Title: Cold, Sharp, Painful
Rating: Teen+
Warning(s): Drugs, slightly dubcon


It was cold and sharp and it was painful.

Zoro focused on the pain, the discomfort of the needle sliding out, clenching his hands into fists so tightly that his nails carved bloody grooves into his palms even as his skin flushed fever hot, haze filling his mind.

Fingertips skimmed his cheek, making Zoro grateful for the bonds on his wrists as his whole body lurched forward into the touch.

Focusing on the pain wasn't enough to maintain control, so he exhaled sharply through his nose and tried to focus on the rapid pace of his heart, tried to calm it even as his body urged him towards the warm body in front of him.


Zoro jerked at the sound of his name, looking up to meet eyes as gold as his earrings that chimed delicately with every turn of his head, before looking down and closing his eyes again; focus on breathing, he scolded himself, don't lose control.

Those warm fingertips brushed his cheek again.


The feather light touch dropped away again, and the person it belonged to knelt in front of him.

"You don't really want me to stop."

Zoro managed a weak glare at the smirking man, having himself half convinced that the surging need to break free of his bonds and knock the smug doctor to the ground was just so he could mangle him.

"Law, I'm serious." Zoro winced at the sound of his voice cracking. "I can't control myself right now."

Warm weight settled in his lap as Law straddled his thighs, and Zoro bit down on his bottom lip so hard to fight the building moan that the skin split, a small bead of blood forming.

Law licked it away and the swordsman's fight was for naught as he groaned, the sound nothing more than a deep rumble.

"Law, please." Zoro didn't even try to fight the slight whine in his tone, desperate in more than one way. "Please, just - I can't - I'll hurt you, please, I don't want - I can't do that, not to you."

He knew how pathetic he sounded, voice a pleading whine and tears building even as his hips pushed up and forward in an attempt to get closer to his lover.

"I know, Zoro-ya."

Law's voice is soft and his expression gentle, such that a bubble of relief wells up in Zoro's chest and an apology is forming on his lips, because he can't ignore that Law was responsible for the drug in his veins and it must be a punishment for something he's done, but his lover cuts it off before it's started by kissing him lightly.

Zoro lets him, even kisses him back, and lets the doctor trail a gentle hand along his jaw, but when Law's free hand scrapes down his stomach and across his groin to his thigh, the swordsman jolts and jerks back, eyes wide with panic and glazed with unwanted lust.

"Law, don't- please! I'll hurt you!" Desperation is clear in his voice now.

"I know, Zoro-ya." Law repeated his previous words, voice still soft but a wide grin obliterating the gentle expression. "Why do you think I drugged you?"

The bubble of relief pops, leaving nothing but cold dread to settle in the pit of his stomach even as the crazed doctor kisses him; hard and firm and teeth clicking, and everything he never knew he didn't want.

Hands travel around his waist, to his bound wrists, and the bindings fall away.

And Zoro snaps.