The List: Prologue

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It was simple really.

So simple, in fact, that none of the Midgardians would figure out what he was doing until it was too late. That didn't mean he was going to underestimate them though. Oh no, he knew very well what they were capable of now, after the incident in Manhattan.

He still couldn't believe they had let him go after that with no punishment. He knew he was a good actor but he truly didn't think Odin and the rest of Asgard or the Avengers would believe him when he played the 'traumatized torture victim' card. Astounding really.

You see, Loki's plan to take over Midgard by means of Chitauri? It was only step one...and the real plan didn't involve the Chitauri. He had played the mad god image in order to scope out the abilities of Earth's defenses; however, before that he had went to Midgard to help his plans along, including one Phil Coulson, Erik Selvig, Darcy Lewis, and Viktor Schrank, the man whose eye he had 'stabbed out' in Stuttgart. They all knew he had the best intentions of Midgard at heart. He hadn't even actually killed anyone. In fact, the people who 'died' actually worked for him. It only looked like they died because of illusions.

It hadn't been all that hard to convince them all to join him either. All he had to do was tell them about the list and the danger that Midgard would be in if he wasn't there to protect them. After that they had all jumped on board.

That wasn't to say that Loki wasn't still evil. He was. He didn't have a problem with killing his enemies and he didn't have a problem with his soldiers dying, unless they were one of his trusted advisors or a messenger. He hated it when they were killed. It was so hard to find good ones.

But, anyway, back on topic. He wasn't only doing this for Midgard. Yes that was a part of it but this would show his 'father' that, why yes, he could be a king, and a very good one at that, as well as his kids finally being able to leave their personal prisons and come live with him. He still couldn't believe the Allfather had cursed his children to look monstrous after they had been born then banished them on top of that with the only way for them to return to Loki being him gaining his own Kingdom.

His trusted advisors(Phil, Darcy, Erik, being some of them)knew this and went along with it. When he had told them they agreed that what had been done to him was wrong and vowed to help him get his revenge.

Loki smiled. This would be fun.

Somewhere far away in another realm the Fates smiled. Their idea to introduce Loki to the list was the perfect way to get back at certain unnamed people who had tried to avoid their fate.

After all, revenge was best served cold.

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