Under the Stars- Alternative Version 2

Author's Disclaimer: No, I do not own Labyrinth. All rights go to their respective owners. This is another fluffy one-shot, though as the title suggests, it is an alternate version of the story. I had created the first story, thought of a title, and then, another image came into my mind of what would happen under the stars, and so this version was created. I hope you enjoy it!


Life is good as the Goblin Queen for Sarah. She has Jareth, her partner and co-ruler, and a large population of annoying but loveable goblins to take care of. The only thing she really needs is more alone time with Jareth, and thankfully, he is willing to grant that wish.

Sarah's dreams had finally come true. She had always felt lost Aboveground after her adventure through the Labyrinth, not sure how to make her dreams a reality. Certainly, she had shed her childish ways and learned to appreciate what she had. However, that taste of magic found Underground made her want it more.

The question then became: how to find more? And so began her many chats with her trio of friends from the Underground. After several veiled hints from them that she could meet Jareth again, she agreed to meet him. She had always been curious about him, and it only grew with more talk of the mysterious Goblin King.

It didn't take Sarah long before she was visiting the Labyrinth on a regular basis, seeing the gardens, hanging out with her friends, and spending every spare moment she had there. She saw Jareth in passing frequently, always with a smirk on his face. Sometimes they would talk, whether about what happened to her outside of the Labyrinth, or inside. If she was lucky, she heard of his problems in dealing with the goblins.

It was all fun games and banter between Sarah and Jareth until one day, Jareth invited her to attend a party he was holding, with her as his escort. She was honored to be asked, but concerned as to why. Why her of all people?

She had met many interesting fae women since coming to visit, so the fact that he was asking her truly meant something, to him and to the rest of the fae world. Before she could reply no, Jareth made it clear that since she spent at least half of her time there already, why not go to a ball? She saw through the question, and so she brought up how it would look to others. He simply told her that if she wanted to give that impression, he would be very happy to. By his reasoning, her Aboveground job was going nowhere, so why not consider helping him out since he'd love the company? Thus distracted by his talk of actually being able to help him, it was hard to say no at that point, and so she agreed.

It was after only two weeks of helping that goblins starting coming up to her alone. Just as the goblins did with Jareth, they started asking for advice from Sarah. Then, Jareth asked her to stay for the week leading up to and after the party, to make sure that everything went smoothly. This way, she could help welcome everyone, as well as see them off with Jareth. She agreed, and it was not until the morning of the arrival of guests that she finally realized what she had agreed to. Among all the questions rushing through her mind at what people would think of her, the only one that really mattered was whether Jareth truly felt for her, and if he actually did want her there. If he did, then she knew how she would respond.

The party was considered a success, and Sarah shone as the hostess. All of the guests wondered about Sarah, but they were too scared to ask because of how close Sarah and Jareth seemed. Sarah had little time with Jareth until the end of the evening, when he decided that they should disappear for a few moments. As it was, they had already danced together three times, each with distractions from goblins and fae alike from little mishaps. After such a long day, Sarah was starting to feel worn out. But, Jareth had other plans.

Once they walked out onto the balcony together to get some air, Jareth asked her if she was feeling particularly adventurous. Sarah was only too happy to try, until Jareth suddenly put his arms around her and kissed her. For that brief, passionate moment, Sarah realized what Jareth meant by how she turned his world. When they ended up on a hill in a field, she was rather confused, but soon, there was soft music playing. It was as though they were still in the ballroom, and then they were waltzing. This waltz was different though, and both knew it since both recognized the words he had sung to her during her peach dream.

All around, the world began to spin, lifting them into the air as the October moon shone brightly in her eyes. A slight chill filled the air around them, but Sarah could not have felt warmer in Jareth's arms. Time slowed, and was probably reordered several times, but neither cared. They just continued to float higher, with nothing else needing to be said, other than those soft words he sang into her ear. The longing glances exchanged between them as they danced said more than enough. When that magical dance finally ended, Sarah smiled, hugging and bringing him as close to her as she could as she reveled in the warmth and joy she felt at seeing the way he cared for her. Jareth smiled a true smile, and kissed her forehead. For several moments, they stared at one another, and then at the full moon as the emotions shared between them conspired against them to keep them silent and happy.

Finally, the two entered the ballroom, where everyone else continued to smile and dance happily. Someone then came up to them and asked where they had been for the last twenty minutes. Both just smiled as Jareth held Sarah protectively. The entertainment continued long into the night, and when everyone had finally left the next day, together they wandered through the ballroom, helping the goblins clean up per Sarah's wish to do so.

It was not long after that night that Jareth finally made his true intentions known, and he proposed to her, again on their "special hill" as it was now called. And, every year at the anniversary of the dance, engagement, and marriage, the two royals would go and steal away to their special place together and enjoy their time alone. Sometimes, they would dance until the sun rose. Other times, they were still and would simply watch the sky together, at perfect peace with one another. It didn't matter what they did, so long as they were together.

They ruled together, with Sarah's mercy and ideas for helping the goblins, combined with Jareth's knowledge of how to rule and keep the goblins safe. But, when all the world is asleep, if you happen to be near that hill on those special nights, then you might just come across two beings who could not have been happier to be with another, no matter what the circumstances.


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