The List: Chapter 1

A/N: This chapter was mostly written by a friend of mine who does not have an account. Also I don't own Thor, The Avengers, or Star Trek

Chapter 1:

Loki was sitting aboard Enterprise with Darcy, Erik, Phil, and that one german guy that no one remembers. Currently they were discussing how their ship had been built.

"So Loki, why the enterprise? I mean it's an awesome ship but is it really, I don't know, practical?" asked Phil while they were sitting in Loki's ready room.

"Of course it is. I saw the movies and show when I was waiting to attack S.H.I.E.L.D, I want to be able to tell my enemies that I am flying the Enterprise to kill then." Loki says as he pops the top on his pepsi. "And considering the fact our weapons everyday are growing stronger than those mortals, its a pleasant twist in the upcoming events."

Darcy raises her soda and clinks it with Coulson. "But down to business," Coulson presses, leaning forward. "uniforms."

Loki nods, "What do you think about green?"

Darcy takes a sip of her drink before adding, "Oh! with gold."

Coulson, who is dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt calls out, "Basic black, everything is awesome if the warriors wear black."

Loki, "If we have a relaxed dress code, people will be more willing to work here."

Coulson hearing his element, glances up. "Though that is true, if we get infiltrated it is much harder to pick out the intruders because of the look of uniforms."

Loki nods, contemplating. Coulson as head security, had a large amount of trust from Loki. "Have them wear what they will. Preferably green or black. If anyone can get past your security system, perhaps they'll reconsider their reason for coming." Coulson nods in thanks, though a hint of worry flecks his expression.

"No," Darcy says. "Let's just stick to the Enterprise idea. Each occupation or status has a color to wear."

Coulson nods. "That's better, a bit of order never hurt anyone. Officers from captain to Loki wear green. Engineers wear…?"

Selvig leans forward a bit. "Blue, in honor of the Tesseract that brought us all together."

"Everyone else wears black." Darcy adds. "That works, then guards are in black. It always makes people more imposing." There is a general nodding around the table.

"Send out a message, will you Coulson?" Loki says.

A shout comes from the hallway. A few seconds later a sharp rap hits the blue door. A young man with a broad smile on his face enters. It melts into a respectful look of awe as he sees these founding fathers but quickly he remembers why he is here. "Selvig. We need you to look at something."

Selvig turns away from the table. "Did you break something?"

"No sir. Just the opposite."

After Selvig and the young engineer had left, that one german guy that no one remembers spoke up. "Loki perhaps you should create a face for yourself. To hide some of what you are up to."

"He already has a face. A face of fear."

"I know that, I mean a front face, like an icon which will allow us to get what we want easier."

"Such as?" Loki asks.

"I don't know. Stuff alright!" Laughter spread around the table.

"Oh someone make a note to tell Selvig that those stopper things in the halls need to be removed, they're a fire-fight hazard." Loki said. "And every ventilation duct needs to be checked to make sure they are too small to crawl through. The occasional grate would be fine as well."

Darcy jots something down on a notepad. "Oh there was something on the list about helmets. Only clear visors?"

Loki nods agreeing. "Yes, no face concealing visors."

"Another security procedure Loki. Our main computer should be designed by a third party. Someone you can trust, or at least scare into submission. The software should not be compatible with any existing software. It may be challenging to create, but a custom firewall and processes will save us from any chance of a hacker. The last thing we need is our technology turning against us." Coulson says turning his phone in his hands. "We must control who has access to what parts of our network. Each person who needs access must have a personal code that will only allow a certain amount of ability. Very few people should have full access. Each layer of information, the more classified the deeper, needs a layer of protection."

Darcy smiles, "Paranoid much? That's a bit excessive."

Coulson griminsed. "No way, its just careful."

Loki fights down a smile, "That all sounds well and good, Phil."

"I believe that sums up costuming and a few security issues." Coulson says. "Shall we adjourn and go our respective ways? I'll fill Erik in."

"Agreed." Loki rises and the meeting breaks up, leaving only around 95 items left to be attended.

Now there was only one thing left to do. He had to go and collect his five-year-old daughter Hel from Helheim. She would be the perfect as a child advisor. He also needed to find a teenage computer geek to help with computer designs…

Loki sighed. So much to do and so little time. He got up and walked to the door. At least Hel would be so excited to see him, especially when he told her he could help train the new recruits...He smiled at the thought. Hel was such a little demon when it came to training. It made him so proud.

In a bright flash of light Loki disappeared leaving no trace. A few minutes later he appeared in a dead field at the entrance to Hel's realm. He smiled again. This would be fun.