Hello everybody, its me KnightShinobi with a new story. This is a scenario that I thought of the other day while reading some fanfic. Naruto is basically just left out on a battle ground after his parents are killed, so what if an envoy from Kumo was arriving at Konoha to talk to the yondaime, and finds a crying infant next to Minato and Kushina's corpses? The rating is for future violence, very little coarse language or adult themes, if any will be in this fic.

I would own Naruto if I was Kishimoto, but if I was this would probably be in Japanese...

Outside of Konohagakure: Night of the Kyubi Attack

At the moment, Darui was feeling rather excited, who would have guessed that when A the yondaime Raikage asked Darui (a newly appointed chunin) to accompany him on a rather boring diplomatic mission to Konoha, that he would get a chance to see the legendary Yellow Flash in action. For indeed they had just watched as the Kyubi was sealed into a young child, but not before killing both the 4th and his wife.

Darui looked up at the face of the stoic Raikage, but instead of the stony frown that usually graced his features, a distinct emotion of pity was displayed. This wasn't what surprised Darui, for he too felt rather bad for the deceased Hokage, but the fact that the Raikages eyes did not fall on the dead kage couple, but on the crying infant, now jinchuriki.

"Darui.."began A " we can't just leave that infant here, I know how Bee was treated back in Kumo, but at least he had me and my father to help him. Now that the 4th and his wife are dead the kyubi jinchuriki will have no one. I will not willingly put anyone through that."

As Darui listened he began to understand what A was saying. They would take the infant and raise him in Kumo. A new jinchuriki was a significant asset to the village, he doubted the council would object to providing for the child.

"Very well Raikage-sama, should I go and retrieve him?" asked Darui

"Yes." came the reply " But be quick about it, Konoha must never know we were here if we are to get away with this" Darui ran over to were the infant was and gently picked him up before he and the raikage began the long journey back to Kumo.

Kumogakure: Council Chambers

A walked into the council chamber to a chorus of questions about why he didn't get an agreement from Konoha, why he returned so soon and why his never wore a shirt. "Honorable Council" he announced to quiet everyone down "I returned because as I am sure you have heard by now, the kyubi attacked konoha. When we arrived we saw the end of a battle between the 4th Hokage and the kyubi, he ended up sealing it into a young boy, which we now know to be his son."

"Why does any of this matter?" interrupted a bold civilian council member.

"I'm getting to that" growled A "Upon the death of the Hokage and his wife I decided it was in the best interests of both the boy and Kumo to take him in and raise him as a shinobi of the cloud."

This statement got gasps of surprise from most, as it was not like the Raikage to take in non-Kumo orphans. While most of the council was reeling in shock, a few of the more militaristic members were already thinking of what a asset this new jinchuriki could be for kumo. Finally one stood up, a man named Kenichi from the prestigious Shirihama clan," I second Raikage-sama's motion, this boy could be a valuable shinobi to Kumo. Just look at who his parents are, add that to the fact that he has the kyubi sealed in him and we may be taking in a future raikage."

This seemed to placate the rest of the council, and the measure easily passed. The infant, which they found was named Naruto, would be raised by the Raikage and trained early to harness the power of his Bijuu.

Time-skip: Naruto is now 10, in his second year at the academy

Naruto lazily reclined in his chair as the academy sensei droned on about pre-village ninja society. As his teacher lectured, Naruto thought of the training he had done with his A and Bee, his older brother figures. He could use a low powered version of the Raikages lightning armor, and harness 2 tails of kyubi chakra, but could not for the life of him get a passing grade on a test at the academy. He wondered what he had done in a past life to be stuck listening to lectures on things he already knew just to not know who was the cousin of some ancient ninja and fail the tests. Nearby, his friend Satoru, a red haired boy about Naruto's height with a spiky haircut and rather fancy clothing was paying rapt attention to the instructor. This was the one thing they never saw eye to eye on. Satoru believed that you must always respect your superiors, so he paid attention, even though his clan had already been training him for years before he started at the academy and he was incredibly bored.

There was, however, one ray of light for the bored pair. If they aced a combat readiness exam taking place in two weeks they could get promoted to genin 2 years early. When class was finally over they went out to a training ground to meet their friend Kiyoshi, who was a year their senior and therefor in a separate class at the academy.

"Hey Kiyoshi" shouted Naruto as they approached their dark haired friend. He was about 4'10'' and wore a small set of Anbu armor without the usual cloak, that being reserved to actual Anbu. He smiled when he saw them coming.

"Hey guys, what do you want to practice today?" he asked.

"I think we should work on some jutsu combinations to improve our teamwork for the test." answered Satoru. " they way the test works will require us to take on a chunin using teamwork and strategy."

"That sounds good to me." said Naruto. The three of them went through some basic jutsu combinations, like Satoru using a fire jutsu and Naruto powering it up with a wind one before Kiyoshi casting a genjutsu while the opponent is distracted. When the decided to head home for the day, most of the training grounds wooden dummies were as good as sawdust. As Naruto walked in the door to his house he was surprised to see A sitting at the table eating dinner. "What are you doing here ni-san?" inquired Naruto.

A looked up from the report he was reading and saw Naruto standing next to him "I got some time off and decided to come and see how you're doing." he said " I haven't had much time to train you in a while and was hoping to teach you a new jutsu before the Combat Readiness exam."

"Yay!" yelled Naruto " what is it? does it cause explosion? vaporize your opponent?"

"Nothing so grand otouto, but Bee and I decided its time for you to learn our taijutsu style as well as the completed lightning armor technique." replied A "After all, we can't have our pupil make a fool of himself in front of the entire village."

After 2 weeks of training with A and Bee as well as his friends Naruto has mastered the next level of lightning armor as well as worked with his hopefully future team to improve teamwork and strategy. The big day is finally here...

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