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Inwardly, Rikki groaned. Ash and Emma were at it again. Currently Ash was whispering happily in Emma's ear while she giggled furiously. Rikki really hated this. They were doing this at the juice net when they were supposed to be working!

"Yo, Romeo, Juliet, there's a line with customer's over there you know?" She yelled as they immediately got back to work. "Looks like somebody's jealous." Emma teased as she walked past her table.

"Sure, I'm jealous of people who make out with each other in public." "If you're lonely, you know Zane's always waiting for you." Rikki scowled. Before she could say anything, Cleo broke in "We have to get ready for the full moon tonight guys, any ideas on how we should prepare?"

"Uh, we can go to my house. My parents aren't there so it'll be just us." Bella said. They all knew that they wouldn't have to worry about the moon anymore, they just didn't want their friends to fight.

"Good, then it's all settled then, see you tonight guys." Emma walked away. Rikki slammed her head on the table. She couldn't believe Emma would even bring up Zane. She knew how much he hurt her and was shoveling all of those emotions on her again.

In truth, Rikki had been a lot more aggressive towards Emma when she came back. Because of Ash. He was so nice and caring when it came towards Emma, she was boiled up. Literally. When she saw them kiss earlier her fist balled and her drink started to boil.

She knew it was wrong, but how could she deny her feelings for such a sweet guy? He's Emma's boyfriend. Even if they weren't going out Ash would still treat her as one of the guys.

Like Will. Rikki had fallen in love with Will, but she knew Bella liked him so she gave him up. It had hurt when she saw them together, but her feelings slowly dissolved when Ash had came back to town.

But they had been taken. As their friend, Rikki had to learn to deal with it. But her feelings for Ash were much stronger than the ones she had for Will or Zane. But she had to forget about him for Emma.

On her way home, she dialed a familiar number and frowned when he answered. "Hello?" "Hey, Zane will you meet me on the docks this afternoon, I have something to tell you."

At the docks, she confessed to Zane and he happily took her back. However, he didn't notice the frown on her face. They immediately went on a date that afternoon.

What she didn't expect was for Emma and Ash to show up at the same restaurant.

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