A/N: A/N: Well, here's my little contribution to Slash, finally. It really pisses me off what they did, I (as well as many others) PAY FF.Net to use their facilities. And that meant the NC-17 stories too. Now the ones who were complaining were obviously nit wits who had caught their children reading things they shouldn't have, OR were homophob's or scared of sex. It's sickening. FF.Net made it so the only way they could have been reaching and getting into those stories was so you KNEW what you were getting into! I'm going to read over the Terms of Service thing cause I am pissed, I want my money back if they're gonna do this… BUT please read and review this. This is SLASH. BLOOMING FREAKIN SLASH. You flame me and I will flame your sorry ass back. But if your flaming me for reasons other then it being slash (say the lyrics suck) then, ok, I'll live… BUT PLEASE I beg you… REVIEW!!!! This goes to the Depeche Mode song, 'Reach out and touch faith…'.

Your Own Personal…

Reach out molest Snape!

Your own personal Severus,

Someone to give your stares,

Someone who glares.

Your own personal Severus,

I'll just fantasize,

That he's mine.

Being Renouned,

People all around,

Flesh and bone,

And I'm all alone,

Found my own reciever,

I'll make Snape a believer...

Not second best

Put me to the test

(Severus POV:)

Things on my chest

I need to confess

I will deliver

I know you're a forgiver...

Harry POV:

Reach out molest Snape!

Reach out molest Snape!

(Snape Glares and Continues)

(Gives malicious grin to now worried Harry)

My own personal seeker,

Someone to give my glares,

Someone who dares.

My own personal seeker,

Someone to give hot stares,

Someone who dares.

Feeling rejected,

From all perspectives,

Flesh and bone

I'm all alone.

Watch me stumble,

You make my walls crumble,

Harry POV

I will deliver,

You know I'm a forgiver-

Reach out and grab Snape!

Both POV

Your own personal lover- -

Reach out and touch me....

Reach out molest me!

Reach out and love me.