"...And here's the host of Jeopardy! Alex Trebek!"

"Thank you, Johnny. And I must say, ladies and gentlemen, that this is one of the strangest rounds of Jeopardy! I've ever hosted," commented the aforementioned Trebek. "I mean, we have here a unicorn, a Pokemon, and a lawyer competing today. Not exactly your usual crowd. Oh, no offense meant," he apologized.

"Don't worry about it, Alex," Twilight Sparkle said amiably.

"I'll be honest; I didn't expect this either," Phoenix Wright admitted.

"...Why am I even here?" Mewtwo wondered. "I don't even know what this show is!" he complained.

"...Actually, neither do I," Twilight admitted.

"Seriously?" Phoenix asked in disbelief. "You of all people don't know what Jeopardy! is?"

Twilight blushed. "I may have been a bit distracted last time I was here..." she admitted.

"Okay then, guess it's up to me to explain," Phoenix mumbled before launching into an explanation. "Jeopardy! is a Quiz show where we compete for a cash prize. There are 6 categories with 5 questions each, with each question in a category getting progressively harder as you go along. One of the questions is a Daily Double, where you can bet up to all of your current score to try to answer one super hard question."

"Couldn't have put it better myself," Alex said, causing Phoenix to remember that he was there.

"Oh...sorry about that, Alex," he apologized. But he just waved the apology off.

"Don't worry about it. Now, these are the categories in today's round," he said, waving to the board. The categories lit up on the board. They were the following: Magic is Friendship, Objection!, I choose you!, Move Tutoring, History of Law, Genetics.

"...Those seem oddly tailor-made for this group," Mewtwo pointed out.

"They were the idea of this game's sponsor," Alex replied.

"Who's that?" Twilight wondered, just as a platform came down from the ceiling, revealing a familiar pig-tailed martial artist.

"RANMA?!" both of the other two present Anchors cried out in shock. Mewtwo was just confused; Pikachu had neglected to tell him about the O7.

The Original Anchor grinned in response. "Thought I'd make things more interesting," he said. "Don't mind me; just get on with the show!" he added as his platform retracted into the roof.

"Alright, so which of you will start first? ...How about you, Mewtwo?" Mr. Trebek asked.

Mewtwo started before looking at the board. "Um...Move Tutoring for $200?" he hesitantly asked.

"Alright, now here's the question:..."


Phoenix sighed. Because of his stupid glitchy Loop Start Time, he had Awoken barely a couple of weeks into his disbarment this time. Meaning that unless he could head off the Phantom quick enough, the Dark Age of the Law was doomed to go as it did during baseline. Still, at least Trucy was Awake...and tugging on his hoodie?

"Daddy?" she asked. It was funny how small she looked to Phoenix now, despite being the same age of 8 she always was when he adopted her. For all that he had raised her Unawake self countless times throughout the Loops, never had she seemed as small as she did now when he could clearly see her teenage self looking out from behind her eyes.

"What is it, Truce?" he asked. Trucy looked down for a bit, as if thinking very heavily about something, before raising her head back up.

"Daddy...is it okay if I want to be a lawyer this Loop?" she asked.

Phoenix reacted in shock. Of all the things she could have asked, she asked that? "Of course you can, Trucy. You can do whatever you want to do, as long as it's not illegal of course," he said. But he couldn't help but ask, "But why do you want to be a lawyer this Loop?"

Trucy looked down sadly. "You're the best Daddy I've ever had; not even my real Daddy was as good as you are. But all I've done so far in the Loops is magic, magic, and more magic. I feel like I haven't been appreciating you enough..." she said, before Phoenix cut her off.

"'Not appreciating me enough'? Trucy, I don't care about that," Phoenix said kindly. "You're my daughter, whatever you do is enough for me. And as for not appreciating me," he paused, taking his hat off his head. "This may not be the same hat you knitted me back in our baseline, but the same love is stitched into it," he continued. "How can I think you don't care when your love is always on my head?" he asked.

Trucy started tearing up. "Dad..." she mumbled as she leapt into Phoenix's arms. They held each other for a little while, before the diminutive magician in red let go. "I still want to be a lawyer though, if only so I have an excuse to let off an 'OBJECTION!' every now and again," Trucy said.

Phoenix laughed. "Come on, Truce; you don't need an excuse to do that," he pointed out. Then he got serious. "Now, if you're serious about being a lawyer, remember the golden rule: 'A lawyer can only cry...'"

"'...when it's all over', right?" Trucy finished.

Phoenix nodded. "Right. Never forget that, and you should do fine. Now, depending on when you want to start practicing, you'll have to start the coursework at a certain time. When do you want to start practicing?" he asked.

To Trucy, the answer was obvious. "When Polly starts!" she declared.

Phoenix was taken aback. "Just seven years?!" he asked incredulously, before calming down. "In that case," he said, "We'll have to use the Franziska method. Good thing Edgeworth's Awake this Loop..."

"To Europe?" Trucy asked.

"To Europe!" was her father's reply.

Seven years later...

In the multiverse, a lot of things can change at the drop of a hat. In the case of this particular Loop, the butterfly that was Trucy Wright deciding to take up Law meant that while one 'Shadi Smith' was still murdered by a certain somebody with a German name, the one accused of the crime ended up completely different...

"Court is now in session for the Trial of Apollo Justice," the Judge proclaimed.

"The Prosecution is ready, Your Honor," screeched Winston Payne in his garish yellow suit.

Across the Courtroom, the Defense Lawyer licked her lips as a determined look formed on her face. As she adjusted her cufflinks, one could see her blue suit with pink tie, rather reminiscent of a certain Comeback King. The only thing that off-set the whole look was the incongruous blue hat on her head, but lawyers were allowed their little idiosyncrasies.

She slammed the desk. "The Defense is Ready, Your Honor!" declared 15-year-old Attorney, Trucy Wright.


"Hey look, a ladder!" Maya pointed out as she and Phoenix entered the Employee Area of Global Studios.

"Maya, that's a stepladder," Phoenix pointed out in an exasperated tone.

Suddenly, Maya got an irritated look on her face. "You know what? That's it! I'm tired of quibbling about this every Loop!" she exclaimed.

"Every Loop?" Phoenix asked incredulously. 'Try every single Case,' he thought to himself.

Maya ignored him as she brought out her phone and opened the Internet browser. "I'm getting to the bottom of this; just what is the difference?!" she wondered...loudly.

Unfortunately, that was when the Loop ended due to Lina Inverse being on the other side of the world. While Lina got sent to Eiken, Phoenix and Maya were sent to Equestria, where Maya proceeded to continuously bug Twilight for the rest of the Loop over what the difference was.


"Hey, Nick? Why do you think most Loopers go a bit crazy?" Maya couldn't help but ask Phoenix.

"Huh...that's a bit of a tricky question, Maya," he admitted. "I'm not sure what it is for everyone, but I think it has something to do with the monotony of living your life over and over again. Maybe it's also a question of age. I'm not really the right one to ask," he pointed out. After all, he was only a Crash Generation Anchor.

"I guess that's true..." she agreed. Then, she changed the subject. "By the way, Nick?"

"Yes, Maya?"

"Why is it that when we tried to have a picnic, we've now ended up hanging off a cliff?"

"Because our luck is schizophrenic, Maya. It has been since baseline."

3.5 (jxz)

Phoenix just sighed. It was all that he could do.

The Loop had started as normal, but there was a little difference. First, they were in Japan (Not unusual, half of the Loops they ended in that country), and it seemed that it was a Fused Loop, Layton and Luke notwithstanding.

Then one of the heroes of the other Loop was accused of murder in cold blood...

"The Court is now in session for the Murder of King Selfish!" The Selfish made from the heart of the Judge said.

... And now he had to protect Cure Sword for a crime she didn't commit.

"The prosecution is ready?"

"Yes. Now let's end this before I get bored," Bell, the prosecutor of the trial, and real murderer, said.

"And the defence?"

"I just have one question, your highness," Phoenix said.

"And that is?" The Selfish Judge asked.

"Why do I have to become a male Cure for this trial?"

"I don't know. Ask your assistant."

Phoenix turned to Mana, his main assistant for the trial. "Why?"

"I wanted to see how 'Cure Lawyer' would look," she said with a smile on her face.

"And Maya asks me why I don't want to defend magical girls anymore..." Phoenix thought, as he felt Maya taking photos of him.

He just hoped she wouldn't show them to the others, or the shame he felt that time he defended Rainbow Dash would be really soft compared to what he would feel now.

3.6 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

"Finish Him!"

Phoenix awoke just as he finished his opponent, and now he had to perform his special move to kill his enemy. It made him sick to his stomach, so instead, he pulled out an old man wig, his judge robe and a hammer and stand. He pointed the gravel at his opponent and shouted, "This Court finds you...


And with a heavy slam of his gravel on the stand, two police officers appeared out of nowhere, leading his opponent away in chains.


3.7 (Golden Darkness)

"What's the meaning of this? Why is there a child standing across from me?"

Having dealt with Manfred von Karma for so many times throughout the Loops, Phoenix Wright just kept his cool and stood his ground. The man just didn't frighten him anymore. The now nine-year-old lawyer did however had to repress a smirk that was starting to form. "Oh, you're talking about me? I'm assisting Mr. Edgeworth here as a fellow ace attorney. Together, we will prove that our client isn't Isaac Dover's killer."

"Pre- preposterous! A seven-year-old attorney? Do you take me for a fool?" The 50 year old prosecutor snapped his fingers. "Bailiff, remove that child! I will not have him make a mockery of the court!"

"Objection!" Despite being merely a child, the lawyer's desk slam was as loud as ever. "For your information, Prosecutor von Karma, I have an provisional attorney's badge pinned to my jacket. As long I have an adult lawyer supervising my actions, I can stand in court as an attorney. And furthermore, I'm nine years old, not seven!"

"Mr. Wright is correct," the judge chimed in. "I'm surprised that you of all people are surprised at this, Prosecutor von Karma. The lad becoming a lawyer was reported on the news, after all, but I didn't expect him to get involved in an on-going trial as his first case."

"You... you can't be serious." For a moment, Phoenix could see an unnerved look on the prosecutor's face. As predicted, the prosecutor did not deal well with him joining the defense in the middle of Jeffrey Master's trial, which boded well for his plans. Given that Phoenix's achievement of passing the bar and getting a conditional license to practice law at such a young age was quite the newsmaker, the fact that von Karma was ignorant of this most likely meant that he was ignorant of Phoenix's investigations into the IS-7 Incident as well. A fact that he was ready to take full advantage of.

The unnerved look proved only to be fleeting as von Karma regained his confidant pose. "Fine then, but you'll regret facing me," the prosecutor stated, staring at the child lawyer. "I will not hold back because you're a child! A fool who can not see his client is guilty!"

"No, you're the one who is going to regret pursuing our client as the real murderer!" Phoenix's declaration set the gallery abuzz in sound. They must not have expected someone so young to be so confident against a veteran with a 25-year record of nothing but convictions. To his side, Phoenix could see Raymond Shields, Gregory's protégé, give a thumbs up in approval, while the father of Miles was calm as ever.

Before the prosecutor could retort, the sound of the gavel striking wood reverberated through the courtroom, silencing the gallery.

"Enough, both of you," the judge warned. "Save the arguments for the trial."

3.8 (Leonite)

Phoenix couldn't help but feel a little tense as he walked into the Detention Center. Usually when he was approached to defend someone it was by the client directly. That he had been asked directly by the Detention Center to come down instead was definitely an oddity, but at the same time not entirely unexpected. Even so, he hadn't been told anything else even as he strolled up to the visiting room. Maya wasn't with him for the moment as she had to deal with some emergency Kurain business so he felt oddly alone. As he approached the door he stopped. He heard someone speaking on the other side. He couldn't make out the words but he definitely heard a young voice... the voice of a young boy. One that sounded a little familiar.

Phoenix opened the door slowly and stepped through... and could barely hold back his shock. Sitting on the visitors side of the room was a young boy in blue, including a blue flat hat... and on the side of the accused was a man in dark clothing and a top hat. A soft smile was on his face as he spotted the defense attorney enter. "Ah, Mr Wright, welcome. I trust that the sudden summons didn't drive you too loopy," the man commented, his voice coming out well spoken and- wait what did he just say? Phoenix glanced over at the boy who looked back at him almost expectantly... and then a grin slowly crossed Phoenix's face.

"It's been a long time, Luke, Professor."

Luke, the young boy, was practically beaming as Phoenix said this and even Professor Layton, the well dressed gentleman, couldn't help but smile a little more. "Not since the baseline I take it?" Layton asked. Phoenix inwardly sighed in relief knowing that he wouldn't have to give Layton the 'Welcome to the Multiverse' speech.

"Not once... but I still remember it. Maya still remembers it," Phoenix admits.

Luke hops out of the chair, letting Phoenix sit in it. "Oh, so Miss Maya is Looping too?" He asked eagerly.

"Yeah, but she's a little busy at the moment," Phoenix said with a smile. Even so he looked at Luke and saw not simply the boy that had helped him in Labyrinthia for a time, but a man who had matured, an aspiring gentleman to be sure... almost like the Professor. "But I'm willing to guess you didn't ask for me for small talk," Phoenix continued as he turned his attention to Professor Layton.

Layton nodded. "Indeed, although it was my intention to visit you and Miss Maya while Luke and I had a little vacation," Layton said. "However there was an incident at the airport with a rather rude man."

"And let me guess..." Phoenix noted with a sigh. "He's ended up dead and you've been accused of his murder. Right?"

"I take it that this is a common scenario for you?" Layton asked.

Phoenix sighed and nodded slowly. "My time with the Lawyer Exchange program was an exception... a lot of my big cases all end up being murder cases." He said.

"Even if they involve animals?" Luke asked curiously.

"I usually end up defending a water park whale in a few years, but that's it," Phoenix answered as he thought to himself, 'Because I'm never telling Luke about the OTHER time I encountered a parrot in the courtroom.' Phoenix shook his head a bit. "But back to the crime... you want me to defend you Professor?"

"But of course. I've seen how you've handled yourself in a courtroom before after all," Layton remarked. "In fact, if you are lacking an assistant, perhaps Luke could assist you for the duration?"

Luke smiled at Phoenix, who couldn't help but grin back. "Actually that's not such a bad idea. A sharp mind is always useful on a case," Phoenix said.

"I won't let you down, Mr. Wright!" Luke insisted. He had a bit of a spring in his step now.

Phoenix slowly turned to look at Layton."Just one thing though, Professor. Why do they think you did it?" he asked. After all, they had to have some sort of motive to stick him with.

Layton frowned and pull forward the brim of his hat... and then the room around them seemed to go dark and cold, chains rattling as they surrounded the Professor with a pair of red locks holding them together. "That... is something you may have to figure out yourself Mr. Wright."

3.9 (farsan)

"OBJECTION!" Phoenix yelled. "According to the Magical Contract Law of 1749, a summoner CAN'T be held liable of the actions of a channeled spirit if the contractor withheld relevant information! My client wasn't informed that the spirit held a grudge against the victim!"

Phoenix's triumphant smile fell when he saw the Judge's confused face.

Did he actually...

A quick glance to the livid face of the Prosecutor, gritting her teeth as she clenched her whip in her hands confirmed it.

He had just cited a law from a completely different legal system from another universe.


This was going to hurt...

3.10 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

Mayor Mare sighed as she looked over to the two ponies, "I'm sorry, Miss Scratch, but according to Zoning Laws section 11 paragraph 2, sentence 3 of the Ponyville charter does not allow for Nightclubs in the outer district."

Vinyl's partner looked up from his book, "OBJECTION! These laws were put in place over 50 years ago during the days of Nightmare Moon's cult to prevent radicals from gathering in this rural community. It has since been repealed by the Lunar Charter, 3 months ago that simultaneously pardoned Nightmare Moon's cultists and allowed evening establishment like nightclubs a place in towns and cities once again."

Phoenix slammed his hoof against the table, "My client saw a niche in the Ponyville Marketplace and seeks to rectify it and earn a decent livelihood. Surely, Mayor Mare, you would not want the newspapers to declare Ponyville a job killing town by driving potential business owners because of outdated laws, would you?"

3.11 (Detective Ethan Redfield)

It was many firsts for Phoenix, first for negotiating a release of a hostage (which was an android of the old man's daughter), a first for using such high tech gadgets like briefcase rocket, and the first time he had seen a giant android terrorizing his city, the city of amnesia. The military couldn't put a dent into the android, so it was up to him.

Phoenix sighed and lifted his watch to his mouth, "Now Big O, it's show time!"

Two massive hands broke through the street below him as a blue mecha rose to match Dorothy-1. Those two hands deposited Phoenix into its...cockpit for lack of a better term. His hands moved with purpose as he allowed his Loop Memories to guide him, flipping switches and pushing what seemed to be typewriter buttons. A circular pair of joysticks lowered around him and a screen raised up from the floor. The screen flickered on, the following scrolling across the screen:



Phoenix grinned and decided to just roll with it, "Big O, and action!"

3.1 - You may recognize this from my Pokemon Loops and Saph's MLP Loops. Yeah, I went a bit nuts with posting it.

3.2 - Trucy Wright: Ace Attorney.

3.3 - Wikis are useless! I was going to have a better punchline, but Wikipedia couldn't tell me the exact difference.

3.4 - When you consider that Phoenix fell off a burning bridge and into a rushing river and only got a cold, it makes sense.

3.5 - Mana Aida, Cure Heart from Dokidoki Pretty Cure, by the way. Still need to watch that for the SOTRC project.

3.6 - Only Phoenix can get away with not killing somebody in Mortal Kombat.

3.7 - Take That, Franziska!

3.8 - Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney is a Tandem Run, where two Loops cross in baseline. Like Classic Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

3.9 - -Wince- That had to hurt...

3.10 - Incidentally, he was a Unicorn.

3.11 - Big O is supposedly a lot like Batman: The Animated Series. Haven't seen it myself though, so I wouldn't know.