Summary: Heh Heh Heh *Evil Chuckle*, Well Snape is wandering the school and hears a VERY interesting predicament between the worlds famous Slytherin and Gryffindor. Cliche I know, and Harry and Draco are going to get caught, but it's quite amusing. Please read. Hints at boy/boy.... Ok, more then hints but still.... I originally wanted to name this 'Compromising Positions' (cause that's what it's about) but there's all ready a story named that, and I like that story way too much to nick their title… R&R! … Please?


            Snape was patrolling through the castle at a bored leisurely pace, the students, all except the first and second years (who were in their dormitories or outside in the sunshine) were at Hogsmeade, it would be at least two hours before they returned which left him with the freedom of not having to deal with any of those foolish children. He had just passed the closed trophy room door when he heard a very familiar voice growl out in frustration, stopping him in his tracks.

            "That's it! I'm never allowing you to do this to me ever again, Malfoy!"

            Snape looked to the door and raised an eyebrow. Harry Potter was in there with Draco? He would have opened the door but Draco's words stayed him.

            "Oh shut up, Potter! As if I ever wanted to get caught in such an embarrassing predicament with you! Thank God no one else can see this! How could we get stuck like this?!"

            "Easily Malfoy, you just had to stick it in there with no prior knowledge of what you were doing! And I allowed you to coerce me into this! I'm never listening and agreeing to a challenge of yours again!"

            "Oh shut up!"

            "Ow! Don't do that, that hurt!" Harry yelped.

            There was a few seconds of grunting, groaning and panting and Draco finally spoke again, "I can't believe my first time doing this was with YOU of all people!"

            Snape's eyes went wide. Were... They doing what he thought they were doing?!

            "Maybe if we pull back slowly and try to ease you out, you can help me-"

            "Ow! Potter it's not working! I think it's swollen!"

            "Or maybe it's just that it was so large you should never have shoved it in there in the first place!"

            Snape fought with himself. He really didn't want to go in there to find both boys stark naked and actually... He shuddered.

            "Ok, I want out, and you want out, walking to the Med-Wing like this would be awfully damn humiliating so we're going to have to work together if we ever want to sleep in our own bed alone again," Harry heaved in a breath, "Now on the count of three I'm going to lever myself and you have to wrench away from me as hard as you can-"

            A moment later scuffling was heard and two bodies fell to the floor.

            "Ouch! Dammit Potter! I don't BEND that way!"

            Snape winced in sympathy pain while at the same time his left eye twitched.

            "Maybe if I try and twist out-"

            "OWWW! Malfoy that hurts! Didn't you read the 'How To' manual?!"

            "YES! Five times! Something's wrong!"

            'Obviously,' Snape thought with a snort.

            "Well then obviously it's defective!"

            Snape choked on an unknown object.

            "You just had to throw me in this situation, next thing I know I'm in a room and you just rashly had to throw caution to the wind-" Harry was cut off by Draco's indignant reply.

            "I was rash?! I was rash?! You were the one who nearly dragged me down here just to prove that you weren't such a bloody coward!"

            "If you hadn't provoked me I never would have done something like this with you!"

            "So who WOULD you have done this with, Potter? Weasley? Or Granger perhaps?!"

            "At least if I were with Hermione I wouldn't be in THIS awkward position with you right now. And the experience would probably have been more enjoyable at that!"

            Snape shook his head, wondering how on Earth he was going to interrupt them, and what he was going to punish them with, and how in the devils name had they gotten STUCK?!

            "So you admit to liking that Mud-Blood?" Draco snarled.

            "Sod off, Malfoy! I'm not romantically interested in any one of my friends!"

            "So your tastes go towards the staff members then?"


            "Why Potter, you're blushing, I never knew, I wonder who it might be-"

            "Screw you and the snake you rode in on, Malfoy!"

            Snape was now not so interested in opening the door just yet. He was rather curious what black mail he could get on the boy-who-lived.

            "Well let's see, there's McGonagall, but then again, she's too proper for that... Dumbledore? No, he's too much of a noble Gryffindor... Flitwick's obviously way too small and Binn's far too dead-"

            "Shut up and un-stick yourself cause the moment we're free I swear to God I'm going to beat the shit out of you!"

            More scuffling and grunting was heard. "DAMMIT! Potter! You just shoved me in farther and now it's stuck up right to the base!"

            "Serve's you right! Why haven't you used a wand on it yet?!"

            "Because you idiot, a wand is not going to work!"

            "Bloody hell! I'd rather be stuck in a room with Snape then have you stuck like this with me!" Harry spat viciously.

            "That's must be who you fancy- you and Professor Snape do fight quite eloquently. You're verbal battles between each other are near daily now!" a pause, "You're blushing! You like Snape! How bloody hilarious, you don't have a chance in hell-"

            "You know Malfoy, lean your head a bit closer I'm going to rip out your throat-" Harry snarled.

            "And change positions? It'll probably make this worse! You got a bit defensive there didn't you, Potter? The only one you even began to react to was his name-"

            "Malfoy...." Harry growled in warning.

            Snape was staring open mouthed at the door. This had to be a very, very bad nightmare... Harry Potter fancied him ?

            "Fine, Potter, hold still and let me brace my foot on your chest then I'll try to wrench it out again-"

            Wrench it out?! He'd damage them both, that stupid boy!

            "OWW! Ow, ow, ow! I felt something rip!" Harry cried.

            Snape cringed.

            "That's it, we're going to spend the rest of our lives attached to one another! Not even that! Father's going to kill me when I have to bring YOU home with me for the summer! I'll never be able to walk outdoors again! Much less show my face in the Slytherin common room!"

            "At least you don't have the view that I have!" Harry growled.

            "Now that was low-"

            "I give up!" Harry cried out in anger and defeat, "You're not in as much pain as I am! Transfigure something into a knife! I'm going to cut us out!"

            Snape had heard enough of their bickering and if Potter was becoming so desperate it was definitely a sign that he should stop them before they permanently harmed one another.

            He flung open the door expecting to see the worst of a sexual experience gone wrong and couldn't stop his mouth from falling at what had happened to the two boys.

            "Professor!" they both cried at the same time, horrified, and going white.

            "What in God's green Earth have you gotten yourselves into?!" he yelled at them, appalled at what was before him.


            "You see-"

            "Malfoy challenged me and I -"

            "It's not completely ALL my fault! If George and Fred hadn't persuaded us to-"

            "You can't blame them entirely!"

            "Well they are a part of our problem!"

            "It went wrong! Something's broken or not right and now we're stuck!"

            Both boys were beat red now.

            Snape buried his hand into his face.

            "Ho-How long were you there for Professor Snape?" Harry asked suddenly.

            "Long enough. I heard everything after your proclamation that you would never do something like this with Draco Malfoy ever again.... Thank God."

            "You heard- -" Harry lowered his head in embarrassment.

            "Every word, now I don't care how you do it, but you are going directly to Dumbledore, so HE can get you out of this. He's rather good with solving things of this nature. And Potter, you are to come to my classroom tonight for detention at eight o' clock. Mr. Malfoy, you shall serve your detention with Filch."

            Snape turned on his heel, a grin of amusement on his face at what he had seen. He had many... things... to discuss with Harry that night obviously, But one of the more interesting questions he would want answered, is how in Merlin's name The Boy - Who - Lived had managed to get stuck in an elaborate (Magic) Puzzle - Finger trap Box with Draco Malfoy.


A/N: Like I said, Cliche, but ah well... ^___^ And the finger trap they're stuck in was made by the Weasley twins… Who gave it to them… Not knowing that one was broken…