The first time her green eyes saw the ember, she had fallen in love. She was so fascinated that she wanted to reach out and touch it, but her fathers words were always stuck in her head.

Never not be afraid.

As she reached for the torch, she sensed the presence of him. An animal with bear feet and bore skin. 'Strange. Must be a new species.'

That's when he took of the skin, revealing a toned chest and red body markings, and human hands. But when she saw his brown eyes, they sparkled, and she was so love struck that she dropped the rock she held above him on his foot.

He cried out and she covered his mouth, "SHHH, I'm not supposed to be out here..." He grabbed a stick and whacked her with it in response and she got angry. She held him down with one foot and began to interrogate him when he bit her foot. Then she showed no mercy.

"Hey! The fire it's dying!" He got up and made a move for the torch. But she got in his way.

"NO! It's mine! Don't touch!"

"Please! I hate the dark!"

She stopped. How much did she hate the dark? How much did she hate being cooped in the dark cave for days with barely any little sunlight? She stepped aside, marveling out how the fire came out of his mouth.

"It listens to you..."

"Haha of course it does." She inched closer, then proceeded to crush his ribs and demand he make more. She heard something break and dropped him, "Hehe oops. Sorry."

He introduced himself, "Hi, my name is Guy. And this is Belt." He motioned to his pet that clung around his waist, the strange purple furry thing scared her. Mostly because it was new and she had never seen it before.

"Listen Tiger Girl-"

"My name is Eep."

"Eep, whatever, the world is ending. We have to get out of here, come with me."

He outstretched his arm to her, holding out his hand. She glanced at it and as soon as she did her hand wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab it. She wanted to say yes, but she couldn't leave her family behind.

"I can't... " he nodded, reaching out into his back pocket and pulling out a shiny shell. "Here," he reached for her hand, and a new kind of heat radiated through her body, "If you survive, call me, I'll come for you."

She glanced at the present in her hand, it was beautiful. She looked up to thank him but... He was gone.

Smiling to herself, she held the she near her heart. "Goodbye, Guy. Maybe we'll meet again sometime. Maybe, tomorrow."


Ugh. Dads.