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Kumogakure Ninja Academy: day of the exam

As Naruto approached the outside of the academy, he saw a large group of students gathered in a roped off area outside the training grounds. Seeing Satoru and Kiyoshi in the group he headed over to check it out. " Hey Naruto! " said Satoru " It seems that the Exams are being held here. I heard someone say that we have to fight a jonin, not a chunin like we though."

Naruto scowled, that could lessen the chances of them passing even more.

" Well " he began " I guess we'll just have to take out whoever it is they send to fight us."

Suddenly, two chunin shunshin to the front of the crowd.

" You maggots listen here " yelled the one on the right " your test will only have one group passing. To pass all you need to do is impress the jonin you will be fighting enough that they agree to be your sensei."

The other chunin held up a scroll " Okay, first group up please" he called. A nervous looking group of third year students approached and were admitted into the grounds. Soon after fighting noises were heard until they all suddenly stopped. When the students came back into view two of them were carrying the third who was twitching as if hit by some lightning jutsu, while the other two were badly bruised. One by one the groups all went to fight, all fairing much the same way the first group had until finally only Naruto Kiyoshi and Sotaru were left. " Last group up" said the chunin, admitting the three into the training area.

When they arrived, they found the ground covered with scorch marks and totally misshapen by some earth jutsu. Finally, they noticed a lone figure calmly standing amongst the destruction. He wore a standard kumo jonin jacket and had a large sword on his back.

" So your the last few genin wannabes" he spoke in a bored voice " So drab."

Growling at not being taken seriously, Naruto rushed in to punch the jonin only to find his hand easily caught. He jumped away as Satoru blew a fireball which was easily dodged. Their opponent seemed to have had enough of being on the defensive and went to slice Kiyoshi with his sword. "Kiyoshi" was hit dead on before flickering out of existence. Quickly assuming it was genjutsu, the jonin released it to see Naruto and Satoru finishing a long set of handseals

" Combination Jutsu: Blazing Inferno" they yelled together. Their opponents eyes widened as he saw two genin perform what was easily a high B ranked jutsu. He spent just too much time gawking and was slightly burned by the massive wall of flames. Deciding to take them seriously, he did a set of handseals and launched a torrent of lightning at the trio of students. Acting quickly, Kiyoshi sent a wall of chakra to block the attack.

"Interesting" said the jonin " So you have the bloodline limit of the Makoto clan."

" He's not the only one with a kekkai genkai" yelled Satoru, charging a a ball of water chakra in his palm before raising in to his mouth and blowing a jet of fire in to it, causing a wave of scalding steam to rush towards the jonin " Steam release: Boiling Breeze!" Acting on instinct, the jonin jumped out of the way before performing a very long set of hand seals and launching a huge thunderbolt right at Naruto. Seeing the bolt coming, Naruto activated his lightning armor which absorbed the bolt before rushing at his opponent. Surprised by Naruto's speed, the jonin took several hard hits. Recoiling in shock, he failed to notice Kiyoshi's chakra rope behind him until it wrapped around his leg, giving Satoru the chance to slap a chakra suppressing seal on his forehead.

" Game over! " shouted Naruto, thinking they had won. Suddenly the "jonin" reverted into lightning.

" Not bad kids " said a voice " you actually managed to beat my lightning clone." The jonin came out from the tree he had been hiding in the whole time. " My name is Darui, but from now on, you will address me as sensei. Meet me tomorrow for our first team training session." Darui then shunshined away to report on the exam.

"Well guys, I guess we passed!" announced Satoru excitedly.

"I can't wait for our first mission." said Naruto "Maybe if we do really well, we can get a C or B ranked one soon." After discussing their new sensei and future as genin for a while, the three team mates went their separate ways. As Naruto walked home, he decided to stop by his brother's office to tell him the good news. Once he arrived at the raikage's office he noticed that A was in a meeting. He waited in the lobby for about half an hour before the door opened, revealing a tall man with a gravity defying hairdo and a odd looking one with a bowl cut. They both wore konoha headbands. Upon seeing Naruto, the first man stopped dead, even putting down the orange book he was reading. The bowl cut man looked back, seeing his partner in shock, he looked at the source of his surprise before he too adopted a look of disbelief. A burst out of his office to see what the two were staring at and immediately realized that he would need to diffuse the situation.

"I see you two have met my younger brother" he said.

"Raikage-sama" begin the orange book reading shinobi " If I may say, he is the spitting image of our yondaime hokage."

"What of it" replied A in a tone that suggested pain if the point was pressed.

"Nothing, just commenting on his appearance" replied the konoha nin before tearing his gaze from Naruto and exiting along with his partner.

After they left, A looked over at Naruto " That was a close call he said. If they had inquired further they may have developed suspicions about you otouto."

"Sorry ni-san" replied Naruto "I was just coming to tell you that my team passed the exam. How was I to know that there were Konoha nin here?"

"You passed the exam? Exellent, who is your sensei?" inquired A

"A man named Darui." said Naruto

"Thats good, I was hoping you would be put on his team. He can teach you very well, as he is one of the best ninjas in the village." announced A " Now that you are a genin it is time for you to learn to harness more of you tenants power. I will give your team a month off in a few weeks so you can train with Bee on turtle island. This should also give your teammates a chance to learn more of their clan jutsu."

The Next Day

Naruto waited excitedly for the rest of his team and sensei to arrive. He had decided to wake up early to be sure he wasn't late, but in the end it was everyone else who arrived late. Once everyone was there Darui announced that they would be going on a few D ranked missions after team practice. At first, the three genin had been excited, and eagerly went through the mornings training. Much to their surprise, instead of rescuing princesses and protecting daimyos they were assigned to clean the pubic restrooms throughout the village. This put a damper on the spirits of Satoru and Naruto, but Kiyoshi reminded them that if they continued to do well they would eventually be assigned more difficult missions.

Over the next few weeks team Darui earned a reputation around the village as the foremost completers (I know "completers" is not a word, don't really care) of D ranked missions. Eventually they were asked to come to the Raikages office.

"So, do you guys know why we were called here? We already did todays missions?" asked Kiyoshi

"I think I know." said Naruto " Ni-san said that he would give us a month of to train with our respective clans."

"Thats nice of him, but do you know why he would?" inquired Darui, now interested.

"He said Bee needed to teach me more bijuu chakra control" said Naruto hesitantly, hoping that Darui wasn't one of the jinchuriki haters.

"Oh, so your the rumored third jinchuriki..." said Darui contemplatively.

Their conversation was interrupted as they entered A's office by an over enthusiastic Bee who immediately started rapping. After A managed to shut up Bee, he addressed the four people standing in front of him. "Team Darui, you are henceforth given one months leave. Use this time to improve, and when you return I will assign you a C ranked mission." Already expecting to hear this the team filled out leaving only Naruto still there.

Bee, finally unable to stay quiet any longer greeted Naruto in his signature fashion. "Hey there , Hope your doing just fine. Meet me at the dock, we shall fly to the island like a hawk." Before he jumped out the window and shunshined to the docks. A wished Naruto good luck before waving him out of his office. Naruto excitedly followed Bee, knowing he would have a ton of work to do in the next month.

One month later

After training for a month on turtle island, Naruto could now harness up to five tails of nine tails chakra, a well as learning more of the wrestling like taijutsu style Bee and A used. He was currently waiting for his team to arrive, as they were about to leave on their first C ranked mission. "A little early aren't you Naruto?" said a voice from behind him. Naruto whipped around, only to see Darui a few feet away. In his surprise, he failed to notice his teammates ariving.

"Hey Naruto!" they said at the same time.

"I hope you two have gotten way better, otherwise you may have to work to catch up to me!" announced Satoru jokingly.

"Now now little genins, don't squabble." said Darui. "After all, we have a C ranked mission. It will last approximately a week, as we will have to travel to the outer reaches of lightning country to reach our destination. Once we get there, our job is to take out some bandits that have been troubling the area."

"Finally!" said Naruto " I thought we would never get to actually fight." This was a view shared by all three of the present genin. They were excited to actually get a difficult mission for once. After signing out at the village gate, they took off towards their destination.

Immediately upon arrival at the village they noticed signs of the bandits presence. Windows were broken, goods were missing, and almost no-one was outside, even though it was the middle of the day. "It says on the mission scroll we are supposed to meet up with a man named Kenji for details about where and when the bandits usually strike." said Darui.

"That would be me." said a weak voice from one of the shops. They entered to see a rather sickly looking old man leaning on a cane. "I requested a mission to take care of these bandits that come through town each day and demand money and food. We can't keep giving them what they want, our town barely scrapes by as it is. You can find their camp in the woods south of the village."

"Thank you Kenji-san" said Darui "We shall deal with them immediately." He gestured for his team to follow and the four ninja ran out of town and into the woods. Soon, it became obvious that they were approaching a camp of some sort by the badly made traps scattered about. "Here's the plan" said Darui " Satoru and Kiyoshi will hit the north end, while me and Naruto will use the distraction to flank the bandits and surprise them."

Everyone took of too their assigned jobs. When Naruto and Darui heard signs of a fight they leapt into action. Entering the camp, they saw a group of about 30 bandits attacking Satoru and Kiyoshi. Darui eliminated about half with his storm style before he was hit in the back by a huge man.

"You idiots, do you even know who you attacked?" roared the man "I am Shusunu Shinji, missing nin from Iwa. Today will be the day you die!" He punched the ground, causing a wave of rock to cascade towards Sotaru and Kiyoshi, burying them along with his own men. Darui grabbed his sword and attempted to slice Shinji in half only to find it blocked by a armored forearm. He jumped back, went through some handseals and launched his signature Black panther jutsu which easily broke through Shinji's earth wall and electrocuted him. As he finished the fight, Naruto had just managed to dig Satoru and Kiyoshi out of the pile of earth. To makke sure none of the bandits escaped, he and Satroru did their combination jutsu: blazing inferno to solidify the bandits buried by shinji's original attack.

Darui was about to congratulate the team on a mission well done when Shinjis body began to move. He jumped up and blindsided Darui, knocking him out. "Sensei!" shouted the three genin.

"What have we here"said Shinji "you genin stand no chance, I was a tokubetsu jonin in Iwa." he launched a barrage of earth bullets at the trio, which were blocked by one of Kiyoshi's chakra walls. Naruto charged up his lightning armor to full power.

"Buy me some time Naruto" yelled Sotaru "I have jutsu that should finish this,it just takes a while to do." Naruto nodded before charging at the missing nin, who was surprised at the speed granted by the armor. Most of Naruto's strikes were blocked, but Shinji made the mistake of lowering his guard after blocking the first few hits. Naruto unleashed a burst of speed and punched him right in the stomach. Gasping for air, Shinji decided to take these genin seriously. Doing a set of hand seals, heactivated a huge jutsu.

"Ultimate Doton Technique: Stone golem!" he yelled. A large stone suit formed around Shinji until he was around ten feet tall. Kiyoshi tried to subdue him with large chakra chains, but the golem easily broke them.

"Any day now Sotaru!" said Naruto nervously.

"Okay, I'm done!" said Sotaru "SteamRelease:Torrent of Souls!" Sotaru Unleashed a massive wave of scalding vapor, which took the form of spirits screaming in eternal torment. Shinji's golem-like armor was easily melted leaving a burned but alive jonin at Naruto"s feet.

"You brats..."he coughed out "you will all pay!" He brought himself to his feet and opened his jacket, revealing a massive array of exploding notes. Seeing the imminent danger, naruto entered his mindscape.

"Hey, Kurama! I need your chakra! Fast!" yelled Naruto.

"Very well, little human, show them the power of the mighty Kyubi!"said the fox Naruto's eyes opened, except now they were red with slits for pupils.

"Get Back!" he yelled in a demonic voice. Seeing his teammates get out of the way, he channeled all the chakra he had into his lightning armor. Tackling Shinji, he took the brunt of the explosive damage, hoping the armor would save him.

When Naruto woke up he was being carried by Darui as the team tree jumped. "Where am I?" asked Naruto groggily.

"Oh, Naruto, your awake." said Darui " We are heading back to Kumo. By the way, I'm very proud that you were willing to sacrifice your self to save your teammates."

"Thanks Sensei." replied Naruto "Did any part of Shinji survive so we can collect the bounty on him?"

"Unfortunately, no, but if it's money your worried about, that mission will count as an A ranked one. Your team did very well taking on a jonin level ninja and winning." Receiving no response from Naruto, Darui looked to see that his student had fallen asleep again. "Ah well" said Darui "better he recovers now than worry the Raikage if I show up with an injured student."He took off after Sotaru and Kiyoshi, heading back to Kumo.

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Character strengths Chart


Ninjutsu: 12

Taijutsu: 15

Genjutsu: 5 (can break most)

Stamina: 20

Bijuu Control: 5 tails (+10)

total: 62


Ninjutsu: 15

Taijutsu: 10

Genjutsu: 8

Stamina: 14

total: 47


Ninjutsu: 11

Taijutsu: 11

Genjutsu: 15

Stamina: 10

total: 47