt's the first place you'd look was in any abandoned building, old farm house or something just was creepy and run down - you wouldn't look twice at a normal, well maintained home. Fuck how was he supposed to escape from a locked room with no windows and no way of removing the chain firmly attached to his ankle. This was like something out of a damn SAW movie. Before he could do anything he heard the unmistakable click of the lock, and watched in horror as the door handle turned, the door swinging open silently. He backed away, chain long enough so he could press his back against the far wall, putting as much space between him and his captive as possible.

He could feel himself shaking as Bray stepped inside the room, eyes settling on Seth. He looked the other up and down, smirking slightly as he locked eyes with Seth's brown ones. The two toned man knew trying to fight Bray wasn't a smart idea. As angry as he was with Bray, lashing out wasn't a smart idea. He had no idea if Bray was carrying the key to his chain, and if he was lucky enough to know Bray out for a while it'd only make the larger man angry and that could be fatal. So Seth decided the smartest thing to do in that moment was to stay silent, stay totally still and hope the other man left quickly. Bray stepped further into the room and calmly sat himself of the edge of the bed, eyes never leaving Seth's. His smirk didn't falter, and Seth could feel his heart beating heavily against his chest, so hard he wondered if the other could hear it.

"Relax Seth; I'm not going to hurt you. I promise. Now, be a good boy and come sit next to me. We have some things that need discussing." His voice was as calm and eerie as always, and as much as Seth wanted to protest he didn't. The smartest thing to do right now was go along with whatever Bray said, and if the creepy man tried touching him well... Seth would get to that later. He moved forward slowly, sitting down once he got by the bed. He sat on the same edge as Bray but with a rather generous gap between them. His legs were clenched shut, tried his damndest to retain some of his modesty, and his hands were folded in his lap. His eyes remained downcast, his head slightly bent so his fair fell around his face, almost as if he was trying to hide himself from Bray. But it didn't last long as the other man slid closer to him on the bed, thighs almost close enough to touch, he put his hand under Seth's chin and gently forced him to raise his head, turning it so Bray could look him in the eyes. He couldn't help the shiver than ran through his body as his captive ran a hand through his frizzy hair, not wanting the other to touch him. Fuck he wished he could slam a fist into Brays face, strangle him with the damn chain wrapped around his ankle, but no. He had to play this cool, had to behave. At least for now, until he could figure a way out. He knew Wyatt's goons were all too slap happy when they got the chance, and pissing Bray off would only result in him letting Harper and Rowan making him regret it. Call him crazy, but trying to escape with a broken bone or two wouldn't be the most possible thing in the world. But that didn't change the fact Brays touch made his skin crawl.

"Now, I know what you're thinking child, but worry not. I have no intentions of hurting you. I will never lay a hand upon you, hurt a hair on your pretty head, violate you nor break you. I brought you here for a reason, and that reason was to expose your true purpose to you. But I cannot force your fate upon you; you must realise and accept it by yourself. And there is nothing I, nor Luke or Erick, can do to force you to accept your fate. But know this; I promise you I will never force anything upon you, I will never lie to you and I will never hurt you. And one day, you'll thank me for this. As delusional as you may believe that to be, it's the truth. I promise you that."

Without another word, or giving Seth a chance to respond, Bray removed his hand from the two toned hair and stood up, walking out the room and closing the door behind him. Seth heard the click of the lock, signalling he was trapped but it didn't matter much to him in that moment. He could feel his hands shaking, Bray words repeating over and over again in his head.

'Expose your true purpose'

'You must realise and accept it yourself'

'I will never hurt you'

'I will never force anything upon you'

'You'll thank me for this'

What the hell was he talking about? What purpose? And did he honestly expect Seth to believe he wasn't going to hurt him? He'd kidnapped him for god sakes, was this man really delusional enough to think Seth would believe a damn word that came out of him mouth. Maybe Bray Wyatt was more mentally unstable than Seth originally believed, but one thing was for sure. He had to get out, and soon.


~With Dean and Roman~

After walking around pointlessly for what seemed like hours Dean finally made his way back to the locker room. When he got there he didn't expect to see the door slightly ajar, and he approached it with some caution. Pushing it open he couldn't stop the gasp that escaped as he saw the inside of the room. Their bags had been tossed everywhere, all their belongings laid strewed across the room. The bench had been turned over, and shoved across the room, the chairs having suffered the same fate. And the mirror that hung inside one of their lockers was smashed to pieces. But Deans' eyes were focused on the centre of the room. His tag team partner and best friends' better half was sat on the floor in the middle of the mess. His face was void of all emotion, tears long dried and only light traces of them remained on his face. His hand was bloody, obviously cut up from punching the mirror. Dean walked forward slowly, careful not to startle him, and dropped to his knees so he came face to face with the Samoan. Before he could say anything the older man looked up, his eyes painfully blank, but Dean knew he felt something. His breath quickened as he looked into the eyes of his friend, and despite how empty his face looked, his voice shook with anger when he spoke.

"We'll find him. We'll find the Wyatt's. And when we do, they're going to regret ever putting their hands on my Seth."

The conviction in his voice was enough to convince Dean that Roman wasn't lying. When they found the Wyatt's they'd be sorry for ever daring take Seth away from them. And Dean couldn't help the shiver of anticipation than ran up his spin. Roman was back.


~With Seth~

He lay on his side, knees pulled up to his chest and eyes closed. He prayed that when he opened his eyes he'd be somewhere else, but it never worked. After Bray had left him alone his mind had gone crazy, over thinking everything the other man had said to him. And it was slowly driving him crazy. He'd only been alone for a few hours and it was already making him mad. He was so lost in his thoughts he failed to notice the lock click, but the second the door started to open he was on his feet, finally focusing on something other than his mind. Harper walked in carrying two bottles of water, and for some reason he closed the door behind him. The older man walked straight past him, placing the two bottles of water on the dresser across from the bed before stopping, staring at Seth. He didn't move at first, and remained completely silent, just looking at the younger man. He moved away from the dresser, walking towards Seth who couldn't help but take a step backwards with every one Harper took forwards. He was focusing too much on keeping distance with Harper he didn't realise he was so close to the bed, until he took a final step backwards and fell on it. He landed on his back with his legs spread slightly, chain rattling as he did so. Luke wasted little time, practically pouncing on Seth the second he got close enough. The mattress squeaked under the added weight of Harper, the bigger man pressing down against Seth in a more than uncomfortable way. He gripped Seth's wrists in one of his hands, pressing them down against the bed as the other hand grabbed his face. He turned it to the side, tongue licking a long strip up the side of Seth's face as his jean covered crotch grinded against Seth's.

The smaller man cringed as he felt the wet tongue run up his face, whimpering almost pathetically as he tried to struggle free. He panicked as he felt harpers erection pressing against his barley concealed crotch, needing desperately to gain some separation. He tried pulling his wrists from Lukes grasp but that only served to angry the older man, and he let go of Seth's face long enough to back hand him, Seth's head snapping to the side with the force of the blow. He felt the tears brewing in his eyes, the pain shocking him enough that he froze for a second. This gave Luke enough time to grab his face once more, lips pressing harshly against Seth's soft ones. The feeling of a full beard pressed against his face instead of Romans' stubble was foreign, and Seth was entirely sure he didn't like it. Luke released him for a second and Seth took that opportunity to try pushing him off. The bigger man fell to the floor, and Seth clenched his legs shut, scooting backwards on the bed. His breath was ragged, coming out in harsh pants and he could feel himself shaking as Harper rose from the floor, his face a picture of pure anger. He growled slightly, kneeling on the bed and gripping Seth's legs, forcing his thighs apart and settling between them once more. He forced his hand inside Seth's boxer briefs, grasping his limp cock and stroking it. Seth couldn't stop the sobs that emerged as he felt Harper touching him, barely able to come to terms with the reality that he was allowing this man to molest him. He used his hands to cover his face, refusing to look at the man in question. He had no reaction to Harpers ministrations, his cock remaining limp the entire time which only served to piss the older man off even more. But before Harper could take his anger out on Seth's body, a booming voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Harper, release him. What did I tell you? You aren't allowed to touch him. Move, now." The voice of Bray was one that, for once, sounded like music to his ears and he felt relief flooding through his body as Harper got off of him, removing his hand and shuffling towards the door. He hung his head in shame as he reached Bray, almost like a scorned puppy that had been told off by its master. Bray moved towards the bed, gathering Seth's still sobbing form up and holding him close, allowing the smaller man to bury his face in Brays neck and cry. He stroked Seth's back soothingly, whispering to him that it would be okay, he'd never let Harper touch him like that again. So relieved to have Luke away from him Seth didn't fight off brays touch, he simply cried into the other mans neck, hands clutching his shirt tightly. But as he continued crying himself to sleep, the events of the day being too much for him to remain conscious, he failed to notice the smirk that crossed brays face, as well as the wink he sent Harper who smiled back at his boss, finally exiting the room completely.

This is going to be far too easy.